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Alert.png To all builders in the town
Armor stands are disappearing in Eden now. In an attempt to preserve existing armor stands, there is a ban on new armor stands.

Eden is a town that has been in development for quite some time now. The town is located north of Grayzen. The mayor is shadowboarder.

Position Occupied By
Mayor shadowboarder
Deputy Mayor airplane320
Chief of Municipal Police Vacant
State Secretary Vacant
Armed Forces Commander Vacant


The purpose of creating Eden was to create a town with two major themes: community and nature. This is most expressed by one simple rule: uCars are banned in Eden. This means that the main mode of transportation is walking, which means people can have closer interactions with each other. The second goal of Eden is to create a town of the future while paying homage to the past through nature. Finally, the third goal with Eden is to create not just a town, but a town with an atmosphere and unique environment.

Main Attractions

Here are the main attractions in Eden so far:

  • Marktplatz - German word that means "marketplace", this is a gathering area for people to interact with each other through varieties of food and various music stages. It is completed and open to the public.
  • The Harbor - The Harbor represents Eden's desire to explore and conquer the open seas. It serves as Eden's main maritime point of entry. It will become useful once a small canal is built.
  • Garden of the Gods - The Garden of the Gods symbolizes Eden's connection with the past and with nature. Here, the beauty of nature is emphasized through the unnatural yet stunning miracles of nature.
  • Vermilion Cliffs - Scenic, colorful cliffs rise over the Marktplatz while a stream plummets into a small pond within the Marktplatz. The pond is a popular picnic spot. Walk along the cliffs for a true sense of awe and wonder. Part of Vermilion Cliffs National Monument. Hiking to the top of the cliffs is currently illegal.
  • Serenity Lake - Pockets of magenta and red stained glass dot the channel that leads into this small lake. The lake gets its name from its small size and restriction on motorized boats. This means kayaking or canoeing here gives a feeling unlike anything else.


Currently, there are three districts, with one current planned district.

  • Circum - Circum is a Greek root meaning "around, about." This district encompases the Circle of Advancement as well as the Marktplatz.
  • Vermillion Cliffs - This district encompases all of Vermillion Cliffs National Monument, which preserves the colorful Vermillion Cliffs. Administratively, this district is controlled by the Department of Natural Resources.
  • El Embarcadero - Embarcadero is a Spanish word meaning "the place to embark." This district encompases the waterfront as well as the Harbor (a place of embarkment), Serenity Lake, and Sunrise Point.
  • Lugar de Reunión - In Spanish, it means "gathering place." The architecture of this district will be Spanish Colonial and Spanish Mission mixed with some other European style architecture. This district will also encompass part of City Hall, which is modeled after the Los Angeles City Hall.
  • Point Reyes District - Named after Point Reyes National Seashore in northern California. Both places have similar topography along the coast. This district is still undeveloped, but has an easily accessible paved walking path. Take advantage while you can!


Since the point of the city is a walkable one, public transit is necessary to carry people over longer distances. Regional Transit Eden (RTE) will operate all train lines within the city of Eden. Currently, three lines are under development: the  S1 ,  S2 , and  R2 . The naming scheme is based off of that used for the Munich S-Bahn and U-Bahn systems. S-lines denote tram or light-rail style lines, U-lines denote heavy-rail style lines, and R-lines denote regional or commuter train lines that go outside of Eden city limits.

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Pin.png S1-0 South Vermillion (planned) No connections
Dynmap Cross.png S1-1 Marktplatz / City Hall (closed)  S2 ,  R2 
Dynmap Cross.png S1-2 Lugar de Reunion / Point Reyes (closed) No connections
Dynmap Pin.png S1-3 Eden Spleef Arena (planned) No connections
Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Cross.png S2-0 Marktplatz / City Hall (closed)  S1 ,  R2 
Dynmap Cross.png S2-1 Harbor (closed) Passport control in place at this station
Dynmap Pin.png S2-2 Winekiki Beach (planned) No connections

Note: The status of the  R2  is still up in the air.

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Cross.png R2-0 Marktplatz / City Hall (closed)  S1 ,  S2 
Dynmap Pin.png R2-1 Winekiki Beach (planned)  S2 
Dynmap Pin.png R2-2 Bakersville Grand Central (planned) See Bakersville Grand Central for connections


Eden maintains two government agencies for the purpose of peacekeeping: Eden Municipal Police for law enforcement within Eden city limits and Eden Armed Forces for international conflicts.

Eden Municipal Police

Eden Municipal Police is responsible for law enforcement and peacekeeping within Eden city limits. It is run as its own department with oversight from the mayor. Stations and posts are maintained throughout Eden. For the purpose of responding to emergencies quickly, EMP maintains a fleet of emergency response vehicles (police cars). Citizens in the streets must give right-of-way to emergency response vehicles at all times. Currently, one station is planned to be on the corner near the Armory Concert Grounds.

Eden Armed Forces

Eden Armed Forces is responsible for dealing in international affairs and conflicts. Unlike the EMP, the EAF is run with oversight from the mayor and Eden State Department Central Office with an advisory role from the State Department's Diplomacy Bureau. While the main purpose of the EAF is international conflict, they may also be called upon by the mayor to deal with municipal law enforcement. EAF consists of the Ground Army and the Navy. Ground Forces bases will be located on the outskirts of Eden or where the road is at least 7 blocks wide to allow for tank transport. Navy bases will be located on the water and will make use of the yet-to-be-constructed Eden Canal. The Navy also coordinates with the Eden Maritime Authority to help patrol Eden waters.

Government Agencies

Eden Department of Natural Resources

This department is tasked with the management of all of Eden's natural resources and parks, including national monuments.

Eden Civil Aviation Authority

This department is tasked with the management of Eden's airspace, more specifically in regards to low-altitude flights such as elytras. The ECAA has the power to create no-fly zones at high or low altitude. Currently, there is a low altitude no-fly zone over The Forum and Vermilion Cliffs National Monument due to DNR regulations and public safety. There is an all altitude no-fly zone over City Hall and the surrounding area due to ongoing construction.

Eden Maritime Authority

This department is charged with the management of Eden's waterways, which includes enforcement of maritime laws and regulations, operation of Eden Harbor, and registration of all watercraft sailing in Eden waters. Official duties of the EMA are mainly regulatory. However, EMA does coordinate with the Eden Armed Forces' Navy in regards to stopping prohibited watercraft, law enforcement, and general patrol, although the Navy does not have the authority to enforce registration laws.

Eden State Department

The Eden State Department is charged with all matters regarding international relations with outside city-states. Along with the mayor, the State Department has oversight over use of the Eden Armed Forces. To more effectively carry out their duties, the State Department is further split into two agencies under the command of the State Secretary and his Central Office. The State Secretary must follow all directives issued to him by the mayor. The Central Office is located in City Hall while the agencies will work out of a separate building that is to be constructed.

The Eden Foreigners Authority is charged with tasks regarding immigration and customs on Eden's waterways and airspace. In addition, the EFA handles passports for all Eden citizens and handles passport control at international points of entry such as Eden Harbor. Citizens wishing to receive a passport may do so for a small fee at any Citizen Services Bureau.

The Eden Diplomacy Bureau is charged with assessing international relations and carrying out related duties. Ultimately, true power for foreign affairs falls to the State Secretary and his Central Office; therefore, the EDB is more of an advisory bureau to the Central Office. The EDB monitors international developments and advises the Central Office.