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Eisli Municipality of Espil
Town Officials
Mayor EspiDev
MRT  C81  Espil-Eisli North and  C80  Espil-Eisli Central
Facts and Figures
Population 50
Founded August 29th, 2015
World New


Eisli is a district of Espil.
It is located in the south of the city facing Waverly.
Eisli contains 6 sub-districts and a large portion of Espil's urban area.


There are 2 MRT stations located in the area;  C80  Espil - Eisli Central and  C81   Espil - Eisli North. There are also several EstiNet metro stations serving the area.


Eisli is shown in pink.

There are 4 sub-districts of Eisli. These are:

  • inTis
  • Deltix
  • Tildae
  • Atvix

Places to see

Deltix District Hall
Eisli-inTis East Cultural Center
Aldi-Lizi Circle, at the border of inTis and Atvix, is a popular shopping area

There are many monumental buildings in Eisli as this is the largest district of Espil.

Espilian Doubles

This is one of the most memorable buildings in Espil. The design is 2 large towers being connected to each other with a glass bridge. The Espilian Doubles is also home to the Espilian Doubles Square, which contains a large performance stage for performances. Every night fireworks will fire from the stage in commemoration of the work being done is Espil. This square is located on the intersection of Doublis Rd and Avenue St.

Espil Limits

Although this is one of the shorter skyscrapers you will see in Espil, this is the first building in the entirety of Espil and is used as a residential building. The building is located near the intersection at Genesis Ave and Elgin Mills Rd.