Cyan Systems

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Cyan Systems
Cyan Labs.jpg
Founder thomasfyfe
Designers and Engineers Just_robinho
Rail Networks Inchmuir Subway Network
Eastern System Transit
Robin's Hill Metro
Collaborations Spawn City Transit Centre
MRT Orange Line
SET Systems
MRT v4.3
Stock Information
Index CYAN
Fairfax Stock Exchange Value 188
Facts and figures
Headquarters Coordinates -1200,65,2500
Founded November, 2012
Parent Company FyfeCorp

Cyan Systems is a company that designs and distributes a range of transit stations. Cyan Systems have provided transit technology in several towns and cities across the MRT Server. The headquarters for Cyan Systems is located South at  O19  Cyan Labs Station. Cyan Systems was originally founded by thomasfyfe and is part of the FyfeCorp family.

Cyan Labs

Cyan Labs was founded to accommodate space for the first station design of the planned Cyan Line. The first station design was built in an underground redstone lab in  R9  Silver Spring, rented from LDShadowLord. After LDShadowLord's temporary leave from the server, the lab was opened to the public as Cyan Labs. The station designs were coded as IRRv#, this originates from the construction the Inchmuir Regional Rail station which was part of the Cyan Line project.

A new redstone laboratory located South of Whelburn was established to provide more space for the expanding range of station designs. It was built by thomasfyfe, Just_robinho, BaronThamesBank and ajhoopspro. There is an outdoor test track to showcase several station designs in use and new buildings for the facility are planned to be built. The newly built Orange Line now stops just outside Cyan Labs at  O19  Cyan Labs Station.

The September 2018 GSM was held on the roof of Cyan Labs.

Cyan Labs Underground Map

Lab 1 - 3

  • The original building laboratories used to build the majority of the IRRv3 range. Now used as storage areas for older designs, tunnel designs and customer orders.

Lab 4

  • Contains all current IRRv3 stock, used as a showroom as well as copy reference for duplicate stations.

Lab 5

  • Originally known as the Modular Configuration Laboratory. This lab was used to create and test how Cyan Systems could stack together. This technology was later used in Inchmuir Central and Spawn City Transit Centre. Now the lab is used to store the large MRTv4.3 schematics and as a general purpose lab for building in.

Lab 6

  • The IRRv4 Development Laboratory is the main location for creating the new range of rapid transit stations. It contains prototypes, redstone testing and future designs under development before release.

Lab 7

  • Just_robinho's personal laboratory for further IRRv4 work and other designs to compliment the existing range.

Lab 8 - 9

Lab 10

  • The Public Build Laboratory is free for any member to build in. Members are encouraged to use existing Cyan Systems designs and improve upon their design to their liking. A number of templates are available or players can start from scratch. Anything from the Lab 4 is free to copy over.


  • Clearly label any design you are working on.
  • Do not edit designs being worked on by other players.
  • Unfinished/abandoned designs may be moved or deleted without warning.
  • Finished designs may be moved without warning. You will be contacted if it needs to be deleted for any reason.
  • Do not distribute a modified Cyan Systems station under your own name without permission.
  • Please be space efficient, space is limited and other players are working there too.
  • While working from existing Cyan Systems stations is encouraged, you are allowed to work on your own designs. However, building an entire range of your own designs is not appropriate and should be restricted to your own redstone laboratory.

Lab 11

  • Mfish's personal laboratory for further IRRv4 work and other designs to compliment the future range. Colloquially known as "The Fishlab".

Cyan Systems Range


The new IRRv3 range was introduced in May, 2013. The new design takes up less space than previous designs, approximately 10 times smaller than IRRv1. The IRRv3 range is designed for the customer, the customisation options with this range allows a player to make the transit line their own. There are several iterations of the station design, allowing it to be accommodated into any situation.


  • Empty Minecart Detectors
  • Pre-loaded Infinite Minecart Dispensers
  • Automatic Arrival to Departure Timing
  • Fast-Travel Departure Buttons
  • Arrival and Departure Sound Notifications
  • Functional and Aesthetic Designs
  • Customisable Designs
  • Multiple Cart Arrival Handling (redstone implemented by Architechnic)

The BTB design was built by BaronThamesBank and is based around an Underground Tube System. It features everything from IRRv3 and is compatible with other IRRv3 systems.

