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Crystal City Municipal Airport

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Crystal City Municipal Airport
Airport Information
Runway Information
Runway Direction 18/36
Runway Height 13 m Above MSL (1300 in Real Life?)
Runway Length 180 m (1800 in Real Life?)
Terminal Information
Gates 5
Airlines Four

Crystal City Municipal Airport (IATA: CCX ICAO: PMCC) is a small airport located near Crystal City. It is owned and operated by the Crystal City Airport Authority, which is owned wholly by Crystal City's Government. The main builder was Skelezomperman, with some assistance by Cal76, Thomasfyfe, lalaboy67, Music 3 0, Littlegopher1, and others. The airport is medium sized.


There is only one terminal, with five gates and some check-in areas. There is space for a few lounges and shops on both the departure and arrival levels. There will also be a parking garage, and possibly a rent-a-car station. The airport loop will have access to I-1 and I-3.


Gate Flight Destination(s)
Gate 1 IntraAir Flight 13 Western Ocean International Airport
Gate 2 Caelus Airlines Flight 109 operated by Ikeda MRT International Airport
Gate 3 BART Airlines Flight 2 MRT Regional Airport
Gate 4 JetBlue Flight ?? Achowalogen Takachsin-Covina International Airport
Gate 5 IntraAir Flight 19 Kitania Municipal Airport

Crystal City Air Militia Base

To be written