Elecna Bay Transit Commission

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Elecna Bay Transit Commission
Founder mine_man_
Headquarters SouthSide, Elecna Bay

The Elecna Bay Transit Commission is a Transportation Company owned by the government of Elecna Bay. It operates and manages all transportation within the borders of Elecna Bay but also directs multiple inter-city operations across the New World and Old World.


The Elecna Bay Transit Commission was founded in January 2015 upon creation of the first metro lines underneath Elecna Bay. This original system consisted of three lines that had an interchange at I21 MRT station and mostly served the east side of the peninsula Elecna Bay is situated on.

However, by April, the city had outgrown this original network and a new metro with new technology was commissioned to be built with Cyan Systems using their new IRRv4 design. This new system fully replaced the old network and left the tunnels disused. The first metro line under this new technology was being built when the server updated to Minecraft 1.8, which broke the new technology that was commissioned on the new system. This update stalled construction of new metro lines for six months due to the complications in having to find new metro technology as well as refurbishment of the broken stations.

By late 2015, the effort to replace the second system's technology was deemed as a lost cause, a third metro system was planned to replace the second system's technology. The planned network roughly followed the second system but also planned for expansion towards areas planned for future development such as the north. These new lines would use Redstoneless Metro Service's station design due to it's lack of redstone making the stations impossible to break. The A, B, C and D lines were all constructed underneath Reglo Avenue and Enclave Avenue, as well as the N line corridor which was under construction underneath Rustic Park district. This system seemed like the one to stick, however as construction of these lines slowed and complaints about the design of the tunnels and stations coming in higher volumes, the system was looked at once again and a fourth system was commissioned to replace the small cramped stations of the third.

The fourth metro system began construction in mid-2016, with the T19 and T18 metro lines being built along the old planned warptram corridor with the excess space it provided, alongside additional space left behind after the A52 lane reduction project. These new stations were redstoneless like the third system's, however were all custom designed to fit in with each stations individual needs and purposes which also allowed for much larger stations. The new system was greatly received, with multiple lines beginning to start construction and ultimately replace all the other metro systems in Elecna Bay.

For the 2018 summer Olympics in May, the T10 and T11 corridor in Elecna Bay was extended rapidly to create an express shuttle from Centralen Station in downtown Elecna Bay to the Olympic Park on the outskirts of the city in the newly acquired Kelvinside district.


The Elecna Bay Transit Commission is divided into two subdivisions to more effectively manage transportation and logistics. These subdivisions are EBTC Bus and EBTC Rail. All other transportation operations managed by the Elecna Bay Transit Commission are managed directly under the main company. The Elecna Bay Transit Commission currently manages or holds shares in EBTC Bus, RedLine Buses, EBTC Tunnelbana, EBTC Tram, Elecna Airlines, Cascadia Air Group Limited and EBTC Taxis.