Enslavement Party

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Not to be confused with the Freedom Party.

The Enslavement Party is a party founded by KittyCat11231 for all players to be enslaved.


We believe in enslavement for all citizens of the MRT and for everyone to build their cities to how they are told. Players should be limited in city development because of non-staff members and be binded by all Central City power. We should have to complete hard labor and other orders from staff members. We shouldn't also feel free to start an MPO or let players of any rank join an SMP or MPO.


We offer zero different office types.


There are no city offices. These cost no money because none will be built.

They have 0 floors.

  • Floor 0: n/a


There are 0 regional offices on the MRT. They cost $0.

They have 0 floors.

  • Floor 0: n/a

  • NE - nowhere
  • NW - nowhere
  • SW - nowhere
  • SE - nowhere


Regional+ offices have zero locations. One isn't the north and one isn't the south.

These have 0 floors.

  • Floor 0: n/a

  • North: nowhere
  • South: nowhere


There is only zero headquarters.

This has 0 floors.

  • Floor 0: n/a