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Clockwise from top:
Headquarters of the United Cities, Warp trains at Ravenna Union Station in July 2019, Maps inside the library on the Map World, Players competing in sumotori at XIV TacoBurritoAThon in Carnoustie, Airplane gates at West Mesa International Airport in January 2019
Time spanDecember 27, 2016 - February 18, 2020
(3 years, 1 month and 22 days)
World(s)New World
Old World
Lab World
Games World
Space World
Staff World[a]
Map World
Ending eventExpansion of the world to 60,000 by 60,000 blocks
Technical information
Server hostSoYouStart (OVH)
Minecraft versions1.11.2 - 1.13.2
MRT era chronology
Alpha (2012–2013)
Omega (2013–2014)
Gamma (2014–2016)
Epsilon (2016–2020)
Zeta (2020–2023)
Delta (2023–present)

Epsilon is the fourth MRT era, spanning from the expansion of the New World from 20,000 by 20,000 blocks to 36,000 by 36,000 blocks to the expansion of the New World to 60,000 by 60,000 blocks, lasting from December 27, 2016, to February 18, 2020. Epsilon built upon the foundations of the New World from the two years it was open prior in Gamma as members continued to build more spread-out cities and develop transit industries.

Epsilon's most notable events include numerous rule revamps and policy changes, the events surrounding Mercury203, and the development of transit culture in warp trains, airports, and airlines. Culture-wise, the era is mostly defined by the drama surrounding new Metropolitan Planning Organizations, the continued popularization of games and events, and discussions surrounding mature spaces.

Plans to set up a new server machine were first announced during the August 2019 General Staff Meeting. With the new machine, it was also later announced that the New World would be expanded further to 60,000 by 60,000 blocks. The MRT Server was shut down for the server migration on February 18, 2020, marking the end of Epsilon.


At the October 2016 General Staff Meeting, MRT staff internally discussed possibly expanding the New World before Minecraft terrain generation changed to avoid "mismatching biomes" if the server wanted to expand the New World in the future. At the following meeting in November 2016, Frumple publicly announced that he was working on a new server-hosting machine entitled 'Epsilon'. He publicized an example Dynmap of the new server, which showed the New World being expanded to be 36,000 by 36,000 blocks.

An official plan outlining the migration from Gamma to Epsilon was posted to the MRT website on December 25, 2016. The Minecraft server was shut down on December 27, 2016, to migrate and was re-opened on December 30, 2016.

Major events

MRT staff

MRT staff members continued to be selected following during General Staff Meetings; however, members began to be allowed to submit nominations for other players to become Moderators during Epsilon. The MRT staff team grew to its largest team ever, with 24 staff members in March 2018. At the October 2017 General Staff Meeting, chiefbozx was re-promoted to Moderator as a trial period to return to the Administrator position, which he was re-promoted to in December 2017. On October 1, 2017, thomasfyfe was the first player to be re-promoted to Administrator after previously leaving the MRT staff team.

At the April 2017 General Staff Meeting, the new rank 'Trial Moderator' was announced. Trial Moderators had a separate rank in-game, 'Trial Mod'. Trial Moderators had the same permission as full Moderators; however, full Moderators were able to temporarily ban Trial Moderators. After a three-month probationary period, Frumple and the Administrators decided on whether to promote the Trial Moderator to full Moderator status. The first two Trial Moderators were _Kastle and godzilltrain. The Trial Moderator rank was also used as a rank to demote Moderators when they received a Moderator warning. This occurred twice with jphgolf4321 on June 26, 2017, and _Kastle on May 9, 2018. The Trial Moderator rank was retired at the August 2020 General Staff Meeting with the probation period concept being kept for future Moderators.

thomasfyfe and AlikSong stepped down from Administrator to Moderator on the MRT staff team during Epsilon on August 5, 2018, and May 2, 2018, respectively.

