Dana Point

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Dana Point, Arcadia


In Photograph: Suburban Community of Irvine, Located in Dana Point

City Established December 1, 2018

Occupation Information
Country: MRT Server
State: Arcadia

Government Information
Mayor: lil_shadow59
Deputy Mayor: MC_Protocol

Other Information
Coordinates 14006 , 64 , 17540
Named Based: Dana Point, California
Zip Code 90154
Area Code 949

Dana Point is a former city and enclave territory of Arcadia based in the southeastern hemisphere founded by MC_Protocol. It is a newly founded city with the intention to become the most beautiful and unique designed city on the Server. It is a popular spot for Administration on the server due to the climate and location of it. It is currently owned by lil_shadow59.

The city was named after the real-life city of Dana Point, California, as well as its signature design of being a town located by the Ocean. Members of the server claim that it's vibe and aesthetics rivals of its neighboring cities, such as Sunshine Coast and the newly formed: Mojangsburg.

Historical Information


Dana Point began construction on the 1st of December 2018, built to compensate for the lack of true realism towns on the server. MC_Protocol, a member on the server, was at the time was recovering from a recent health problem had decided to work on building a town with design contributing to realistic road standards, building designs and infrastructure. Other towns that MC had own had all had issues with it such as lack of thoughtful planning for the southern downtown portion in the City of Victoria or the difficult construction of buildings in the City of Rochshire. The town became MC's first true town where the buildings were planned out and had the correct vision that MC wanted.

On October 11, 2019, ownership of the town was transferred to lil_shadow59 and was subsequently annexed into Arcadia as an enclave territory.

Photograph of Lesteran Beach Pier, with the Phantom Diner being the first building in the city.

Namesake and Inspiration

Dana Point name again comes from Southern California coastal city of Dana Point, California, which the name originated from the headland of the city, which in turn named after the author; Richard Henry Dana Jr.

The general architecture of the town reaches from two major areas of design; Modern and Metropolitan Townhouses. These design although are not intertwine with each other with communities of the town such as Irvine reach the modern approach and Lesteran Beach going for the classic California townhouse approach in its design.


Neighborhoods and Communities

The City of Dana Point recognizes 6 individual areas as Community Planning Areas. Within a given planning area there may be several distinct neighborhoods. Altogether the city contains more than 13 identified neighborhoods.

The Suburban Community of Irvine.

Downtown Dana Point is located in the far western area of the city. To the south and southwest lies the coastal community of Irvine, a suburb known for its large modern homes and popular university known as Irvine Tech. To the east lies the communities of Covina and Huntington, along with B-Class Highway: B191.

For a majority of the part, Dana Point individual neighborhood boundaries are easily understood based off the geographical landscape like rivers and street patterns

Geographical Location

Dana Point is bordered to the City of Arcadia to the North and Sunshine Coast to the East. The Magellan Ocean borders the city to the South, Southwest, Southeast, and West.


According to the State of Victoria, the city has a total area of 10.0 Square Miles (25.8 Km2)of it, with 10.0 Square Miles (25.8 Km2) of it (77.96%) is water. The Department of Weather and Climate notifies the City of any abnormalities or sudden changes in land, sea or air.

Dana Point enjoys a mild climate where temperatures tend to average around the 70s. The warmest month of the year is August with an average temperature of 79 °F (26 °C). The coldest month is December with an average maximum temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit.[citation needed]. Frost is extremely rare, allowing for a year-round growing season. Annual rainfall (almost all falling between November and March) is about 12 inches but is highly variable from year to year.