Dance Dance Revolution International Airport

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Dance Dance Revolution International Airport

↓↓→ International Airport
Airport typeAirport
Owner/OperatorTranquil Forest Transport
ServesTranquil Forest
LocationNew World
Hub forBluAir
Direction Length Surface
ft m
--- 1,673 510 Black Concrete

Dance Dance Revolution International Airport (DDR) is a planned international airport for Tranquil Forest. The airport code is DDR/DDRA and Dance Dance Revolution machines can be found throughout the airport.


Ambox important.svg Note: The airport is not under construction. Ambox important.svg

Gate list

Gate Airline Flight Number Destination Gate Size Status
Concourse A (BluAir Concourse)
A1 BluAir Hub Hopper BU9
Ilirea Midcity Airport
Murrville-Arcadia International Airport
S BARTbadservice.png
A2 BluAir Hub Hopper BU72
Mason City International Airport
New Bakersville City Airfield
S BARTbadservice.png
A3 BluAir Hub Hopper BU125
Tranquil Forest Airfield
West Mesa International Airport
S BARTbadservice.png
A4 BluAir Hub Hopper BU150
Richville International Airport
Chan Bay International Airport
S BARTbadservice.png
A5 BluAir S BARTbadservice.png
A6 BluAir S BARTbadservice.png
A7 BluAir S BARTbadservice.png
A8 BluAir S BARTbadservice.png
A9 BluAir S BARTbadservice.png
A10 BluAir S BARTbadservice.png
A11 BluAir S BARTbadservice.png
A12 BluAir S BARTbadservice.png
A13 BluAir S BARTbadservice.png
A14 BluAir S BARTbadservice.png
A15 BluAir S BARTbadservice.png
A16 BluAir M BARTbadservice.png
A17 BluAir M BARTbadservice.png
A18 BluAir M BARTbadservice.png
A19 BluAir M BARTbadservice.png
A20 BluAir M BARTbadservice.png
A21 BluAir M BARTbadservice.png
A22 BluAir M BARTbadservice.png
A100 DDR Airlines L BARTbadservice.png
A101 DDR Airlines L BARTbadservice.png
Concourse B (Berryessa/IntraAir Concourse)
B1 Berryessa Airlines S BARTbadservice.png
B2 Berryessa Airlines S BARTbadservice.png
B3 Berryessa Airlines S BARTbadservice.png
B4 Berryessa Airlines S BARTbadservice.png
B5 Berryessa Airlines S BARTbadservice.png
B6 Berryessa Airlines M BARTbadservice.png
B7 Berryessa Airlines M BARTbadservice.png
B8 IntraAir S BARTbadservice.png
B9 IntraAir S BARTbadservice.png
B10 IntraAir S BARTbadservice.png
B11 IntraAir S BARTbadservice.png
B12 IntraAir S BARTbadservice.png
B13 IntraAir M BARTbadservice.png
B14 IntraAir M BARTbadservice.png


DDR International Airport has a strict list of policies that airlines are required to follow at all times. Any airline found to be breaking policy will be banned from the airport for no less than one year, unless otherwise specified in the list of policies.

  • BluAir, Berryessa Airlines, and IntraAir are exempt from all policies, except for the monetary reward policy and warp limit policy.
    • This includes all subsidiaries (e.g., FlyMighty, DDR Airlines, etc.)
  • Gates cannot be bought and resold.
  • Airlines must use gates with the correct size plane.
    • You cannot fill a small gate with an extra small plane (<13 blocks wide).
    • You cannot fill a medium-small gate with a medium or small plane.
    • You cannot fill a medium gate with a medium-small plane.
    • You cannot fill a large gate with a medium plane.
    • This list is not exhaustive and hvt2011 has the final say of what can and cannot be allowed.
  • Airlines must serve at least one unique destination.
  • If an airline already has a flight to a destination, you may do the following:
    • If it is a flight from one airlines' hub to another, you may set up a duplicate flight.
      • Example: BluAir has a flight from DDR-IXM. You may set up another flight following the same route and it will count towards your unique destination requirement.
    • If it invalidates another airlines' unique destination, please contact the airline's owner(s) to work something out. If they refuse to remove or change the flight, you may not set up a flight to that destination.
  • There is a two (2) warp limit per plane.
    • Airlines mentioned above have a limit of three (3) warps per plane.
  • Airlines may have a maximum of:
    • 5 small gates
    • 2 medium gates
    • 1 large gate
  • Gate cost will be set at the following prices:
    • S - $15
    • M - $10
    • L - $5
  • You must set up your flight within a month of purchase, otherwise, you will be refunded the gate cost, your gate(s) will be revoked, and you will be barred from applying for any new gates for thirty-one (31) days.
    • Setting up a flight includes plane pasting, warps, gate area, applicable signage, and check-in deck(s).
  • Inspections will be conducted randomly.
  • You can have the following number of check-ins:
    • 8 gates - 3 check-in desks
    • 4-7 gates - 2 check-in desks
    • 1-4 gates - 1 check-in desk
      • Special check-in desks will be given to aforementioned airlines
  • After an undetermined amount of time, monetary rewards will be given for airlines that set up new flights to unique destinations that are preferred. (There will be a list.)

Destination incentive

In addition to allowing airlines to fly to most destinations, there are certain airports that Tranquil Forest would like to have a flight to.

List coming soon