13 players were promoted to Moderator[b] on the MRT staff team during Epsilon, with their names and dates of promotion listed below:

  1. _Kastle (April 9, 2017)
  2. godzilltrain (April 9, 2017)
  3. hvt2011 (August 19, 2017)
  4. unjinz (August 20, 2017)
  5. chiefbozx (October 1, 2017)
  6. mine_man_ (September 23, 2017)
  7. _HeavenAngel_ (October 2, 2017)
  8. megascatterbomb (March 18, 2018)
  9. _Kastle (May 9, 2018[c])
  10. sesese9 (June 16, 2018)
  11. _Mossie (December 3, 2018)
  12. Vickiposa (April 14, 2019)
  13. Echohue (August 11, 2019)
  14. Vulpicula (January 12, 2020)

Eight Moderators were promoted to Administrator on the MRT staff team during Epsilon. The following dates listed are when the player was promoted to Admin:

  1. thomasfyfe (October 1, 2017)
  2. AlikSong (October 6, 2017)
  3. chiefbozx (December 31, 2017)
  4. godzilltrain (January 2, 2018)
  5. Cynra_ (May 6, 2018)
  6. AP_Red (August 5, 2018)
  7. MinecraftYoshi26 (August 5, 2018)
  8. megascatterbomb (August 4, 2019)

11 players left the MRT staff team during Epsilon. The following dates listed are when the player left the MRT staff team and the reasoning:

  1. _Kastle (May 8, 2018; demoted[c])
  2. _MajorMagpie_ (May 20, 2017; demoted due to inactivity)
  3. _frozen (May 20, 2017; demoted due to inactivity[d])
  4. hntredtie (March 18, 2018; resigned to focus on academic work)
  5. BaronThamesBank (April 14, 2018; resigned)
  6. Omricon (April 14, 2018; resigned)
  7. ortem (April 14, 2018; demoted due to inactivity)
  8. thomasfyfe (December 3, 2018; resigned due to inactivity)
  9. lalaboy (April 14, 2019; resigned due to inactivity)
  10. AlikSong (May 11, 2019; resigned due to inactivity)
  11. Just_robinho (August 10, 2019; resigned due to inactivity)
  12. godzilltrain (August 10, 2019; resigned due to inactivity)

Policy changes

Rank Revamp 2017

External documents
document icon MRT Server - Rank Revamp Proposal 2017 document

At the February 2017 General Staff Meeting, it was announced that there would be an upcoming update to the rank system to "simplify the system for both members and [MRT] staff" and "make building and playing on the server easier and more free within reason". The announcement stated that Shared Municipalities were "very likely" to be eliminated.

Frumple announcing the results of the May 2017 General Staff Meeting, including the Rank Revamp 2017, at Frumple's New World House

At the May 2017 General Staff Meeting, the Rank Revamp Proposal 2017 was released and put into place. The changes included the elimination of Shared Municipalities; however, a new policy was put into place allowing multiple players to create an airport 50% of the size of the combined land area of their cities as long as one of the players is Governor or Premier. Residences and businesses built by other players were no longer required for Councillor, Mayor, and Senator ranks. The maximum number of homes was increased for most ranks. The construction of transit hubs, roads, buses, and rail connections to certain ranks. This led to an increased interest in creating transit hubs and railways.

Reflection letters and ban appeals

At the May 2018 General Staff Meeting, TalonPlays proposed a change to the double warning policy. Inspired by the double warnings received by Kel5 and pyth0n_, TalonPlays argued that there was a flaw in the current double warning system as there were "many gaps and loopholes in the system right now that can result in a player continuing to do what they currently have done". TalonPlays presented two options, with the second mentioning submitting a "reflect" to MRT staff to be re-promoted. Following discussion, it was announced that the warning policy would be changed to require players who receive two concurrent single warnings or one double warning to submit a written reflection letter, originally known as a reflection statement, to get their original rank restored at the end of the warning period. The MRT website post noted that the statement should include "what [the warned player] did to get the warning(s), an acknowledgement (sic) that this was the wrong thing to do, and a confirmation that [the warned player] won't repeat [their] actions".

At the Administrative Staff Meeting held on August 5, 2018, changes were announced regarding the ban policy. The changes stated that players who were indefinitely banned were now able to submit one ban appeal at least six months after they were banned. If the letter was rejected, the banned player became permanently banned with no further chance to appeal.

