East Mesa

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East Mesa
East Mesa Hamburger Mall 1.png
East Mesa Hamburger Mall
Flag of East Mesa.png
Flag of East Mesa
Deputy Mayorhvt2011
City recognition
Date founded29 March 2020
Date recognized as Councillor23 April 2020
Date recognized as Mayor20 August 2020
Town hall coordinates24405, 87, -4697
WorldNew World
Ward(s)Ward 2
MRT XE52  East Mesa
 U54  East Mesa
Air facilitiesEast Mesa Heliport
Rail facilitiesEast Mesa Station (RaiLinQ, BluRail, RailEast, East Mesa Metro)
East Mesa M. Bubbles Station (IntraRail, BluRail)
Water transit facilitiesEast Mesa Marina
Local transitEast Mesa Metro
Landmark(s)Pablo Statue
Political affiliations
MPO(s)Metropolitan North Association

East Mesa is a town owned by 0x10 in Ward 2 built in the eastern Mesa biome. It is currently ranked Mayor.


East Mesa was founded on March 29, 2020 with the first building, Yankee with No Brim Station. The town's deputy mayor changed often during these early days, first from woorich999, then to Mojang1014, and finally to hvt2011. The town grew outwards from this station, expanding out to the market and then to the Hut's Arcade "Oops, All DDR" and Cynracade "Oops, All Pump It Up" stores. This set a precedent for later buildings in the town: that most of them are knockoffs or spoofs of popular in-game or IRL buildings.

Notable areas

Hamburger Mall

East Mesa Hamburger Mall is the largest building in East Mesa, and it features many shops to separate you from your hard-earned cash. Its name comes from its layers of wood that many people say makes it look it like a hamburger. It also features a secret code hidden somewhere in the mall. The code was solved by hvt2011, McYoshi26, Cookie46910, and ArizTrad for a $100 prize. The solution was released on September 5, 2022.

11110000 10011111 10001101 10010100 11110000 10011111 10011000 10001011
which decodes to

Stores there include:

Pablo Statue

The Pablo statue is a direct rip-off of the Pablo Memorial in Manumanu. However, instead of featuring a bee like the Pablo Memorial, it features the character Pablo from the popular children's show The Backyardigans. When McYoshi26, the creator of the original Pablo Memorial, saw this statue, they left a book in the statue's included book hopper, which contained the following text:

fake pablo >:(
The Pablo Statue at night.

gm_construct Convention Center and Park

The gm_construct Convention Center and Park is a park built collaboratively by 0x10 and FredTheTimeLord. It is modeled after the Garry's Mod map gm_construct. Originally intended to be a PVP Arena, it was repurposed when rejected as a candidate. It now serves the town as both an expansive public park across from the government district, as well as a convention center due to its large open spaces and versatility. There is a similar park in Newark, also repurposed from the old arena.

The gm_construct Convention Center and Park.

Hammer Valley Dam

The Hammer Valley Dam is a hydroelectric dam in East Mesa. Its namesake is the Hammer Valley Dam from the game INFRA. It creates the Hammer Valley Reservoir and features a working turbine system.

The Hammer Valley Dam.

East Mesa Walter White Memorial Ferris Wheel

The East Mesa Walter White Memorial Ferris Wheel is a Ferris wheel built near the market areas of East Mesa. It provides a lookout over most of the city and wastes 80 cents in warp tax money.

The East Mesa Walter White Memorial Ferris Wheel.


East Mesa Metro

East Mesa Metro is a metro system serving East Mesa and nearby areas. It primarily uses high-speed cart lines.

East Mesa Marina and the Diamonds Marina

The East Mesa Marina and the Diamonds Marina is the only passenger port in East Mesa. It connects to the East Mesa Heliport and the East Mesa Metro Green Line. It is served by:

It also features the BART Yacht Museum, where visitors can explore a now-retired yacht for free. The marina is connected to the greater MRT lake system through the East Mesa TPS 14 Canal, named for its TPS impact during construction due to large WorldEdits.

The East Mesa Marina and the Diamonds Marina.

East Mesa Station (RaiLinQ)

East Mesa Station is a warprail station operated by RaiLinQ. BluRail and RailEast service is planned for this station. Riders may transfer to the East Mesa Metro Green Line here.

East Mesa M. Bubbles Station

East Mesa M. Bubbles Station is a warprail station operated by IntraRail. BluRail service is planned for this station. Riders can take a short walk to East Mesa Station to transfer to other services including East Mesa Metro.