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Demeter Eatery

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Info notice.png Hiatus
The president of Demeter, sheimoria, will be taking a one month hiatus due to the upcoming final year exams. Requests for construction of new outlets will not be entertained during this period from now until 16 October 2017, while the completion of existing and planned outlets may be delayed by a few weeks. Sincere thanks for your understanding and patience.
Info notice.png
Demeter Eatery
Founder sheimoria
President sheimoria
Employees SoSo123
Franchise Type Eatery
Parent Company Demeter
Headquarters Demeter Complex @ Gecko Campus, Serpentine City (planned)
Outreach 50 outlets on the New World

Tidbit: Demeter is the Greek goddess of food.


Demeter Eatery is a franchise operated by Demeter that operates eateries all over the New World. The founder and current president of the franchise is sheimoria and employees inclued SoSo123 and SoaPuffball. It is notable for establishing 50 outlets in just under a month, setting a record for the fastest growing franchise on the server.


Water is provided free of charge. For delivery orders, delivery time depends on the location of the customer. Average delivery time is approximately 12 minutes.

Meat Cost
Cooked Rabbit $1.10
Cooked Chicken $1.32
Cooked Mutton $1.56
Cooked Porkchop $2.08
Steak $2.08
Fish Cost
Cooked Fish $1.10
Cooked Salmon $1.56
Soup Cost
Beetroot Soup $1.32
Mushroom Stew $1.32
Rabbit Stew $2.20


If you would like one of these designs for your town, contact sheimoria via in-game chat, in-game mail or wiki mail. In the future, you may drop off a request at his mailbox @ Central City.


These designs function as a standalone buildings that can accommodate custom carparks and drive-thrus. They can be modified slightly to adapt to custom plot sizes but nonetheless they retain the standard material palette of orange and dark oak.

Design Space Cost
Sub 5*6*5 $5
Mini 13*6*13 $10
Super 21*6*21 $20
Max 21*12*21 $50


Town mayors may request for a custom outlet instead of a standard standlone outlet. Pricing in dollars is calculated on the total dimensions of the outlet divided by 100.


Outlets can be built across a variety of indoor locations, such as malls, residential complexes, office buildings and transit areas such as train stations, airports and bus terminals.


Unlike standalone outlets, custom outdoor outlets are often modified to suit the architecture and overall theme of the city. The material palette of this outlet may be completely overhauled in order to fit within the city according to the mayor's needs. Examples of outlets such as these are the ones in Belvadere, Venceslo University and Levittown.


Number Place Type Remarks
#1 Serpentine City Premium Planned
Pilot Outlet
#2 Paralia Mall Open
#3 Dabecco Max Drive-thru to be added
#4 Espil Indoors Open
#5 Zerez Mall Planned
#6 Schillerton Max Drive-thru to be considered
#7 Creeperville Mall Open
#8 Bearainstein Super Open
#9 Oasis Sands Mini Open
#10 Central City Mall @ Fairfax Street Mall
#11 Frosty Rivers Mini Open
#12 Chillington Super Open
#13 Alexandria Bay Mini Open
#14 Risima Mini Open
#15 Lowami Mini Custom Takeout only
#16 Segville Mall Open
#17 Norwest Mini Open
#18 Watchfield Plaza @ Prismarine Plaza
#19 Tinimia Super Open
#20 MRT Land Premium Planned
#21 Belvadere Mini Custom Integrates Belvaderean architecture
#22 Quiris Mini Open
#23 Hatch End Mini + Carpark Open
#24 Pearl Coast Mall Integrates Pearl Coastian architecture
#25 Woodsdale Station Open
#26 Bronte Max + Drive Thru Open
#27 Bluepoint Station Takeout only
#28 Akworth Mini Custom Second floor for seating
#29 Stoneedge Mini Custom Second floor for seating
#30 Vault City Mini Open
#31 Washingcube Mini Open
#32 Kaloro City Max + Drive Thru Open
#33 Oakburgh Max Open
#34 Geneva Bay Indoors Open
#35 Farwater Super Custom + Carpark Outdoor seating
#36 Christi Station @ RaiLinQ
#37 Heights City Mall Open
#38 Tsageri Mini Indoors
#39 Lakeview Mini Outdoor seating
#40 Bakersville Super Open
#41 Columnville Super Open
#42 Belmill Sub Open
#43 Wythern Max + Drive Thru Open
#44 Frostbite Mini Planned
#45 Levittown Custom Standalone Open
#46 Venceslo Indoors @ Venceslo University
Incorporates Acacia Wood materials
#47 Bearbury Indoors Planned
#48 Bardot Springs Mini Open
#49 Heampstead Undecided Planned
#50 Icelake Super Custom 50th outlet milestone


Future outlets will have the capability to be complemented by other Demeter franchises. Future Hermes car stations can also be complemented by a Demeter Eatery. The future Hermes Credit systen will allow users to get discounts off Demeter Eatery meals as well as free usage of carparks serving Demeter Eateries. Costs of standard outlets may rise due to inflation in the future. The future Demeter Magazine as well as events hosted by Demeter offer ample opportunity to get discounted purchases.