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Town officials
Mayor lfpp003
Deputy Mayor kekkomatic
MRT none
Bus none
Roadways none
Water none
Nearest airport Ilirea Midcity Airport (IXM)
Rail  PMW Commuter 
Facts and figures
Population 5
Town hall coordinates -7860 95 -1810
Founded I don't remember
Recognized as town 15/9/2016
Town rank [Mayor]
World New
Post codes DV7
Political Party Pizza Party
Ward(s) 7


The Tower

The Tower was the first building in DesertView, it is 50% commercial and 50% residential, the lower two quarters of the tower are commercial, and the top two quarters are residential.

The Hanging Gardens of DesertView

The hanging gardens of DesertView is the official landmark of DesertView.

The Row Houses

There are some row houses in DesertView, wich are for sale. There are two models of houses, type one costs $10 and type two costs $15(prices are subject to change at anytime. The houses have a living room, a kitchen, a closet, a bathroom and two balconies, one in the second floor and one in the third floor. If you want to buy your own houses, write a letter to lfpp003.

The theatre

The theatre of DesertView is a very big theatre. It has never been used yet. If you need a theatre for your event, do not hesitate in asking by writting a letter to lfpp003.

City Hall Cable Car

The city hall cable car is the only connection between the city hall and the actual city. The cable car is not functional.

City Hall

In the city hall, there is the Mayor's office, and the deputy mayor's office.


Name Address Owner
Oline Gas Station 4 Jensin Street lfpp003
Thunderguard Law Firm 40 Jensin Street 34lynx72
Gregg Fyfe's Fish & Chips 70 Jensin Street AP_Red
TELECHTRONICS 6 Melon Street I don't remember
Royal Cars 130 Melon Street MikeRoma
iMorgan 6 Falcon Street MikeRoma
Melon Shop 4 Washington Street MikeRoma
Thames Bank 7 Washington Street lfpp003
The Pokémon Center 4 Autumn Street I don't remember
BLOX SHACK 64 Autumn Street Pandg2
PMW Commuter Line 6, Eastern Express
Previous station Next station
Terminus DesertView Espil