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Town officials
Mayor Thesteakpie
Deputy Mayor evil_q
MRT  XE6  Foobar
Facts and figures
Population 9
Town hall coordinates X = 1927 Y = 64 Z = -1637
Founded 10/01/2016 (dd/mm/yyyy)
Town rank Mayor
World New

Achievement get!
Interested in the City
Well Done! You are interested in the happinings at Digipool!


Digipool has relocated to  XE6  Foobar after it turned out  C15  Foobar was already claimed... ;(

Digipool is Thesteakpies town. It is still quite a developing town, but has some great architectural buildings - including the MRT Digipool University.

Build Count

The build count of Digipool is.....



The D1 is Digipools first interior highway. Its got three lanes, and is the easist and fastest way to "Get Around Town". It has a proud new symbol as well!

D1 symbol

MRT Digipool University

Digipool University is the biggest and most important building in this town. We need to help young minds learn and what a better way to do it than making a stylish, 21st Century, 6 floors high university for them to learn in? It's complete with 2 huge lecture halls, a swimming pool, underground research lab, 3 floors high library, fully fledged computer room, study hall and astronomy tower. It's easy to find your way around by going to the circular hub/lobby and going out to the different branches. As mentioned already, this is being put through to the MRT Franchise Awards. Several people have bought this build for $200. If you are interested in purchasing this build, contact Thesteakpie.

Digipool Uni

This build has been funded by DIGITECH.

Modern Empire State Building

I am currently building a Modern Empire State Building, which is made of grey, and has blue windows. It is 13 stories tall, and will have a few underground floors as well. Each floor is 3 blocks tall, giving a good amount of space to work in. We currently have no pictures.

Embassy Lane

This is a lane with all of the Embassys on it, as the name would suggest. You can apply to have your embassy constructed here, average cost is $50 and you have a 12x15x(NumFloors) plot. This lane currently hosts; Digipool Embassy, CaptainObi's Embassy

For Sale

Name Price
1 Alcove Walk $10
2 Alcove Walk $10
3 Alcove Walk $10
4 Alcove Walk $10
5 Alcove Walk $10
6 Alcove Walk $10
7 Alcove Walk $10
8 Alcove Walk $10
9 Alcove Walk $10
10 Alcove Walk $10
Floors 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11,12 of The Hub, 1 Prominade View $25 per floor
The Centre, All Floors, 2 Prominade View $75 Whole Thing


Still needs to be recounted

[Franchises and that stuff]

Also can I mention our franchises in Digipool!

  • Ibannana (Turtleholiness)
  • FlammingLibrary (Flamingpickle03)
  • Thunderguard (34Lynx72)
  • AlphaTheatres (HappyDaysYT)
  • Town Holdings, BenionTv and Benion Mail (Ben6331)
  • OceanTech (SuperSamuel25)
  • WaffleHouse (mjppfw)
  • N-Pot (FirixQ)
  • SuperService (LightingMC)
  • RoyalCars (Derpy_Melon)
  • Mayrtn's bank (godzillatrain)
  • CutBurge (CuteKids)
  • Redstone Consultancy (Narnia17)
  • Yukiyama (Kenta1357)
  • Solaris (BuildPilot)
  • Micheals Drive-Thru Cafe (Clix)
  • RaiLin (autobus22)

Digitech and DigiFood, Digipools franchise, and embassy has branched out to several towns...

  • Achowalogen Takachsin (Tom_Pairs)(XE11)
  • Waterville (PtldKnight) (A23)
  • Genesis (AP_Red)
  • Freedon (soso123)
  • Heampstead (Derpy_Melon)
  • Whiteley (Olympia Stadium)
  • Pamsterlin (Leeuweb)
  • (CaptainObi)


We currently playing host to 9 residents...

The mayor currently owns places of residence in 5 towns/cities

  • Achowalogen Takachsin (tom_pairs)(XE11)
  • Heampstead
  • Formosa
  • Genesis
  • CuteBurg (CuteKids)


Mayor = Thesteakpie
Dep. Mayor = evil_q

HeadOfTable = Thesteakpie
2ndCommand = Evil_Q
Councillor = _alli
Councillor = SuperSamuel25

The mayor is Depute to...

  • Genisis (Evil_Q)
  • Ellesume (alli_)
  • OceanCitys (SuperSamuel25)