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The Republic of Endor

The Skyline of Endor
Flag of Endor.png
The Flag of the Republic of Endor

Town officials
Mayor Itz Lego
Deputy Mayor BernCow
Founder Itz Lego
MRT  JS12  Endor  F41  Foobar
Other transit EndoRail, EndorMetro
Facts and figures
Population 20
Town hall coordinates 17266, 90, 4143
Founded 2018
Town rank Mayor
State N/A
Official language(s) English
World New
Post codes EN3
Political Party N/A
Ward(s) 3

Endor, officially known as the Republic of Endor is a city owned by _Lego_, and takes inspiration off of the planet of Endor from the Star Wars film series. The city has it's connections to the outside world at the MRT Jungle Line's JS12 and JS14 station, the MRT Forest Line's F41 station, and the Endor Central and South Endor rail stations. Currently, the city has no B or A roads connecting it. The city is located in the easternmost portion of the MRT New World.


Mid 2018: Endor is founded by _Lego_

Late 2018: The Skytower is completed alongside the Endorian National Nuclear Power Plant.

Early 2019: The first houses are completed.

May 2019: The town grows more, and the first franchise is built.

July 2019: Endor Central is built.

August 2019: The Endor-Kanto intercity rail line begins construction, with the first leg of the line, to Hannibal, being completed.

August 2019: Endor acquires the F41-JS14 MRT station from the Government of Pixl. The area is renamed South Endor.

July 2020: After a period of inactivity, Endor Central is finally completed, and the train fleet is upgraded to a new design.


Endor has two MRT stations, JS12 and JS14, which also connects to F41. It also has EndoRail, the national rail agency of Endor, and and EndorMetro, a two stop metro connecting east and west endor together.

Government Agencies

The Emergency services are government ran and consist of mainly drones.

EndoRail is the government run rail agency of Endor, and focuses on making connections to other cities.

EndorMetro is the government run metro agency of Endor, and currently has one line connecting east endor to west endor.