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The Delta Stadium is a large Football and Track Arena with 2024 seats, 4 stands and 6 lounges. It is located in Nippia. On 14/9/15, mine_man_ gave rights to Delta Element Stadium to KittyCat11231 for $1000 to use in Nippia


The Delta Stadium has the capacity for quite a few events including:

  • 100m
  • 200m
  • 300m
  • 400m
  • 4x100m relay
  • Football
  • 800m (Future)


Vanadium Stand (West)

The Vanadium Stand is one of the 2 stands which are adjacent to the tack straits. It is located right next to the 100m track and finish line so it has a great viewpoint of the best parts of races. It is also the first stand to be completed out of all four stands.

Commonwealth Stand (East)

The Commonwealth Stand is one of 2 stands which are adjacent to the tack straits. It is above the back of the stadium which is the main entrance to the track and pitch. It was the second stand to be finished after the Vanadium Stand.

North Stand

Accerton Stand (South)

The Accerton stand was the third stand built in Delta Stadium. It is next to the 400m start line and 2nd bend. It is also one of the two stands on the bends.


Tim Horton Lounge

Tim Horton Lounge

The Tim Horton Lounge is a lounge made by Detroit_Kitteh. It was the first lounge to be finished in Delta Stadium. It has a large TV and many seating areas as well as a minibar. It is is located in the South-West corner of the stadium.


Space Company Owner
1 Rib Grill JamesGaming
2 yuclothing JamesGaming
3 Slushy Cat Autobus
4 Derek Jeter's Taco Hole Jphgolf4321
5 Ben & Jeremy's KittyCat11231
6 TheSpoon DasNexus
7 The Duechayapol Restaurant Duechayapol
8 Mickey & Donald's KittyCat11231


View over the football field and track
Delta Sign in the main lobby
View of the indoor car park under the Commonwealth Stand

One of the corners of Delta Stadium where a lounge is to be built
View of one of 2 side lobby's
View of the main lobby