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Diplomacy (from the Greek δίπλωμα, meaning a folded paper or document) is the art and practice of conducting negotiations between representatives of groups or states. On the MRT, it refers to the negotiations and agreements between various cities of the MRT. Several attempts at a United Nations format has not been successful to this point, but there are a strong diplomacy going behind the scenes using various diplomatic methods. In September of 2015, however the League of Cities, a server wide MPO dedicated to peace, justice, and equality, was founded by Camelfantasy, and has been met with extreme success with over 60 members.


Embassies are the physical representation of Diplomacy on the MRT Server. A city can choose to establish a embassy in another city or allow cities to establish embassies within their city limits to encourage tourism, trade, and set a relationship between two cities to allow for easier negotiations in the future when it comes to various important issues, such as rail right-of-way, city boundaries, and other issues.

Currently, there are several embassies established in order to facilitate diplomatic relations between cities and/or nations. Some cities, such as Fairfax, Atlanta and Plainscity, has a street set up for a common zone of embassies. A non-exhausting list of embassies can be found here:

Embassy Location
Embassy of Osmald, Central City Central City
The Button Gwinnett Embassy of Atlanta Fairfax
Embassy of Kitania Fairfax
Embassy of Fairfax Atlanta
Embassy of Plainscity Jones Beach
The Margaret Mitchell Embassy of Atlanta Kitania
The Thomas Wills Cobb Embassy of Atlanta Biome Heights
The Martin Luther King Jr. Embassy of Atlanta Cyra
Official Consulate of The City of Seoland, RPC #360, RPC Embassy #250 Deadbush
Deadbush Embassy The City of Seoland
Ilirea Embassy Spruce Neck
USSW Embassy Creeperville
Titsensaki Embassy Creeperville
Vault City Embassy Creeperville
Woodsdale Embassy Creeperville
Ophelian Confederation Embassy Creeperville
Sunshine Coast Embassy Creeperville
Embassy of Creeperville Deadbush
Embassy of Creeperville Sunshine Coast
Official Consulate of The City of Seoland, RPC #360, RPC Embassy #250 Frostbite
Official Consulate of Frostbite, RPC #620, RPC Embassy #940 The City of Seoland


Some cities have entered into a treaty with each other, which is highly encouraged when it comes to border disputes. A long-standing treaty to be used as a example is the Jungle Preserve Treaty. By setting a jungle preserve using the jungle biome between Ravenswood and MegaTown , a border was set using natural biomes. A listing of treaties can be found here:

Treaty Name Summary Signed by:
Fairfax-Atlanta Treaty The city boundary was set at the train crossing over Fairfax Drive Kiwirainbow and _frozen
Jungle Preserve Treaty The city boundary for Ravenswood and MegaTown was set with a jungle preserve inbetween. Megascatterbomb and _frozen
New Kiwi City Treaty of 2014 New Kiwi City was taken over by Bluemont, to preserve the bay at BlueSpring Bridge. Kiwirainbow and BluemontBoy

Unsigned Agreements

Some cities have agreed with other players, but there agreements/treaties aren't signed/written. Usually, these unsigned agreements are used when there's a minor dispute.

Agreement Name Summary Players involved
Welcomeville Agreement 1 The agreement involved the mayor of Welcomeville, Welcome99, and mustang_guy, the player who owned the land of what is now known as Welcomeville (West). It was agreed on December 2013, days after Welcome99 won Brimsian (now annexed by Welcomeville) and the land was needed to build a connection between Brimsian and Welcomeville. However, there is a restriction, in which you cannot build underground at Welcomeville (West). Welcome99 and mustang_guy
Welcomeville Agreement 2 The agreement involved the mayor of Welcomeville, Welcome99 and finney125, who is also deputy mayor of Welcomeville. A 1x1 glowstone tower and a safety bunker located south of Welcomevillewas built by finney125 before Welcomeville was established. The tower and the bunker is now part of Welcomeville, with finney125 building a new safety bunker just across the Welcomeville River. Welcome99 and finney125