Crystal City

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Crystal City
Deputy Mayorsamyankeesfan20 and Tom_1277
City recognition
Date foundedc. 2012
WorldOld World
MRT R11  Crystal City
Road connectionsI-1
Air facilitiesCrystal City Airport
Former name(s)Hempstead

Crystal City is a town on the Old World, located at R11 Station. The current mayor is Skelezomperman, and it has quite a bit of cool things in it.


Crystal City wasn't even Crystal City from the beginning. It was originally a small town with the name of Hempstead, whose mayor was 63RegoPark. But, he got banned, and Hempstead was left untouched for about a month. Sam then came along, looking for a town to start and he saw Hempstead at R11. He immediately started working on the town, and it thrived for over a year. Sam then gave up the town in February 2014, and Skelezomperman is the new mayor.


Crystal City is divided up into 5 boroughs:


Downtown Crystal City

Downtown Crystal City is where it all started. It includes all franchises, as well as


World Trade Center

Lower Crystal City houses both of the most important complexes of buildings in Crystal City: The World Trade Center complex, and the MRT Law Firm. The Trade Center is the HQ of UL Industries, owned by samyankeesfan20 and Soleurs, RS Inc., owned by hawksfan1010 and ajhoopspro, and C&B Fireworks, owned by CarbonM14 and bspells. The Law Firm is a group of small buildings and lawyers who will gladly take on a case whenever needed. All of these complexes are served by metro lines. The Trade Center has a transit hub, which has many rail lines passing through it, and more to come.

The Bronx

Some of the many apartments in the Bronx

The Bronx, as of today, is divided into two parts. The eastern portion, the Sports District, contains East Side Stadium, home of the Miners, Yodelers Stadium, home of the Yodelers, and FyfeCorp Arena, home of the Crocodiles. The western portion contains some 3-story houses as well as the annexed ruins of Kablam's town. Recently large portions of reclaimed land were reverted to swamp.


Lakewood is a small desert town within the city limits of Crystal City. It can be accessible from the MRT Red Line. Current plans are to build an tourist trap attraction.

Transit Hub

Crystal City also has a transportation hub for both bus and rail. It is in the east of the city and has a bus concourse and an open air rail interchange. Currently the only lines operational is the JDT G1 line & Phase 1 of the L Line to Zicronia, as well as the  N3  NORI Bus Crystal City Express to Skyscraper City and IntraBus  IB03  to Mandela Station and Quartz City via I-1, I-3, and Ravenswood.

Cool things in Crystal City

  • Crystal City Trade Center
  • Crystal City Metro (In the works)
  • RedStone Shack
  • Kalmar Fried Chicken
  • Dippin' Cookies
  • Sam's Burger Bar
  • The Fish House
  • BeefHut
  • TheSpoon
  • Dave's Doughnuts
  • Taco-Craft
  • The Bunker
  • East Side Stadium
  • District Courthouse/Meeting Hall
  • Eastern Hotel
  • Infinity Airlines 757
  • PB&J Supermarkets
  • MRT Law Firm and Courthouse
  • Steak 'n' Cake
  • Yodelers Stadium
  • FyfeCorp Arena

City News

February 9, 2014 Skelezomperman becomes mayor

November 30, 2013 Crystal City is announced as the host of I TacoBurritoAThon

August 8, 2013: The roads in Crystal City are finally being revamped

August 1, 2013: A future plan for Crystal City is made

July 2013: The MRT Law Firm HQ is built

January 2013: The World Trade Center is built

November 2012: Hempstead is taken over, and the Crystal City project has begun


Crystal City Municipal Airport is under construction. It will be built in the eastern area. While we build, we will have apps up. There are tentatively 5 gates available. Alliance application: [1] Gate application: [2]