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Due's Food Station

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Due's Food Station
Founder & Owner Duechayapol
Facts and Figures
Slogan "Eat good food."
Number of Locations 47
Founded June 20, 2014
Cost Express = $20
Normal = $40/$50
Deluxe = $60/$70
Superior = $80/$90
Mega = $100
Custom = $40 Minimum
Drive-Thru = $50 Minimum

Due's Food Station (formerly known as The Duechayapol Restaurant, The D Restaurant) is a restaurant franchise on the MRT Server founded by Duechayapol. This restaurant is also known as a "Thai Restaurant" because of Duechayapol living in Thailand. This restaurant has many different kinds of food and beverages for each town that has the restaurant. The first ever restaurant is located at Snowy, Duechayapol's first town on the server.

The restaurant has 8 different versions of the restaurant which can be purchased by the server's economy system. There are currently 47 restaurants in the server including the old world. The most popular type of this restaurant is the "Custom" type which is for custom buildings provided by the mayors of each town.


The franchise was made about in April 2014 as "The D Restaurant". This was during the old world era of the server. The first ever restaurant was built in Snowy with many different kinds of food. The restaurant was used to be made out of stone bricks.

Later on, Duechayapol decided to built a brand new restaurant with blocks changes and everything. The store was renamed to "The Duechayapol Restaurant". The first restaurant that used the first design of the store was Magenta. The brand new design also have new additions including the 2nd story version.

After the new world is opened, the first restaurant to be built in this world is at Wazamawazi Hospital which has more healthier menu than the regular restaurant menu that Duechayapol created. Later, The Duechayapol Restaurant reach the 10th restaurant at Civitas De Posterus (although the Wazamawazi Train Hub was the 10th, but it is an express version and can't fit special things into it. So, it is count as 11th.).

After that, on the 22nd of December 2015, The Duechayapol Restaurant has its own name, Due's Food Station. Due's Food Station also has a new colour scheme, Cyan. The first restaurant to used the new "cyan" design is Downtown Storalisburg location.


The goal of this franchise is to make other players interested in our food menu and drinks by us. This restaurant also brings the Thai culture to other player for their tastes. Another goal of this restaurant franchise is to be one of the most popular franchise like Matt's Fast Food , Kalmar Fried Chicken and Music's Gems. In the new world, Due's Food Station will have to be at every single town as possible to spread the words and make it to the top of the franchises on the server.


  • 10 restaurants = Reached at Civitas De Posterus!
  • 20 restaurants = Reached at Appleton!
  • 30 restaurants = Reached at Janghwa City!
  • 40 restaurants = Reached at Royal Plaza!
  • 50 restaurants = Not yet. (This will add more menus, and the price will be up.)
  • 100 restaurants = Not yet.


  • June 20, 2014 - Due's Food Station was officially founded. The first restaurant was built in Magenta
  • July 5, 2014 - The first superior version of the restaurant was built in Kitania.
  • October 6, 2014 - Due's Food Station is back on the new world in Wazamawazi Hospital
  • October 9, 2014 - Due's Food Station first EXPRESS version opened in Baylon City.
  • October 14, 2014 - Due's Food Station finally reached 10 restaurants!
  • November 7, 2014 - Due's Food Station first DRIVE-THRU version opened at Los Doritos.
  • December 24, 2014 - Due's Food Station had reached its 20 restaurant goal.
  • July 3, 2015 - First special version restaurant opened at Snowtopic!
  • July 4, 2015 - 30th restaurant reached at Janghwa City!
  • December 22, 2015 - The Duechayapol Restaurant has changed its name to Due's Food Station
  • November 19, 2016 - After a year, 40th restaurant reached at Royal Plaza!

Restaurant Versions

Version Description Cost Upgrade Costs Requirements
Express A small size of the restaurant but with no sitting area and some restrictions. This version is suitable for small spaces and metro stations that has limited retail spaces. $20 +$10 Drive-Thru Addition At least 5x5 space, not larger than 10x10
Normal A regular version of the restaurant with basic things needed for a restaurant. This is the basic version of all of the restaurant versions. $40 +$10 if the space is larger than 25x25 (625 blocks) At least 10x10 space, not larger than 40x40
Deluxe An upgraded version for the normal version of the restaurant. This version includes an additional floor for more sitting areas. $60 +$10 if the space is larger than 25x25 (625 blocks)
+$10 for the balcony
At least 15x15 space, not larger than 40x40
Superior Similar to the deluxe version but with VIP Rooms/Areas for the restaurant and a bar with a special bar menu. $80 +$10 if the space is larger than 30x30 (900 blocks)
+$10 for the balcony
At least 20x20 space, not larger than 40x40
Mega An ultimate version of the restaurant. Contains two floors, a balcony, Drive-Through space and VIP Rooms/Areas. Similar to the special version but with few restrictions. (Express-Only menu etc.) $100 - At least 40x40 space, not larger than 50x50
Custom A custom-built version for shopping centres and other places that has a custom exterior for the restaurant. Varies
Minimum = $40
+$10 every time a feature is added or a larger space (more than 25x25/625 blocks) At least 10x10 space, not larger than 50x50
Special orders will be considered.
Drive-Thru A regular version of the restaurant but with a drive-through for cars to come and buy food directly from the car via roads provided by the restaurant. Varies
Minimum = $50
+$5 every time a feature is added or a larger space At least 20x20 space, not larger than 50x50
Special An exclusive version of the restaurant. Only Duechayapol's towns/cities have this version. This version includes everything even the specializations of each non-special version. None (Exclusive) - Available only at Duechayapol's towns/cities.

