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Town officials
Mayor BaronThamesBank
Deputy Mayor thomasfyfe
MRT  C78  Daneburg
Other transit RaiLinQ, CitiRail, RegionalConnect, Daneburg Tram
Facts and figures
Town hall coordinates -6016;71;3923
Founded 4th October 2014
Recognized as town 17th December 2014
Town rank Senator
Official language(s) English, German, Danish
World New
Other info
MPO West Ocean Partnership

Daneburg is a city project on the new world built mainly by BaronThamesBank. The aim is to create a realistic city with a German theme based on builds from real life. Started on the day the new world opened, it has been growing in a long time but still has many interesting projects ahead!


If you feel you can help with any of these projects please contact BaronThamesBank in game!

-Finish buildings behind city hall.

-Finish Chiemsee Mansion on the west coast.

-Develop Daneburg East

-Finish tram factory with Knowmads7

-Finish block next to Daneburg M.

-Tram depot and surroundings

-Mask windows of buildings that are not suitable for interiors (old town)


Public Transport

Daneburg Rail Map by Cortesi

Daneburg is home to two major stations, Daneburg Main and Daneburg North station where multiple lines connect in different directions. Locally, the Daneburg Tram System runs through the region.

Daneburg Main Station

Daneburg Main Station is the city's primary hub. The building was built in 2013/2014 in the cyan labs on the old world based on Dresden Main Station in Germany. From here MRT, CitiRail, RegionalConnect and RailLinQ warp train services reach most parts of the world.

Daneburg Tram

Daneburg Tram is a German styled light rail system covering most of Daneburg with branches to neighboring cities. The system uses two types of stock, the older BKT StreetTrain by Tarheelscouse and the modern Marseilles 5 from AutoDesignZ. For the minecraft player the system works by using warp signs at the stops with the trams pasted round the network to create a realistic atmosphere.

Road Connections

Information to come soon


Daneburg Main Station
Daneburg Old Town
Old Town at night by CortesiRaccoon
Evening view by CortesiRaccoon
Recreational space in Daneburg
Behind the cityhall
Buildings in Daneburg
The Golden Hall located in the cityhall
Daneburg North Station
Previous station Next station
 C77  Foobar
towards Airchester
 C78  Daneburg  C79  Foobar
towards Wazamawazi