Deadbush Valletta Desert Airport

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Deadbush Valletta Desert Airport
Airport typecivilian
OperatorMojanger Community
ServesDeadbush, Weezerville
LocationValletta District, Deadbush
In use7/23/2020 - *
Direction Length Surface
ft m
09/27 1,135 346 Black Concrete

Deadbush Valletta Desert Airport (VDA) is one of the airport serving the metropolitan area of Deadbush. It was built to replace the aging Deadbush Edgecliff Airport (DEA), which has been serving the city for about one-and-a-half years.


Gate Airline Destination
Concourse A (main terminal)
1 BluAir New Bakersville City Airfield
Murrville-Arcadia International
2 BluAir Airchester Airfield
Sunshine Coast Máspalmas International Airport
3 BluAir Anthro Island Airport
4 BluAir Pasadena Airfield
Rizalburg Strand Airfield
5 BluAir Oparia LeTourneau International Airport
6 BluAir Moramoa Mixed Martial Arts Airfield
7 Cypress Air Rattlerville Central
8 Sandstone Airr Lapis Bay Expo East Airport
Miu Wan Kau Heung Airport
Oparia LeTourneau International Airport
9 Sandstone Airr Riverside Airport
Larkspur Lilyflower International Airport
Murrville-Arcadia International
Miu Wan Tseng Tsz Leng International Airport
Venceslo-Fifth Ward International Airport
10 FlyMighty Cyra Underwood Municipal Airport
Oparia LeTourneau International Airport
11 FlyMighty Northern Trail Airfield
12 FlyMighty Richville International Airport
Concourse B
13 Waypoint Kantō International Airport
Antioch-Bay Point Garvey International Airport
14 Aero Oparia LeTourneau International Airport
Titsensaki Sealerwhale International Airport
15 Oceanic Langus Airways Pixl Vinayaka International Airport
Marisol Airfield
Antioch-Bay Point Garvey International Airport
Seoland Trimunicipalities Airport
16 MRTHS Air Carnoustie International Airport
Murrville-Arcadia International
17 FlyBahia
18 FlyBahia
19 FlyCreeper Paixton Regional Airport
Leydon International Airport
Pasadena Airfield<be>Windus Aura Airfield
20 FlyCreeper Zerez Capital Int. Airfield
Carnoustie International Airport
Kantō International Airport
Moramoa Mixed Martial Arts Airfield
21 FlyCreeper Ilirea Midcity Airport
Sunshine Coast Máspalmas International Airport
Chan Bay Municipal Airport
Riverside Airport
22 FlyCreeper Sunshine Coast Cacto Regional Airport
Dekuville Harbor Airfield
Richville International Airport
Larkspur Lilyflower International Airport
23 FlyCreeper Freedon Silverwood International Airport
Murrville-Arcadia International
Lanecra Landing Strip
Cyra Underwood Municipal Airport
24 FlyCreeper Rattlerville Central
Mojangsburg Suidplein Airfield
Chan Bay International Airport
25 Infamous Eagle Radiance Square International Airport
North Haven Riverside Airfield
26 Infamous Eagle Kantō Airfield
27 Infamous Eagle Venceslo-Fifth Ward International Airport
28 Infamous Eagle Freedon Silverwood International Airport
29 Infamous Eagle Ice Springs Regional Airport
30 KaloroAir Fort Yaxier International Airport
Murrville-Arcadia International
31 KaloroAir Waterville Municipal Airport
Caprica International
32 KaloroAir Jimmy Doolittle Regional Airport
Segville International
33 KaloroAir Geneva Bay New Indigo International Airport
Polytan International Airport
34 KaloroAir Oparia LeTourneau International Airport
Larkspur Lilyflower International Airport
35 ArcticAir Riverside Airport
Redwood Executive Airport
36 ArcticAir Airchester Airfield
Hendon Gatwick Airport
Lapis Bay Expo East Airport
Concourse C
37 Clipper Airlines Venceslo-Fifth Ward International Airport
38 Clipper Airlines Segville International
39 Clipper Airlines Charles de Gaulle International Airport
40 Clipper Airlines Lanatam Airfield
Cape Cambridge Orilla Regional Airport
41 Clipper Airlines Torres River Airfield
42 Clipper Airlines Encinitas Joya Airfield
43 Clipper Airlines
44 Clipper Airlines
45 Clipper Airlines
Concourse D
51 South Weast Airlines Larkspur Lilyflower International Airport
52 Infamous Airlines Mojangsburg-Pretoria Capital Airport
53 Infamous Airlines Murrville-Arcadia International
54 Infamous Airlines
55 Infamous Airlines
56 Infamous Airlines
57 Infamous Airlines
58 Infamous Airlines
59 Infamous Airlines
60 Infamous Airlines
61 Infamous Airlines
62 Infamous Airlines
63 Infamous Airlines
64 Infamous Airlines