At the September 2018 General Staff Meeting, MinecraftYoshi26 brought up concerns about the new reflection letter system, arguing that reflection letters perpetuated a "system of favoritism" and the Administrators judging the letters "have unrealistic expectations for what the contents of these letters should be". It was noted that there was disagreement among MRT staff about how the system was working, leading to the topic being discussed at the November 2018 Administrative Staff Meeting. The result of the discussion was that the reflection policy was going to be kept in place with no changes.

Belligerent Dissent

External documents
document icon Proposal to make "Belligerent Dissent" a warnable offense on the MRT Server (Public) document

The term 'belligerent dissent' was first mentioned in the MRT website post for the August 2018 Administrative Staff Meeting. It was announced that at the August 2018 General Staff Meeting, MRT staff would be discussing a policy called 'Belligerent Dissent', referring to players who "disagree with the server and voice their disagreement in a belligerent or disruptive manner". On August 5, 2018, Frumple announced that he was proposing belligerent dissent to become a warnable offense, stating in the MRT Discord that "dissent and disagreement on the server will always be allowed as long as it is done in a respectful manner, but this proposal targets instances where players continually complain and argue and do not accept staff decisions". The proposal included a new rule that would give warning to players who complain publicly in a disrespectful manner, argue disrespectfully with MRT staff, complain about warnings or bans issued to them in an aggressive or passive-aggressive manner, or fail to accept decisions by MRT staff that "have already been deliberated and decided upon for quite some time". Frumple noted at the end of the proposal that he was "getting fed up with certain people repeatedly complaining about how the MRT Server is run" and that it was "time to put in some rules to stop it so it doesn't cause further stress to the community".

The announcement of the Belligerent Dissent proposal was met with mixed reactions. Proponents of the proposal noted that "valid" criticisms voiced respectfully would still be allowed and only those who dissent in a "disrespectful" manner would be reprimanded. Proponents also noted that MRT staff, specifically Frumple, has the final say on giving out warnings. Initial proponents of the proposal included Skelezomperman, CodyHM, AlfiePops, and various MRT staff members. Opponents of the proposal were concerned that the proposal would have unintended effects, including the dismissal of points brought up by players "even in anger". Opponents also noted that the proposal did not address the reason why players acted in such a manner. Initial critics of the proposal included Frosty_Creeper10, autobus22, and Vulpicula. Additionally, autobus22 and _Kastle voiced their concerns about the implementation of the rule rather than the wording of the rule. Belligerent Dissent became an official warnable offense following the August 2018 General Staff Meeting.

The policy was the reason named for banning crimsonf0x and autobus22 on November 3, 2021. The bans were controversial and received backlash from certain members of the community. Other players who received warnings or bans with belligerent dissent named as the reason include supykun, imperial_block, and ModernArt.

Rules Revamp 2019

External documents
document icon Rules revamp document

An upcoming rules revamp was first discussed at the October 2018 General Staff Meeting and was publicly announced at the November 2018 General Staff Meeting. The revamp discussion was postponed due to chiefbozx being unable to make the "necessary changes" to the revamp document in time. A special rules revamp meeting was held on February 4, 2019, to discuss the finalization of the rules revamp proposal to be voted on at the March 2019 General Staff Meeting. The rules revamp document was publicly released at the February 2019 General Staff Meeting. Rule changes in the revamp included changes in helicopter restrictions, seaplanes, and rail line distances. The rules revamp was passed and put into effect following the March 2019 General Staff Meeting.

New plugins

Numerous plugins were installed on the server during Epsilon. New plugins included ArmorStandTools, Citizens, BetterChairs, and DiscordSRV.

In July 2017, it was announced that the Lift plugin would be installed on the server as a replacement for EasyElevator, which would stay on the server until it no longer worked in a future update. The Lift plugin allowed for the creation of elevators. A Lift demonstration area was created in the Lab World. EasyElevator was removed from the server in April 2019. At the same time, the ArmorStandTools plugin was installed, allowing players to edit armor stands.

