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Town officials
Mayor MC_Dunc
Deputy Mayor VernCow
MRT  C2 - N  Foobar
Other transit Dandeong Mass Transit Railway (DMTR)
Facts and figures
Founded 11 Dec 2014
World New

Dandenong ,laying next to the station of  C2 . Situated in the hilly northern part of the Circle line.

Dandenong History at a Glimpse

11 Dec 2014 → Dandenong Was planned and created by MC_Dunc

15 Jan 2015 → 1st residential district Epping commenced building.

16 Jan 2015 → Creeperface_ was being honoured as Deputy Mayor

25 Jan 2015 → M2 Highway was being built.

2 Mar 2015 → M2 Was added a connection with M3 Highway which was being built the same day.

14 Apr 2015 → After a long break, M3 was connected to a new district called Epping.

16 Apr 2015 → M3 Toll Plaza was built

17 Apr 2015 → _HeavenAngel_ was honoured Chief Secretary.

30 Jul 2015 → We are now [Trustee] rank!  C2  DandenongTullamarine Intra-city Bus Terminal Finished

30 Nov 2015 '" → Four leaf Clover Intersection built at M2 M3 highway intersection.

13 Dec 2015 → Renovations for C2 Dandenong West Station has ended after 2 months.

City Origin

This City is named after a Suburb in Melbourne,Australia. It is a very cultral suburb in Melbourne. The city would be going on this direction. Most of the places would be named after parts of Melbourne and Sydney. The official city flower is Dandelion, as it resembles the name of the City. The official City Colour is Orange, because the owner MC_Dunc(formally known as DuncanDoesMC) likes it :p.


- Tullamarine: MRT District. Its name is from the Melbourne Airport district: Tullamarine. Currently Tullamarine has a few builds. This is one of the small commercial Districts.