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Alert.png AirLine is defunct, was bought by AirLinQ in early 2018.
This airline's only operating flight will be replaced with an AirLinQ flight in the near future.

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Founded Late 2014
Flights 1
Parent Company EnjinHoldings
Founder(s) enjineer30302
Staff enjineer30302
Headquarters Rockaway City

EnjinAirlines is an airline created by enjineer30302. It became a founding member airline of SkyTransit Alliance on 22 December 2014, the date the alliance was founded. The airline is based in Rockaway City, on the old world. When EnjinHoldings was founded on 15 March 2015, EnjinAirlines became part of EnjinHoldings.


EnjinAirlines Rewards Program

As a member airline of SkyTransit Alliance, we offer the same benefits as part of the SkyTransit Rewards program. The tiers of rewards are as follows:

  • EnjinPlus - SkyTransit Gold
  • EnjinPremier - SkyTransit Emerald
  • EnjinElite - SkyTransit Diamond

For detailed information on the perks of each tier, see the SkyTransit Alliance page.

EnjinElite/SkyTransit Diamond members can upgrade to a BusinessPlus Cabin for a small fee of $15.00.*

NOTE: *Upgrade available on select flights depending on the aircraft, and availability of BusinessPlus cabins.


Award Category Result
2nd Eagle Awards Best Airline Alliance Won (With SkyTransit)
Outstanding Airline Nominated