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Echohue in the MRTvision Screenshot Contest

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Echohue in the MRTvision Screenshot Contest
Flag of Bahia.png Flag of Sunshine Coast v1.png
Cities representedBahia
Sunshine Coast
Participation summary
Appearances10 (10 finals)
First appearance2
Highest placement4th: 7
No. of website apperances6

Echohue, formerly known as Gran_Cacto in the second contest and Cact0 in the third contest, has participated in the MRTvision Screenshot Contest ten times since his debut in the second contest. He first participated under Sunshine Coast, and later the state of Bahia. Echohue has qualified for the final every time he has participated.

Contest history

This photo of Manumanu was a contender for Echohue's submission to the MRTvision Screenshot Contest 7.

Echohue first competed in the MRTvision Screenshot Contest as Gran_Cacto, representing Sunshine Coast in the second contest. He submitted "Hurricane", a picture of Sunshine Coast, placing 13th with 113 points, missing the website by one place.

Echohue then submitted an aerial shot of Arcadia entitled "Suburbia"; however, he replaced his submission with one of the same name from a different angle due to the original submission being askew. "Suburbia" placed 12th in the final with 203 points.

Beginning in the fourth contest, Echohue began competing under his state of Bahia. He submitted his second screenshot of Sunshine Coast, "A Tropical Afternoon", placing 7th in the final, resulting in one of his screenshots being shown on the website for the first time. In the fifth contest, Echohue's submission of "Approaching Storm" earned him his first top-three placement in a semi-final, placing 3rd in the first semi-final with 86 points. He further bested this place in the following contest with "Winter's Last Sunset", by placing 2nd in the second semi-final and also placing 5th in the final, his highest placement thus far. Echohue then received his best placement overall in the MRTvision Screenshot Contest 7, by placing 4th in the final with 185 points with "Kolpino City Light".

From the eighth contest onward, Echohue became more inactive due to Modgate and began submitting old rejected submission candidates from previous contests, placing 11th with "Sunset Over Manumanu", 10th with "Naranja", 10th with "sunset", and 8th with "๐ซ๐‘‰๐ฎ๐‘Œ๐พ". Echohue's inactivity continued when the twelfth contest was occurring as he had failed to confirm provisional interest by the deadline.

Echohue has only received less than 100 points in the final once, receiving 92 points in the fifth contest as his worst placement.

Participation overview

Table key
Second place
Third place
Last place
Contest City represented Screenshot City photographed Final Semi-final
Place Points Place Points
2 Flag of Sunshine Coast v1.png Sunshine Coast "Hurricane" Sunshine Coast 13 113 No semi-finals
3 "Suburbia" Arcadia 12 203 4 108
4 Flag of Bahia.png Bahia "A Tropical Afternoon" Sunshine Coast 7 259 6 89
5 "Approaching Storm" Sunshine Coast 15 92 3 86
6 "Winter's Last Sunset" Skogheim 5 141 2 136
7 "Kolpino City Light" Kolpino City 4 185 1 149
8 "Sunset Over Manumanu" Itokani 11 129 3 109
9 "Naranja" Redwood 10 119 7 76
10 "sunset" Sunshine Coast 10 116 6 84
11 "๐ซ๐‘‰๐ฎ๐‘Œ๐พ" Svobodny 8 138 2 118

MRTvision: Celebrating 10 Screenshot Contests

City represented Screenshot City photographed At Celebrating 10 At MRTvision
Final Points Semi Points Contest Place Points
Flag of Bahia.png Bahia "Kolpino City Light" Kolpino City 15 โ— 71 12 125 7 4 185