DesertSun Expo

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DesertSun Exposition
Staff crimsonf0x
Location Avenir Hills, Totem Beach
Opening 3 July 2020
Closing 17 July 2020

The DesertSun Expo was an exposition presented by crimsonf0x. To reserve your space, please add your name and franchise to the wikitable. The expo opened on 3 July 2020.
You may only exhibit one franchise (store, restaurant) and one transit (rail, bus, plane) exhibition. If your request gets denied, you may resubmit bearing in mind the comments given.

Reserve Your Space

Username Company Approximate Size Additional Notes Verdict Verdict Notes Assigned Booth
mi_aquamarine TeleNansei 5 x 9 Approved You can make it a little bigger if you want. 11
fork_07 Fiorkish Holdings 12 x 33 (sry if its too big) It will be like many companies at once Denied Sorry, you can only exhibit one franchise and one transit company. Feel free to resubmit.
ArizTrad Seabeast Buses 16x20 Approved I'll notify you when you can paste. 01
Wipeout111 MRT Airships 55x20 for airship (35x21 for a station, if room is availible) Should be displayed outside with planes and helicopters Approved Might not be able to accommodate the station, but airship will work good. :) SB
MPolo455 Infinity Book Store 13x13 Approved 02
fork_07 Grape Inc. 12x12 Its an Apple Inc. Rip-off. Approved 13
Airplaneguy9 Aero Aviation 20x20 Approved Y23
MgWn FlyMighty 8x10 Approved You can make it a bit bigger, and include a plane if you wish. Y24
frogggggg National Airlines 15x15 Approved Y22
notshort925 Aston Soda 15x19 Approved 05
_Mossie Charian Developments Ltd. 18x22 Housing development company. Approved 04
DintyB Lidl ~10x15 Approved 12
fork_07 ForkTransit 25x25 Its a company that serves Urban Transit Services (Bus and Metro) Approved Y20
Metromap_svg Dyson At least 434m^2 with a height clearance of 8m (note: width of exhibit space is preferably to be an even number). See here for more info. Including booths featuring: Vacuums, hair care (Supersonic, Airwrap, Corrale), environmental care, lights, and hand dryers. Approved 09
mooseman0725 MRTV (It doesnt matter to me but) 15x9 or plot 16 MRTV is a new brodcasting company with plans to record/broadcast events on the server Approved 16
fork_07 (yea again) FlyJeomto maybe 30x30 idk Airline
      • SB = stand by, your area has not been completed.***

NOTE: If your exhibit was approved, please monitor this wikipage periodically for more information about where to build it.