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EmmzX inside the Big Brother Mini house

EmmzX was the alternate account of MinecraftYoshi26 that became a meme after its appearance in Big Brother 5 as a disguise of daltdisneyland.

The account became MinecraftYoshi26's main account with the name 'McYoshi26', as his original account was a legacy account and thus could not be migrated before the deadline in 2022.

Big Brother 5

On May 19, 2020, MinecraftYoshi26 first approached daltdisneyland about the idea of competing on Big Brother 5 under an alternate account after daltdisneyland had won two of the previous seasons. Over the next few days, details about the account were finalized, including a new name, skin, and password so that daltdisneyland could access the account during the season. The account was promoted to Member on May 22, 2020, and on the same day, daltdisneyland joined the server as EmmzX for the first time.

During the season's cast reveal, EmmzX was announced as one of the sixteen houseguests entering the competition. However, shortly after the game started, _Kastle researched the account and announced on Mumble that the account was an old alternative account owned by MinecraftYoshi26 that had previously been used in The Amazing Race 4 and The Mole 9: Trust Is a Mistake. This led to the houseguests growing suspicious of who was truly behind EmmzX, which led to the twist ending prematurely and daltdisneyland entering the house as themselves. They received immunity for the first eviction due to being revealed.

Text reading #JusticeForEmmzX was built at the temporary set used for the season's finale, which became a meme later on associated with EmmzX.

Other appearances

"Kolpino City Light", with EmmzX in the bottom left

Due to EmmzX's premature unmasking on Big Brother, #JusticeForEmmzX has become a meme on the server, as well as using EmmzX to refer to daltdisneyland. This is furthered by EmmzX NPCs appearing in some locations frequented by daltdisneyland including the Santa Abeja town hall, daltdisneyland's office in the Admod Building, and the set of Survivor: Senikau.

EmmzX's inactive Discord account was invited to the Survivor: Senikau Discord server where it was jokingly added to the production team as the head of medical services.

EmmzX's skin was featured in Bahia's screenshot in the MRTvision Screenshot Contest 7, "Kolpino City Light", and in Peripotamia's screenshot in the MRTvision Screenshot Contest 12, "I didn't choose this town, I dream of getting out".

Awards and nominations

EmmzX has been nominated for one award at The Glowlight Awards but has yet to win any awards.

Summary of awards and nominations
Year Type Category Nomination Result
2021 The Glowlight Awards Outstanding Event Moment EmmzX (Big Brother 5) Nominated