Following the January 2018 General Staff Meeting, the Citizens plugin and FastAsyncWorldEdit were installed on the Beta server. The Citizen allowed players to add non-player characters and FastAsyncWorldEdit added technical optimizations to improve the effects of WorldEdit. FastAsyncWorldEdit was not as it "didn't work" according to Frumple.

At the April 2018 General Staff Meeting, it was announced the installation of the Citizens plugin on the main Minecraft server and the installation of DiscordSRV. DiscordSRV synchronized the in-game Minecraft server chat with a channel in the MRT Discord.


The image sent by SoSo123 in the #staff-emergency channel in the MRT Discord of the armor stands placed by KittyCat11231 in SM Central City

Frosty_Creeper10 organized the Central City Retail Building Competition, scheduled to begin on October 29, 2017. Construction in the competition closed on November 10, 2017. In the coming days following that closure of the competition, KittyCat11231 placed armor stands in Awsomekeldeo's shop in the competition following a joke in a conversation they were having in Mumble. On November 15, 2017, SoSo123 reported the placement of armor stands in the shop as griefing and requested MRT staff to find who was responsible for the placement, stating that the placement of the armor stands was "unfair and idiotic to do so". KittyCat11231 responded to SoSo123 that he added the armor stands and clarified the situation, noting that Awsomekeldeo was aware of the armor stands. Mercury203 chimed in stating that the armor stands "[ruined] the value of the shop" and called him to remove the armor stands before Moderators got involved. SoSo123, KittyCat11231, and Mercury203 continued to argue about the armor stands in the MRT Discord. Minutes after the argument died down in the MRT Discord, Mercury203 asked for a citation to be issued against KittyCat11231 for "abusing armor stands" in the United Cities Discord, with the argument continuing there for a few minutes. The argument restarted approximately an hour later in the MRT Discord, with MRT staff members Just_robinho and Narnia17 stepping in an hour after that. On the same day, after Frumple reviewed the chat logs in the MRT Discord and consulted with some members of the MRT staff, SoSo123 and Mercury203 were each issued a double warning for "being the primary instigators of these arguments, and for continuing to unnecessarily escalate the situation". As Mercury203 had previously received a single warning for spam bothering MRT staff members, Mercury203 was temporarily banned for one week. KittyCat11231, BernCow, and Frosty_Creeper10 were issued verbal warnings for not helping to de-escalate the situation and making "uncalled for" statements.

After being temporarily banned, Mercury203 went into the United Cities Discord and complained about his warnings and subsequent temporary ban. After getting pushback from mine_man_ and jphgolf4321 from doing so in the United Cities Discord, Mercury203 called the United Cities Department of Enforcement to give mine_man_ a citation for "exclusionary behavior" for stating that the United Cities was "[not] an appropriate place to discuss [his warnings]", which was rejected. Frumple told Mercury203 that if continued to complain about his temporary ban in the United Cities Discord his ban would be upgraded to a permanent ban. Approximately an hour after that, Mercury203 sent invites to a Discord server with an alleged anonymous MRT staff member where a conversation occurred between the two about how "extreme" the MRT staff was. Many players believed that Mercury203 was behind the account and placed no merit on the anonymous account as there was no credibility that a real MRT staff member was behind the account. Eight hours after the initial incident with the armor stands, Mercury203's temporary ban was upgraded to a permanent ban, with Frumple citing him continuing to "argue his banning in [private messages] and the United Cities discord".

In the weeks following his ban in 2017, Mercury203 attempted to block the auction of his pancake franchise and gained access to the Mumble server and the MRT Discord server to harass members. In January 2018, Mercury203 was discovered to have gained membership to the server on the alternate account BryanDairyRd and the account was subsequently banned. After the account was banned, Mercury203 began spamming the Minecraft server with alternate accounts, vandalizing the MRT Wiki, and harassing players on Discord by creating spam accounts and sending death threats.

Due to the continued harassment and death threats through the first half of 2018, _Kastle created a letter detailing his harassment and attacks on the server that was sent to Mercury203's school in May 2018. At the May 2018 Administrative Staff Meeting, Frumple announced that _Kastle was demoted from the MRT staff team as it was claimed that, despite _Kastle showing the letter to an Administrator beforehand, _Kastle did not inform nor ask Frumple for permission to send the letter. Frumple stated that _Kastle should have "simply asked for permission beforehand, then perhaps after making sufficient preparations, I may have allowed it". Following the demotion, the MRT staff team discussed that _Kastle had believed he received permission to send the letter from an MRT Administrator to whom he had shown the letter. After the internal discussion, _Kastle was reinstated as a Trial Moderator with a three-month probation period a day later.

