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Enter Enterprises

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Enter Enterprises
Subsidary of OwlTech
CEO/Founder Vulpicula
Vice President Chiefbozx
Headquarters Chatot Building, Storalisburg
Date Founded September 9, 2015
Locations 13 + 1 Administration Center + 1 Legal Resource Center

Enter Enterprises is Vulpicula's first franchise, and his second most numerous, after Utopia Bakery. Enter Enterprises provides economic advice for small businesses, but also advises both OwlTech, and the Storalian Government. The latter of which Enter Enterprises is indirectly owned by.

Location Number Station
Glenbrook 1  M14  Foobar
Janghwa 2  M22  Janghwa City
Spruce Plains 3  T20  Spruce Plains East Town
Utopia 4  D14  Utopia
Woodsdale 5  ZN10  Woodsdale
Hwnyuwy Rxjiuolyiu Ywox 6  M̽͛̒͗̌҉͉̳̬̗͍͉4̢̖̱̲̤ͤ̈ͭ̏3̲͌ͩ̈̄ͬ̊  Foobar
Kenthurst 7  XW10  Kenthurst
Demolished 8 N/A
Whitechapel 9  A12  Corrigan District (Whitechapel)
Central City 10  X0  Central Park
Paixton 11  D22  Foobar
San Vincenzo 12 N/A
Antioch 13  ZN28  Antioch
Shadowpoint 14  C6  Foobar
Royal Ferry 15  F4  Royal Ferry Kensington (Olympia)
Schillerton 16  D28  Foobar


  • Vulpicula built the first five franchises on the same day.
  • The name Enter Enterprises actually dates back to late 2014.
  • Enter Enterprises' Whitechapel location has several easter eggs inside it.
  • The first ever Standalone location was in Paixton.