Note: The prices can change any time. A player who bought the restaurant already do not have to pay more when the prices changed except when they requested a feature added to their locations (Custom versions).

Royalty Discount

If players who are interested of buying another version of the restaurant in their other town. They will get a discounted price as much as 10%. This does not apply when buying the second version of the restaurant in the same town. Here are some of the bonuses.

  • 10% discount, if you bought another version of the restaurant in your second town.
  • 10% discount, if you bought another version of the restaurant in a town that you are a deputy mayor in.
  • 20% discount, if you bought another version of the restaurant in your third town.

From that, you must specify the first town that you bought the restaurant before gaining the royalty discount.

Pictures Examples


Menus and VIP Room Prices

Normal Menu Normal Menu Special Menu Bar Menu VIP Rooms
Steak = $1.00 Pizza = $3.00 Mini-Cake = $2.50 Bottled Beer (21+) Ultra VIP Room = $20
Salad = $1.50 Chicken Soup = $2.00 Mini-Pizza = $1.50 Henuran [1L] = $6.00 Balcony VIP Area = $15 (Also in Mega)
Noodles = $1.50 Plain Rice = $1.00 Simple Takeaway Meal = $1.00 Corunager [1L] = $6.00 VIP Room = $10 (Also in Mega)
Cake = $5.00 Fried Fish = $5 The Golden Fish = $10 Corunager Light [1L] = $5.00 -
Spaghetti = $3.00 Mushroom Stew = $1.50 Beverages Soft Drinks -
Breakfast Meal = $3.00 Sushi = $0.50 each DueCola [500ml] = $0.75 DueCola [1L] = $1.50 -
Ice-Cream = $1.00 Others = $1.00 Regular Water [500ml] = $0.50 Spirit [1L] = $1.50 -
Beverages Fast Food Natural Water [500ml] = $1.00 Banta [1L] = $1.50 -
DueCola [1L] = $1.50 Beef Burger = $3.50 - Waters -
Regular Water [1L] = $1.00 Fish Burger = $2.50 - Regular Water [1L] = $1.00 -
Natural Water [1L] = $1.75 Meat Burger = $3.00 - Natural Water [1L] = $1.75 -
- French Fries = S: $1.50, M: $3.00, L: $5 - Assorted Vitamin Water [1L] = $2.75 -
Colour Key (Anything that has the background color is included in the special version of the restaurant.)
     This menu is not included in express version of the restaurant.
     This menu is included in express version of the restaurant.
     This menu is included in superior version of the restaurant.
     This menu is included in superior with a balcony version of the restaurant.
     This menu is included in mega version of the restaurant.
     This menu is included in every 10 restaurants.

Coming Soon

  • Other types of cake
  • Different cultures' food
  • More fast food menu
  • Signature Dishes


This section is under construction.

Restaurant Locations


  • + = A feature is added or a balcony is added.
  • ++ = Two features are added.
No. Location Type No. Location Type No. Location Type
#1 Snowy Deluxe #21 Hiranomachi Cut Mall Custom #41  NW7  Eastwood Custom
#2 Magenta Normal #22 Seaview Express #42  XW23  Savacaci Deluxe
#3 Kitania Superior #23 Toaro Custom #43 Frosty Rivers Superior
#4 Stanley Bus Station Custom #24 Segville Custom #44 ColumnVille Custom
#5  Y1  Morningside (Ironapple) Normal #25  C9  Huntington Superior+ #45  EN23  Nymphalia Custom
#6 Cytus Custom #26  A32  Snowtopic Special #46  ZN30  New Acreadium - Central District Station - Traville 5 Superior+
#7 Wazamawazi Hospital Custom (Demolished?) #27 BirchView Drive-Thru #47  ZN30  New Acreadium - Central District Station - Traville 6 Express
#8 Baylon City Express #28  N23  Stoneedge Superior+ #48 Vacant
#9  C97  Wazamawazi Main Normal #29 Delta Element Stadium Custom #49 Vacant
#10  XW29  Citivas De Posterus Custom #30  M22  MesaPromenade of Janghwa M.C. Custom (Large) (Demolished) #50 Vacant
#11 Wazamawazi Train Hub Express (Demolished) #31 Seaview Plaza Custom #51 Vacant
#12 Stanley Airport Express #32  ZN10  Woodsdale Custom #52 Vacant
#13  A26 - C107  Armada Deluxe #33 Vegata Custom #53 Vacant
#14 North Haven Superior #34  C94  Downtown Storalisburg Custom #54 Vacant
#15 Birdhall Deluxe #35  D18  Bexley Central Custom #55 Vacant
#16  P25 - C36  St. Roux - Gare Liberté SMP Custom #36  XE3  Grayzen Normal #56 Vacant
#17 Easest SMP[1] Express #37  C44  Schusterlans Superior+ #57 Vacant
#18 Los Dovitos Drive-Thru #38  C102 - T35  Newton-le-Willows Custom+ #58 Vacant
#19 Sealane Drive-Thru #39  T39  Crossfern Express #59 Vacant
#20  P8  Appleton Superior+ (Demolished) #40  P34  Royal Plaza Custom+ #60 Vacant
^1. This location is used to be Red Rock City but later demolished and replaced with Easest.

Future Plans of the Restaurant

  • There will be a special 100th restaurant special when the restaurant counts are up to 100 restaurants.
  • The headquarters, offices and production facilities of the restaurant are being planned in the industrial district of Snowtopic.
  • There will be more plans coming up in the future!