External documents
document icon WolvHaven-MRT Security Agreement document

To combat Mercury203's attacks on the server, the MRT staff took preemptive actions. VPNGuard was tested on the Beta server in May 2018 and later installed onto the main Minecraft server after being initially suggested by _Kastle in February 2018. In June 2018, a security agreement was created with the Minecraft server WolvHaven to report potential incidents where players may go on the other server to be disruptive as the servers had interactions in the past. On November 21, 2018, the in-game Bunker chat channel was created. The channel was created in case Mercury203 joined with an alternate new Guest account as Guests were unable to see the channel. The channel was often used to be suspicious of any guests that joined, stemming from paranoia about whether it could be an alternate account of Mercury203. The channel was removed following the April 2020 General Staff Meeting.

After being banned from various alternate accounts, including the account Mrs_Wiwi which was accepted for Member, Mercury203 continued to harass and send death threats to various members of the server for the remainder of 2018, resulting in MRT staff considering taking serious action against Mercury203; however, they refrained from doing so.

Metropolitan Planning Organizations

United Cities

On November 30, 2016, jphgolf4321 founded the United Cities, a server-wide Metropolitan Planning Organization, intending to foster "diplomatic relations among cities" and increase the "enjoyment people get out of the server". On the MRT Wiki, members of the United Cities could propose and vote on resolutions that could edit the Constitution, propose projects, and confirm nominations of individuals to organization positions.

MBS broadcast of the debate for the United Cities July 2017 election

Initially, the organization had four officer positions. The initial holders of the position were selected by jphgolf4321. A court system was established, with judges nominated by the Chief Justice and voted on by all members of the organization, named the General Assembly. The United Cities housed committees to create and facilitate the construction of various projects, including Public Works and Transit committees. Elections were held for officer positions in the United Cities, leading players to create election campaigns for positions, resulting in the United Cities focusing on role-play politics. Election debates were broadcast on MBS, with candidates discussing their goals for the organization.

In June 2017, camelfantasy, jphgolf4321, and Narnia17, members of the United Cities Roads Committee, attempted to remove PtldKnight from the committee for not contributing to it and formed a private committee and Discord server secretly excluding PtldKnight. After hearing about the situation, Skelezomperman informed President _Kastle about the situation, resulting in _Kastle ending the informal committee. After the situation was made public, some players disagreed with the situation, resulting in a discussion at the June 2017 General Staff Meeting about the events that transpired. It was announced after the meeting that jphgolf4321 would be demoted to Trial Moderator with a three-month probation period due to his direct involvement with the incident. This established the demotion to Trial Moderator as a method to indicate when a Moderator received a warning.

In October 2017, Mercury203 attempted to join the United Cities as a full member. As the United Cities Constitution stated that full members of the organization had to own a town ranked at least Councillor, multiple players advised against him joining as a full member as he did not own a ranked town. Mercury203 attempted to circumvent this by taking ownership of Rifle, an abandoned town, to form a state, as ranked cities in states were a gray area in the Constitution. He edited his designation on the MRT Wiki and marked himself as a full member. Arguments broke out in the Discord involving Mercury203, KittyCat11231, and various other members of the United Cities about not being allowed to become a full member. Following arguments and the reversal of his edits, Mercury203 filed Case #12 in the United Cities Court to allow him to become a full member. The court ruled against Mercury203. On October 18, 2017, jphgolf4321 proposed Resolution 144, rewording the Constitution to strictly prohibit the loophole used by Mercury203, which passed with a unanimous vote of 9–0. The incident was discussed at the October 2017 General Staff Meeting, following Mercury203 emailing the MRT staff regarding KittyCat11231's behavior in the situation. No warnings were issued; however, Frumple stated that the officials of the United Cities should take "immediate steps in enforcing a level of respect and decorum amongst the [United Cities] members", noting that he wanted to give the organization a chance to self-regulate and self-enforce the rules. He also stated that if such action was not taken, the United Cities would be at risk of being abolished.