IRRv3.0 - Base template
IRRv3.1 - Underground
IRRv3.2 - Underground, central platform
IRRv3.2.1 - Underground, central platform, modified
IRRv3.3 - Modular
IRRv3.3.1 - Modular, compact
IRRv3.4 - Overground variants
BTBv1 - Tube station
IRRv3.5 - Overground terminus
IRRv3.6 - Underground terminus


IRRv1 - Underground
IRRv2 - Underground
IRRv2.1 - Underground, one-way


Development on IRRv4 technology is underway. This latest range from Cyan Systems will feature more modern aesthetics but will be fully compatible with the IRRv3 range. A greater selection of tunnel designs and station interiors will be available.

Redstone research includes: cross-line departures and arrivals, advanced departure bays with multiple cart handling, destination control, station bypass controls and ticket gates (not definite features).

The stations are currently under development:

The following stations can be ordered in the "Piston", "Classic" or "Normal" style Arrival/Departure design:

  • Underground, Centre Platform, "Tube" Style
    • 5 entrance variants - Stairs, Dual Stairs, Stairs Inverted, Dual Stairs Inverted, Elevator
  • Underground, Terminus, "Tube" Style
    • 4 entrance variants - Left Stairs, Right Stairs, Centre Stairs, No Stairs
    • 2 track variants - Outward, Inverted

The following stations can only be ordered in the "Piston" Arrival/Departure design:

  • Underground, Centre Platform
  • Underground, Centre Tracks
  • Underground, Centre Tracks, Dual Destination

Customer Orders

Cyan Labs map location

The entire range of Cyan Systems is available to any Member with a town or those wishing to build their own rail line.

Cyan Systems simply provides the rail schematics while you remain in control of your line, where it goes and how it looks. Using Cyan Systems will come with free lifetime maintenance for anything that may go wrong.

To use Cyan Systems designs in your rail line, simply follow these steps:

  • Get any permissions from the necessary mayors to stop or tunnel through their town/city.
  • Mark the location of each station, either by the stairway entrance, or the tunnel arrival area.
  • Contact thomasfyfe, Just_robinho or BaronThamesBank when they are online with a request to paste in your stations (please quote the model number and any necessary material changes.

Cyan Systems can also provide tunnel segments and help with installing them provided you follow the server's Rail Building Guidelines.

For any questions, queries or suggestions please contact us through our Business P.O. Box at MRT Mail or ask any of our team if they are online.

Cyan Systems Lines

For a full list of rail lines using Cyan Systems technology see the Cyan Systems/Directory.

Table key

  • Line Code - the designated line code used to distinguish the rail line.
  • Rail Line Name - the name of the rail line.
  • Number of Stations - the number of open stations on the rail line (the number in brackets indicated how many of those are Cyan Systems design)
  • Terminus 1 - the first terminus of the rail line (N/A denotes a circular line)
  • Terminus 2 - the second terminus of the rail line (N/A denotes a circular line)
  • Owner - who owns the rail line, someone who can me contacted if required: player or company.

The following table shows rail lines where Cyan Systems is the majority station provider, however it may not supply every station on that line. For full information see the Cyan Systems/Directory. The table does not show lines under construction or planned lines.

Line Code Rail Line Name Number of Stations Terminus 1 Terminus 2 Owner
 C  Cyan Line: The Fyfe Circle 4 N/A N/A thomasfyfe
 ISN  Inchmuir Subway Network: Red Line 6 Residential District Spleef Stadium thomasfyfe
 ISN  Inchmuir Subway Network: Bus Station Express 2 Inchmuir Central Inchmuir Bus Station thomasfyfe
 ISN  Inchmuir Subway Network: Spaceport Express 2 Inchmuir Central Inchmuir Spaceport thomasfyfe
 ISN  Inchmuir Subway Network: Green Line 3 Residential District Inchmuir Mall thomasfyfe
 EST  Eastern System Transit: Green 8 Morningside High Hoopsville ajhoopspro
 EST  Eastern System Transit: Black 5 Hardesty South Prubourne ajhoopspro
 EST  Eastern System Transit: Red 5 Nanthaven High Hoopsville Central ajhoopspro
 RHM  Robin's Hill Metro: Line 1 5 City Centre Residential District Just_robinho
 RHM  Robin's Hill Metro: Line 2 7 G10 East National Park Just_robinho
 RHM  Robin's Hill Metro: Line 3 5 Residential West Shopping Centre Just_robinho
 RHM  Robin's Hill Metro: Line 4 8 Northside G10 East Just_robinho
 RHM  Robin's Hill Metro: Line 5 7 Robin's Hill Waterport Spawn City Transit Centre Just_robinho
 RHM  Robin's Hill Metro: Line 6 7 Robin's Hill Waterport Shopping Centre / Cytus Central Just_robinho
 DTS  Dutch Transport System 5 (4) MineCity Transit Centre Primerose 0rocketscience0
 ACS  Alcraft City Subway 4 Oak Century City Centre keentlewi
 CCM  Crystal City Metro: A Train 3 Bronx West Trade Center samyankeesfan20
 CCM  Crystal City Metro: 4 Train 4 D Street/Bus Station Yodelers Arena samyankeesfan20
 BTR1  District Line 4 (3) High Hoopsville Central MineCity Transit Centre BaronThamesBank
 BTR3  MineCity Circle 9 Monument Ski Arena BaronThamesBank
 BTR4  Airport Link 2 High Hoopsville Central MRT Regional Airport BaronThamesBank
 EML  East Midlands Line 6 Palmville Chuno Just_robinho
 N1  NORI Interurban N1 3 (2) Inchmuir Central Skyscraper City Diemundz
 RO  Rail Orwyn: Line 3 6 (4) Forestville Wavecrest chiefbozx
 A  Spawn City Link: A Line 12 N/A N/A chiefbozx
 C  Spawn City Link: C Line 7 Arena Bloomington Central chiefbozx


