Cyra Underwood Municipal Airport

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Cyra Underwood Municipal Airport
CYR airport from dynmap.png
Airport typeAirport
Owner/OperatorEastra Development Corporation
LocationEast Old World
Hub forIntraAir
Eastern Airways
Direction Length Surface
ft m

Cyra Underwood Municipal Airport (CYR) is an airport located in the city of Cyra in the eastern Old World. The airport has two terminals, with Terminal 1 servicing IntraAir and Eastern Airways and Terminal 2 servicing Viaggio.

The airport is owned by the Eastra Development Corporation, a joint venture between Eastern Airways and IntraAir.


In late 2014, when the airport ban was lifted on the old world, Skelezomperman convinced kiwirainbow, one of the mayors of Cyra, to sign an agreement saying he would not build an airport in Cyra, so that Crystal City could hold a monopoly on air traffic in the area through Crystal City Municipal Airport. Despite the city's notability and prominence on the Old World, it never had an airport to connect it to the server's fast-growing flight network for two years.

In August 2016, IntraAir and Eastern Airways formed the Eastra Development Corporation, to identify notable areas of the old world that were lacking in airports, in order to expand the flight networks of both airlines to previously non-served areas.

Cyra was chosen as the first town for the Eastra Development Corporation to consider, and plans were formulated to develop the airport in the northeastern area of the city. Co-mayor kiwirainbow was reluctant to approve the airport, due to the agreement he had signed with Skelezomperman; however, while stopping short of giving a "yes", would not say "no" under the condition that the other co-mayor, unjinz, approved, upon the condition that his airline, Viaggio, receive gates at the new airport. unjinz approved the airport, leading the Eastra Development Corporation to begin construction.

The airport began construction with Terminal 1, along the airport roadway. The terminal was built to consist of two check-in areas on each side, one for IntraAir and one for Eastern Airways, and two long concourses were built perpendicular to the roadside portion of the terminal, with A and B gates for IntraAir and Eastern Airways, respectively. A separate Terminal 2, complete with its own check-in area and security checkpoint, was built for Viaggio, and is split into C gates adjacent to the terminal, and D gates across from the terminal, connected to the terminal via a shuttle. Each terminal was built with its own runway, with the Terminal 1 runway parallel to the road bridge carrying I-3 south into Cyra and the Terminal 2 runway along the eastern world border south of the terminal.

The airport has been a hub for IntraAir, Waypoint, and South Weast Airlines.



There are three entrance points to the airport. IntraAir passengers enter at the west end of Terminal 1, Eastern Airways passengers enter at the east end of Terminal 1, and Viaggio passengers enter at Terminal 2. Each entrance has its own check-in and security checkpoint, and is marked with the airline it serves.


There are check-ins located at each entrance, corresponding to the sponsoring airline. The check-ins are split between general and priority lanes and counters. Priority passengers have a shorter line and can check-in at dedicated counters.


Following check-in, all passengers proceed to security, where they are screened for travel. A unique aspect of this airport is that priority passengers are screened separately, for extra fast screening.


In each concourse, there are seating areas next to the gates for passengers to wait for their flights. Each gate has a desk with information regarding the flight at that gate. There are two boarding lanes at each gate, one for priority passengers and one for all other passengers. At each gate there is a walkway from the terminal which goes to the stairs up to the plane. In Terminal 2, the D gates can be accessed by a shuttle from the terminal.


Lounges are present in the concourse for premium passengers. IntraAir has its SkyOne lounge at the end of the A concourse in Terminal 1, while Viaggio has its Viaggio Premium lounge in Terminal 2.


Terminal Concourse Gate Airline Destination(s) Status
Terminal 1 Concourse A Gate A1 IntraAir Western Ocean International Airport
Murrville-Arcadia International
Gate A2 IntraAir Achowalogen Takachsin-Covina International Airport
Chan Bay International Airport
Gate A3 IntraAir Kitania Municipal Airport
Eristheeagle Memorial Municipal Airport
Gate A4 IntraAir MRT International Airport
Crystal City Municipal Airport
Gate A5 IntraAir Miningstone Regional Airport Active
Gate A6 IntraAir Brooklyn Regional Airport Active
Gate A7 IntraAir Atlanta-Hillville Metropolitan Airport
Kitania East Murkland Airstrip
Splurgeville Municipal Airport
Gate A8 IntraAir Ocean Suburb International Airport
Rockaway Airport
Chack City Airfield
Gate A9 Caelus Airlines Anthony Fokker Regional Airport
Miningstone Regional Airport
Gate A10 South Weast Airlines Splurgeville Municipal Airport Active
Concourse B Gate B1 BluAir Tranquil Forest Airfield
Fort Yaxier International Airport
Gate B2 Waypoint Ocean Suburb International Airport Active
Gate B2-A FlyCreeper Freedon Silverwood International Airport
Deadbush Valletta Desert Airport
Gate B3 BluAir Kleinsburg Noord Airfield
Chan Bay International Airport
Gate B4 FlyMighty Deadbush Valletta Desert Airport Active
Gate B5 Waypoint MineCity Regional Active
Gate B6 Oceanic Langus Airways Washingcube Airfield
Las Playas International Airport
Oparia LeTourneau International Airport
Lanatam Airfield
Gate B7 Cascadia Airways Ilirea Midcity Airport
Deadbush Foxfoe Memorial Airport
Gate B8 FliHigh Airlines Venceslo-Fifth Ward International Airport Active
Gate B9 MRTHS Air Carnoustie International Airport
Kantō International Airport
Gate B10 Waypoint Epsilon International Airport Active
Gate B11 Oceanic Langus Airways Seoland Trimunicipalities Airport
Deadbush Foxfoe Memorial Airport
Murrville-Arcadia International
Ilirea Midcity Airport
Gate B12 Infamous Airlines Ocean Suburb International Airport
Fort Yaxier International Airport
Richville International Airport
Gate B13 UtopiAir Anthony Fokker Regional Airport
Leydon International Airport
Gate B14 AirLinQ Amphibio Airport Amphitheatre Active
Terminal 2 Concourse C Gate C1 South Weast Airlines Fairfax-Atlanta Metropolitan Airport Active
Gate C2 South Weast Airlines Omerah International Airport Active
Gate C3 South Weast Airlines Ilirea Midcity Airport Active
Gate C4 South Weast Airlines Mason City International Airport Active
Concourse D Gate D1 South Weast Airlines Union of Central Western Territories International Airport Active
Gate D2 South Weast Airlines Inactive
Gate D3 South Weast Airlines Inactive