Dewford City

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Dewford City
[Mayor] Town
Dewford City collage.jpg
Top to bottom, left to right: 3rd Street/2nd Avenue, M.B. Gramercy High School, Westbeach Center, Lometa County Parliament Hall, (F) train at Lometa Station
Flag of Dewford City.png
"The only way to get away", "Move forward with Dewford"
WorldMrt-logo.png New World
IncorporatedAugust 2021
Named forCity in Hoenn (Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire)
 • TypeUnicameral city council
 • Mayorarbirchy
 • Deputy MayorSpegit007

Primary airport

Chan Bay International Airport
Primary seaportSlateport Port Authority Sea Terminal
Primary rail stationDewford City-Lometa Station
Rail connections  FLR  R2  R16  R17  Dewford City-Lometa  
West Zeta Rail
Road connectionsB66 to Cloud 9 & A6

Dewford City, often shortened to Dewford, is a Mayor ranked town located on the southern coast of Lake 45 in Ward 6 of the West Zeta region, situated within an acacia plains biome. Bustling and busy, yet still retaining an island feel, the town aims to recreate New York-style architecture, both old and new, with a touch of tropicality & coastal sense. Founded by arbirchy in 2021, it is quickly expanding upon the peninsula of which it was founded. The closest MRT station is M59.

It is not part of any MPO. However, it is located within the municipality of Lometa County.


The city is organized into avenues, which flow north-south, and streets, which flow east-west. Numbering of these roads starts from the northwest: as you go south, the street numbers will increase; likewise, as you go east, the avenue numbers will increase. Streets and avenues may have ornamental names, e.g. 2 St/Admod Way.

The space between two intersections is called a block, and addressing is based upon these blocks. The first number in an address is based upon the block number, also from the northwest, and the remaining two digits are subdivided within that block.


Dewford City districts, numbered

Parliament Island

This district is the most important in the world of politics, including the Dewford City town hall and the Lometa County Parliament building. This district also offers scenic views of the coral reefs just off the Dewford coastline and a beautiful square honoring the promotion of Arbirchy to Councillor. Included also is the Gravesend County Park, with a community farm and historic colonial port of call.

Northshore Island-Boardwalk

This district contains the welcoming point for many tourists coming into Dewford through its Ferry Terminal, also providing a scenic boardwalk at Pier 101 and a local bus transportation hub and a welcome center showing off Dewford history.


This district contains the most popular beach in Dewford as well as the historic Bayridge Avenue, serving as a popular shopping and commercial hub for the most iconic Dewfordian franchises.

Alphabet City

This district's name derives off of its positioning to the left of 1st Ave, as avenues start using letters to denote their names. This district serves as the "downtown" of Dewford City, with an important transportation hub at Lometa Station serving DCSub trains, WZR & FLR, as well as intercity and local buses at the Acacia Hill bus terminal. This district also has the Acacia Hill County Park with multiple walking trails, the largest conglomerate of acacia trees, and scenic views overlooking Lower Dewford.

Lower East Side/Cliffhill

This district's name derives off of its location on the east side near the sea level, as well as its proximity to a large incline that Alphabet City is based on. When this region is developed, it will have a beach and will be an attraction to tourists.


This district includes many popular retail and dining locations. When it is developed, it will have some of the tallest buildings in Dewford.


Main article: Slateport Port Authority Sea Terminal

This district contains the Slateport P.A.S.T., a major port servicing ferry, passenger cruise, and seaplane traffic, important in serving Dewford as it expands into the future.


Dewford City is governed by its Mayor and Co-Mayor, taking into account the higher legislative power of the Lometa County Parliament, both convened in Downtown Dewford City. The Lometa County Parliament is a unicameral legislature elected every three months, assembling every two weeks, that replicates a Westminister style of government. Currently, Parliament has yet to be convened, or elected/appointed, and a system for that system is in the works.


The economy of Dewford City is booming due to the overwhelming immigration into the area as well as the growing number of companies sponsoring the area, with the city's own DewGroup finding success in its child companies DewBank and Hello11.