Spawn City Transit Centre

Main article: Spawn City Transit Centre

Cyan Systems is the main supplier for platforms used in the Spawn City Transit Centre (or SCTC).

The SCTC uses Cyan Systems technology for rail platforms A-P and S-Z. They are as follows:

  • Platforms A-H: Upper concourse, east-west through stations, using station IRRv3.7
  • Platforms I-P: Middle concourse, north-south through stations, using station IRRv3.7
  • Platforms S-V: Lower concourse, south-facing (platforms S and T) and north-facing (platforms U and V) terminus stations, using station IRRv3.6
  • Platforms W-Z: Upper concourse, west-facing (platforms W and X) and east-facing (platforms Y and Z) terminus stations, using station 3.IRRv6

All stations within the SCTC are underground. The lines that serve the different platforms are available to claim by contacting chief. For a full list of rail line currently serving the station see the Spawn City Transit Centre page.

Inchmuir Central

Main article: Inchmuir Central

Cyan Systems is the main supplier of stations used for platforms in Inchmuir Central. The transit hub uses a specifically designed modular variant of an underground, central-platform station design. The Modular Configuration Laboratory at Cyan Labs was mainly used to develop and plan the layout for Inchmuir Central. Inchmuir Central contains 20+ platforms and is the largest transit hub Cyan System owns.

National Interchange

Main article: National Interchange

Cyan Systems is the main supplier of stations used for platforms in Robin's Hill's National Interchange. The National Interchange was a redevelopment of the existing bus station and is now one of the largest transit hubs Cyan Systems is based at.

High Hoopsville Central

BaronThamesBank on behalf of his own company BTRail was contracted by the cities of High Hoopsville and MineCity to redevelop the existing transit hub in High Hoopsville as well as the existing rail infrastructure in MineCity. Cyan Systems was the main supplier of stations for this project.

MRT Orange Line

Main article: MRT Orange Line

The MRT Orange Line project spanned a great deal of time. In order to speed the project along Just_robinho offered to help chiefbozx in the construction of the rail line. The 5th MRT line was officially opened on January 11, 2014.

MRT Version 4.3

Main article: MRT Version 4.3

In order to tackled flaws with the existing MRT design. thomasfyfe redesigned the way minecarts are dispensed into the station. The level of hoppers was removed and replaced with a simple infinite minecart dispenser. The emergency exits for empty minecart dispensers were also improved upon cutting down the confusing path back to the station level and preventing players from getting stuck within blocks.

As part of the Spawn City Delag project, the MRTv4.3 design was used to replace the existing MRTv4.2 in Spawn Station and the other MRT stations within Spawn City. The new MRT version 4.3 was designed in mind to reduce lag such as cutting down on the number of particle emitters such as redstone torches as well as the obvious reduction in redstone due to the removal of the dispenser level.

SET Systems

Main article: SET Systems

On February 9, 2014, Just_robinho took over as the head of SET Systems and Cyan Systems became the parent company for administrating the company. Just_robinho and the members of SET Systems still remain in full control of their company but now have the added benefit of the use of Cyan Systems facilities and assets for use in their own rail systems.