On June 26, 2018, KittyCat11231 saw that Resolution 258 had no text and an unspecified voting ending time. He brought it up in the United Cities Discord, threatening to file a court case to block all resolutions currently up for voting if the resolution was not fixed. CaptLincoln began to argue that this was "focusing too much on politics and not enough on building a community-friendly enviroment (sic)". After some players pushed back on the sentiment, he insulted some dissenters and continued to argue with players about how the United Cities was run, citing the "same ten names" participating in the system and his perception that his views were being suppressed. Frumple intervened and issued a double warning to CaptLincoln for personal attacks, echoing his concerns from October 2017. Although Frumple suggests ways to improve CaptLincoln's behavior, CaptLincoln continues to argue in the United Cities Discord, resulting in his permanent ban.

As a part of the #exodUC campaign, some players used the hashtag in their edit summary when editing the MRT Wiki to leave the United Cities.

As a result of the incident and concerns similar to CaptLincoln's sentiments brought to Frumple's attention by CaptainChimpy, Frumple and the officers of the United Cities discussed the concerns of members within the United Cities unhappy about the current state of the organization. The discussion included proposing a resolution to dissolve the United Cities, reforming the United Cities, and encouraging players to form their own Metropolitan Planning Organizations. On June 27, 2018, jphgolf4321 proposed Resolution 259, The Ragnarok Act, proposing the dissolution of the United Cities. Debates about the proposal broke out regarding the proposal, with numerous players chiming in simultaneously in the United Cities Discord. Arguments made by proponents of dissolution argued that dissolution would allow a "reset", putting all of the drama behind the United Cities in the past, and for the regionalization of future Metropolitan Planning Organizations. Arguments made by opponents of dissolution included a push for the reform of the Constitution over dissolution, aiming to address the issues presented by members, and that the politics and bureaucracy of the United Cites were not inherently bad by themselves. Several inactive players in the United Cities and new players joined in the United Cities to solely vote on the Ragnarok Act. The resolution failed by a vote of 17–25. This results in a campaign by mjpwwf, chiefbozx, and various other members to begin a campaign dubbed '#exodUC', attempting to create a mass exit, or exodus, from the United Cities. After the failure of the Ragnarok Act, Skelezomperman proposed Resolution 260, the Constitutional Reform Act, to create a new Constitution for the United Cities, which was passed by a vote of 27–2.

The events surrounding the Ragnarok Act were discussed at the July 2018 General Staff Meeting. It was clarified that the MRT Administrators would not dissolve the United Cities, with Frumple denouncing the United Cities stating that the United Cities should not be considered the de facto Metropolitan Planning Organization of the server. As a result of the incident, new rules clarifying Metropolitan Planning Organizations were created.

External documents
document icon The Massive Evaluation of General Assets and Subsequent Consideration of Possible Ends (MEGA-SCOPE) Act document
document icon UC Assets Final Report

In the months following the completion of the Constitutional reforms, the United Cities became highly inactive. In September and October 2018, some players began vocalizing their intent to meme the organization, including FredTheTimeLord who later proposed a resolution declaring himself president and ran for the presidency in the October 2018 election. This concerned certain members, including KittyCat11231 who wanted to give the organization "a respectful ending". On October 9, 2018, proposed Resolution 274, the End of Life Act, which set forth a plan to begin the dissolution of the United Cities. _Kastle proposed Resolution 277, the UC Season Finale Act, that planned to end the United Cities quicker by calling for the United Cities' instant dissolution; however, it failed by a tie vote of 12–12. The End of Life Act was passed by a vote of 13–7. On November 9, 2018, megascatterbomb put forth Resolution 287, the Massive Evaluation of General Assets and Subsequent Consideration of Possible Ends (MEGA-SCOPE) Act. The resolution laid out the final preparations for the dissolution of the United Cities by logging all assets owned by the United Cities and confirming the text of the official dissolution resolution. The resolution was passed by a vote of 6–1. Resolution 289, the United Cities' final resolution, officially dissolved the United Cities after its passage on November 20, 2018.

