Deadbush International Airport

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Deadbush International Airport
Airport typeCivilian
LocationSouthwest City, New World
Hub foraero, Transoceanique Air Lines, AirMesa, MojangJet, ArcticAir
BuiltJuly 26, 2022 - July 31, 2022
In useJuly 31, 2022 - ****
Direction Length Surface
ft m
18 / 36 1,818 554 Black Concrete
18 / 36 1,309 399 Gray Concrete
Statistics (July 2022)
Main Terminal - 32

B Concourse - 19

C Concourse - 19

D Concourse - 19

E Concourse - 19

F Concourse - 19

Ground Gates - 12

Remote Gates - 3

Total - 142
TransportationA6, B61, MRT Mesa Line, NewRail FLR

Deadbush International Airport (DBI) is the flagship airport of Deadbush. It was built to replace Deadbush Pioneer-Howard Airport. It is located between the northwest suburb of Southwest City and Heampstead.


Gates sizes use EAM standards. For reference:

  • S Gates - X10 / X15 (15m wide)
  • M Gates - X100 (39m wide)

Gate requests to be entertained via Discord DMs (moj#5629) for streamlined processing. Please specify the following:

  • Airline
  • Size / Quantity of Gates (no hub maximum of 5)
  • Hub or No Hub; the following concourses are allocated for HUB airlines. Hub Airlines must pay 400$ to secure a concourse. Hub Airlines will not be questioned on their destination choices. Gates will be reserved once payment paid upfront
    • B Gates
    • C Gates
    • D Gates
    • E Gates
    • F Gates

The following destinations are banned from being served:

A Gates

Main Terminal (Concourse A)
Gate Number Size Airline Destinations Status (Boarding/Delayed)
1 M Segville Air Segville SEG Delayed
2 M aero Riverside RIV Boarding
3 M Caelus Konawa-Lanark HZN Boarding
4 M JiffyAir Chan Bay CBI, Richville RVA, Antioch ABG Boarding
5 M Elecna Airlines Delayed
6 M Transoceanique Air Lines Konawa-Lanark HZN, Chan Bay CHB Boarding
7 M Transoceanique Air Lines Ice Springs ICE Boarding
8 M Transoceanique Air Lines Murrville MAX Boarding
9 M Transoceanique Air Lines Formosa CWI, Fort Yaxier FYI Boarding
10 M Transoceanique Air Lines Chan Bay CBI Boarding
11 M BluAir Delayed
12 M BluAir Delayed
13 M IntraAir Delayed
14 M Waypoint Airchester EIA Delayed
15 M MojangJet Chan Bay CBI Boarding
16 M ArcticAir Itomori IAS, Itokani VIA Boarding
17 M BART Airlines Achowalogen Takachsin & Covina ATC, Mason City MCI Boarding
18 M Berryessa Airlines Fort Yaxier FYI, Achowalogen Takachsin & Covina ATC Boarding
19 M Berryessa Airlines Richville RVA, Marblelake MLH Boarding
20 M Berryessa Airlines Delayed
21 S Continental Airlines San Francisco YST Boarding
22 S JiffyAir Parkland PFR Boarding
23 S Clipper Airlines Delayed
24 S Clipper Airlines Delayed
25 S Clipper Airlines Delayed
26 S Clipper Airlines Delayed
27 S Clipper Airlines Delayed
28 S Kaloro Air Delayed
29 S National Airlines Delayed
30 S FlyLumeva Delayed
31 S UtopiAir Utopia AFK Boarding
32 S South Weast Airlines Larkspur LAR Boarding

B Gates

B Gates
Gate Number Size Airline Destinations Status (Boarding/Delayed)
1 S aero Venceslo VFW Boarding
2 S aero Fort Yaxier FYI Boarding
3 S aero Delayed
4 S aero Delayed
5 S aero Delayed
6 S aero Delayed
7 S aero Delayed
8 S aero Delayed
9 S aero Delayed
10 S aero Delayed
11 S aero Delayed
12 S aero Delayed
13 S aero Delayed
14 S aero Delayed
15 S aero Delayed
16 S aero Delayed
17 S aero Delayed
18 S aero Delayed
19 S aero Delayed

C Gates

C Gates
Gate Number Size Airline Destinations Status (Boarding/Delayed)
1 S BluAir Murrville MAX, Redwood RED Boarding
2 S BluAir Delayed
3 S BluAir Delayed
4 S BluAir Delayed
5 S Berryessa Airlines Antioch ABG Boarding
6 S AirMesa Antioch ABG Boarding
7 S AirMesa Waterville WMA Boarding
8 S AirMesa Delayed
9 S AirMesa Delayed
10 S AirMesa Delayed
11 S AirMesa Delayed
12 S AirMesa Delayed
13 S AirMesa Delayed
14 S AirMesa Delayed
15 S AirMesa Delayed
16 S AirMesa Delayed
17 S AirMesa Delayed
18 S AirMesa Delayed
19 S Air Miu Wan MWT, Waterville WMA Boarding

