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Due's Food Station

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Due's Food Station
Due's Food Station logo
Due's Food Station in Grayzen.png
Due's Food Station in Grayzen
Date foundedApril 2014
Years active2014–2020
Corporate structure
Current owner(s)Duechayapol
No. of locations57
Slogan"Eat good food."

Due's Food Station, formerly known as The Duechayapol Restaurant and The D Restaurant, is a Thai restaurant franchise founded by Duechayapol in April 2014. It is also known simply as the "Thai Restaurant" as Duechayapol formerly lived in Thailand. The first Due's Food Station is located at Snowy, Duechayapol's first town on the MRT Server.

There are eight different versions of the restaurant. The most popular type of restaurant is the "Custom" type, which is for custom buildings provided by the mayors of each town.


The franchise's logo from 2016 to 2020

The franchise was founded in April 2014 as The D Restaurant on the Old World. The first restaurant was built in Snowy and used to be made out of stone bricks.

Later, Duechayapol decided to build a new restaurant with various block changes. The store was renamed The Duechayapol Restaurant. The first restaurant that used the first design of the store was in Magenta. The new design had new versions, including the second story version.

The first restaurant to be built on the New World was at the Wazamawazi Hospital, which has more healthier menu than the regular restaurant menu. On October 14, 2014, The Duechayapol Restaurant reached its official tenth franchise at Civitas De Posterus.

On December 22, 2015, The Duechayapol Restaurant was renamed to Due's Food Station and followed a new cyan color scheme. The first restaurant to used the new cyan design was downtown Storalisburg.

Beginning on October 7, 2020, Due's Food Station began a major revamp. Changes included a new block scheme, an overhaul of the versions and features (such as the downsizing of the restaurant versions from eight to two), and removing the menu entirely.

Restaurant versions

A normal location of Due's Food Station

The restaurant currently has two main versions: Normal and Mini. Every restaurant location costs $50; however, negotiations can take place.

The Normal version is a regular restaurant, with furbished seatings and bathrooms for service. Some bathrooms in some locations may be available only for staff members, but customers can ask staff members for bathroom access. The Mini version is a compact version of the restaurant, with little to no seating. This version is used for locations with limited space.


While Due's Food Station has opened 61 locations, four have been demolished. Demolished locations are stricken out. Store types are listed in parentheses.

  1. Snowy (Deluxe)
  2. Magenta (Normal)
  3. Kitania (Superior)
  4. Stanley Bus Station (Custom)
  5. Ironapple (Normal)
  6. Cytus (Custom)
  7. Wazamawazi Hospital (Custom)
  8. Baylon City (Express)
  9. Wazamawazi Central (Normal)
  10. Citivas De Posterus (Custom)
  11. Wazamawazi Train Hub (Express)
  12. Stanley Island Regional Airport (Express)
  13. Armada (Deluxe)
  14. North Haven (Superior)
  15. Birdhall (Deluxe)
  16. Saint Roux (Custom)
  17. Easest (Express)
  18. Los Doritos (Drive-Thru)
  19. Sealane (Drive-Thru)
  20. Appleton (Superior)
  21. Hiranomachi Cut Mall (Custom)
  22. Seaview (Express)
  23. Unknown town owned by Toaro (Custom)
  24. Segville (Custom)
  25. Hummingbird Islands (Superior)
  26. Snowtopic (Normal)
  27. BirchView (Drive-Thru)
  28. Stoneedge (Superior)
  29. Delta Element Stadium (Custom)
  30. MesaPromenade (Custom)
  31. Seaview Plaza (Custom)
  32. Woodsdale (Custom)
  33. Vegeta (Custom)
  34. Storalisburg (Custom)
  35. Bexley Central (Custom)
  36. Grayzen (Normal)
  37. Schusterlans (Superior)
  38. Newton-le-Willows (Custom)
  39. Crossfern (Express)
  40. Royal Plaza (Custom)
  41. Eastwood (Custom)
  42. Savacaci (Deluxe)
  43. Frosty Rivers (Superior)
  44. Columnville (Custom)
  45. Nymphalia (Custom)
  46. New Acreadium - Central District Station - Traville 5 (Superior)
  47. New Acreadium - Central District Station - Traville 6 (Express)
  48. Fuxemburg (Normal)
  49. Kenthurst Xenonite Station (Mini)
  50. Keriyowna (Normal)
  51. Wazamawazi Hiranomachi Terminal (Normal)
  52. Gacrux, Pasadena (Mini)
  53. Rattlerville (Normal)
  54. GSM Town (Mini)
  55. Hendon Mall (Normal)
  56. Niwen (Normal)
  57. San Dzobiak (Normal)
  58. Savannah (Normal)
  59. Unknown town in Zimbobwica (Mini)
  60. Vegeta Junction Station (Mini)
  61. Shenghua (Normal)