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Dana Point

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Dana Point
The suburban community of Irvine in Dana Point
Date foundedDecember 1, 2018
Coordinates14006, 67, 17540
WorldNew World
Ward(s)Ward 4
Zip code90154
Area code949
Road connectionsB191
Bus facilitiesOcean Boulevard bus stops
Rail facilitiesArcadia Dana Point Station (IntraRail)
Dana Point Station (BluRail)
Political affiliations

Dana Point is a former city and territory of Arcadia in southeastern Epsilon founded by MC_Protocol. It is a newly founded city with the intention to become the most beautiful and uniquely designed city on the server. It was owned by lil_shadow59 as a part of Arcadia, which was later transferred to MC_Protocol.

The city takes its namesake and inspiration from the real-life city of Dana Point, California.


The Lesteran Beach Pier with the first building in the city, the Phantom Diner

Dana Point began construction on December 1, 2018. MC_Protocol built the town as he wanted to compensate for the "lack of true realism towns" on the server. At the time, MC_Protocol was recovering from a recent health problem had decided to work on building a town with design contributing to realistic road standards, building designs, and infrastructure. Other towns that MC_Protocol had owned all had issues with a lack of thoughtful planning or the difficult construction of buildings. The town became his first true town where the buildings were planned out and had the correct vision that he wanted.

On October 11, 2019, ownership of the town was transferred to lil_shadow59 and was subsequently annexed into Arcadia as an enclave territory.

On February 12, 2021, the ownership of Arcadia was transferred to MC_Protocol, which included Dana Point.

Namesake and inspiration

Dana Point's name comes from the Southern California coastal city of Dana Point, California, which was named after the author Richard Henry Dana Jr.

The general architecture of the town reaches two major areas of design; modern and metropolitan townhouses. The area of Irvine went for the modern approach, while Lesteran Beach is more of a classic California townhouse design.


Dana Point is bordered by the main areas of Arcadia to the north, Sunshine Coast to the east, and Murrville to the northwest. The Magellan Ocean borders the city to the south, southwest, southeast, and west.

Neighborhoods and communities

Dana Point recognizes six individual areas as Community Planning Areas. Within a given planning area, there may be several distinct neighborhoods. The city contains more than 13 identified neighborhoods.

Downtown Dana Point is located in the far western area of the city. Irvine, a suburb known for its large modern homes and popular university known as Irvine Tech, is in the south and southwest of the town. To the east lies the communities of Covina and Huntington, along with a B-class highway: B191.

Dana Point individual neighborhood boundaries are easily understood based on the geographical landscape.