D Gates

D Gates
Gate Number Size Airline Destinations Status (Boarding/Delayed)
1 S Transoceanique Air Lines Larkspur LAR Boarding
2 S Transoceanique Air Lines Ottia OCD Boarding
3 S Transoceanique Air Lines New Mayton YEL Boarding
4 S Transoceanique Air Lines Ardaman ARD Delayed
5 S Transoceanique Air Lines Delayed
6 S Transoceanique Air Lines Delayed
7 S Transoceanique Air Lines Delayed
8 S Transoceanique Air Lines Delayed
9 S Transoceanique Air Lines Delayed
10 S Transoceanique Air Lines Delayed
11 S Transoceanique Air Lines Hendon HGW Boarding
12 S Transoceanique Air Lines Titsensaki TSA Boarding
13 S Transoceanique Air Lines Venceslo VFW Boarding
14 S Transoceanique Air Lines Riverside RIV Boarding
15 S Transoceanique Air Lines Peacopolis PCE Boarding
16 S Transoceanique Air Lines Delayed
17 S Transoceanique Air Lines Nuuk YNW Boarding
18 S Transoceanique Air Lines Itomori IAS Boarding
19 S Transoceanique Air Lines Delayed

E Gates

E Gates
Gate Number Size Airline Destinations Status (Boarding/Delayed)
1 S MojangJet Chan Bay CHB Boarding
2 S MojangJet Mojangsburg MPI Boarding
3 S MojangJet Mountbatten MBI Boarding
4 S MojangJet Dekuville DHA Delayed
5 S MojangJet Delayed
6 S MojangJet Delayed
7 S MojangJet Delayed
8 S MojangJet Delayed
9 S MojangJet Delayed
10 S MojangJet Delayed
11 S MojangJet Delayed
12 S MojangJet Delayed
13 S MojangJet Delayed
14 S MojangJet Delayed
15 S MojangJet Delayed
16 S MojangJet Delayed
17 S MojangJet Delayed
18 S MojangJet Delayed
19 S MojangJet Delayed

F Gates

F Gates
Gate Number Size Airline Destinations Status (Boarding/Delayed)
1 S ArcticAir Delayed
2 S ArcticAir Delayed
3 S ArcticAir Delayed
4 S ArcticAir Delayed
5 S ArcticAir Delayed
6 S ArcticAir Delayed
7 S ArcticAir Delayed
8 S ArcticAir Delayed
9 S ArcticAir Delayed
10 S ArcticAir Delayed
11 S ArcticAir Delayed
12 S ArcticAir Delayed
13 S ArcticAir Delayed
14 S ArcticAir Delayed
15 S ArcticAir Delayed
16 S ArcticAir Delayed
17 S ArcticAir Delayed
18 S ArcticAir Delayed
19 S ArcticAir Delayed

Ground Gates

G Gates
Gate Number Size Airline Destinations Status (Boarding/Delayed)
1 S FlyBahia Delayed
2 S FlyBahia Peacopolis PCE, Sunshine Coast SSR, Fort Yaxier FYI, Richville RVA Boarding
3 S FlyBahia West Calbar CAL, Espil EEA, Dekuville DHA, ELecna Bay EBI Boarding
4 S AcaciaAir Port Sonder SND, Itomori IAS Boarding
5 S AcaciaAir Miu Wan MWT Boarding
6 S Sandstone Airr Antioch ABG, Waterville WMA Delayed
7 S IntraAir Delayed
8 S IntraAir Delayed
9 S rosa Polytan PIA Delayed
10 S rosa Villanueva RSZ Delayed
11 S IntraAir Delayed
12 S IntraAir Delayed

Remote Gates

R Gates
Gate Number Size Airline Destinations Status (Boarding/Delayed)
1 M Transoceanique Air Lines Marblelake MLH Boarding
2 S uwuAir Moramoa MMA Boarding
3 S Spirit Airlines Antioch ANA


For purposes of wiki-editing, 1 DESTINATION PER HELIPAD

  • Column 1 is nearest to Southwest City, Column 11 is nearest to Terminal Departures/Arrivals
H Gates
Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5 Column 6 Column 7 Column 8 Column 9 Column 10 Column 11
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Foobar Foobar Foobar Foobar Foobar Foobar Foobar Foobar Foobar Foobar Air Kanata

Halifax Capitol Hill Heliport

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