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Town officials
Mayor STthecat
Founder STthecat
Water Madison Beach Harbour Center
Other transit Dogwood Metro Rail
Facts and figures
Founded April 6, 2021
Town rank [Unranked]
Official language(s) English
World New
Ward(s) 1

Dogwood is a town located south of Rank Resort and south-west of Broxbourne, founded on April 6, 2021 by STthecat. The town is currently unranked as of April 2021. The town is currently unconnected to the New World Highway system, with its only connection being the Madison Beach Harbour Center. The Dogwood Metro Rail will be the city's light rail system when it opens in July 2021.


On April 6, 2021, after hours of finding land, STthecat settled in an unclaimed land located south of Rank Resort and immediately claimed it. Development began hours after its founding, and the first completed build was the first location of Wuster's Burgers.

The Madison Beach Harbour Center (formerly Madison Beach Ferry Terminal) opened to much fanfare on April 10, 2021, but no gate requests were open due to the town being unranked.

Due to STthecat's inexperience with Minecraft Java Edition and his slow-building rate, the town is not expected to be ranked until May 2021. The Dogwood Metro Rail will only open at the start of July 2021.


Madison Beach

The first district built in Dogwood, it will consist of an estimated total of 15 properties and 6 franchises once completed. The Madison Beach Harbour Center, Dogwood's main gateway from the rest of the New World, is situated in the most southern part of the town.


Building Name Address Type Date Completed
JettyFront Apartments 9 Madison Parkway Residential TBA
Madison Beach Jetty 9A Madison Parkway Jetty 2nd May 2021
LBC Plaza 8 Madison Parkway Office 22nd April 2021
Wuster's Burgers 1 Madison Parkway Commercial 7th April 2021
Madison Beach Harbour Center 2 Madison Parkway Seaport 10th April 2021
Madison Beach Dogwood Metro Rail Station 3 Madison Parkway Transport 9th April 2021
Bobby’s Q 4 Madison Parkway Commercial 28th April 2021
Bonkers Cafe (by bobbygammer) 5 Madison Parkway Commercial TBA
The Sails @ Madison Beach 6 Madison Parkway Residential 11th April 2021
Bayside Heights 7 Madison Parkway Residential 18th April 2021


The planned downtown district of Dogwood, it will have the most number of properties and franchises in town when completed. Like how Venceslo and San Dzobiak (respectively both Dogwood's inspiration) started, the first build in the district will be the Broadway Grand Mall, a state-of-the-art shopping mall with several franchises.

Crown Pointe

Crown Pointe is where most housing properties will be located and will also be the location of Crown Pointe Elementary School. It will be located in the northern part of the town.


Located at the most western part of Dogwood, Blackhawk is the industrial district, where most offices are based in. The district includes Port Blackhawk, a cargo-only port, and the main depot for Dogwood Metro Rail trains.

Herr Liszt University

The upcoming main university of Dogwood, it will be built once STthecat reaches [Councillor], providing educational needs in Dogwood.


Dogwood Metro Rail

Main article: Dogwood Metro Rail

Inspired by the light rail lines of | Los Angeles, Dogwood Metro Rail will be a two-line light rail system both interchanging at Broadway. The vehicles planned to be used on the system is the Reimagined EvoCity.


The Madison Beach Harbour Center is the main port serving Dogwood and the adjacent Broxbourne, which opened on April 10, 2021. It is also the central port-of-call for most Azalea cruises.