The United Cities was the server's second major Metropolitan Planning Organization. Throughout its span, the organization had created some server infrastructure including aiding in the construction of a few A-class highways, parks, rail corridors, and the United Cities Bus Terminal. By its end, the United Cities was more known for stirring up drama and conflict between players through its role-play elections and disagreements on how the organization was run rather than being known for the projects it completed.

Republic of Epsilon

On October 1, 2019, ModernArt and Fiork777 founded the Epsilonian Republic, more commonly known as the Republic of Epsilon, a Metropolitan Planning Organization. The organization's goal was to promote "intergovernmental cooperation" and facilitate "economic, political, security, military, educational, and infrastructural integration among its members".

The organization had governmental positions, including President, Vice President, and Prime Minister, and a House of Representatives filled with organization members that would vote on legislation and elected positions. As the founder of the organization, ModernArt served as the first president, an initially unelected position. On December 27, 2019, a bill to make the President an elected position passed by a vote of 11–1 intending to make the Republic of Epsilon a democracy. A day later, People's Party candidate Echohue was elected President after winning a majority vote. His election was attributed to several members of the People's Republic of Montego joining the republic to create a majority in the House of Representatives, which some opponents saw as subversive to the democratic process.

Following the election, although no longer an elected official, ModernArt gave himself a 'Founder' role in the republic's Discord, with the role being listed the highest in the Discord's permission hierarchy. This led to discussions on December 28 and 29 about ModernArt's power to make decisions for the organization. mine_man_ made comments arguing that the election of Echohue as President "has shown very clearly this is hardly a republic but just a lot of bureaucracy that [ModernArt] can tinker with, with little restraints on power". Discussions and arguments continued with concerns about the intricacies of the republic's Constitution and system, with many members of the People's Party, led by Echohue, unsatisfied with the constitutional reform proposals put forth by other parties. This resulted in members of the People's Party seceding from the Republic of Epsilon and forming the Zeta Republic, a Metropolitan Planning Organization that acted more as a symbol of the separation than an actual organization as it failed to complete any projects nor run any elections.

Messages sent by ModernArt and Vulpicula (named Eris in the picture) in the #announcements channel in the Republic of Epsilon's Discord on January 26, 2020

On January 26, 2020, a spat between Fiork777 and ModernArt about the former's party led to drama about ModernArt having administrative powers in the republic's Discord. Players who had previously left the Discord rejoined to see the argument. ModernArt then temporarily removed permissions to see the general chat channel during discussion and banned KittyCat11231. As a result of the drama, Vulpicula became President of the organization to resolve the issues. He removed the Administrator role from the Discord as a "stop-gap measure".

In early April 2020, tensions increased between ModernArt and various members of the Republic of Epsilon due to disagreements about the organization's capital city and an upcoming election. Tensions continued as another player admitted to being part of the election to "inflame ModernArt by 'kamikazing his own campaign into his, bringing both of them down in the process'". On April 9, 2020, ModernArt was formally expelled from the republic following a vote due to his "behavior in the Discord over the past few months and "constant fighting with other members". On April 10, 2020, ModernArt was issued a double warning for "belligerent and disrespectful behaviour in the Republic of Epsilon over the past several months" Some members were concerned about the expulsion as it may have violated the Constitution. As a result, Vulpicula announced that there would be a statement released at the April 2020 General Staff Meeting, which explained his actions and the situation. After a discussion at the General Staff Meeting, it was noted that MRT staff had no intention to dissolve the Republic of Epsilon or take any further punitive action against it; however, MRT staff did encourage the creation of a judicial system for internal conflicts.

The Republic of Epsilon was the server's third major Metropolitan Planning Organization. The organization never fully dissolved, but became inactive beginning in late 2020. The organization had its struggle with fostering a democratic system initially, which led to conflict and disputes. The organization nearly had MRT staff intervene in affairs due to arguments, resulting in MRT staff, especially Frumple and chiefbozx, to continue being wary of large Metropolitan Planning Organizations.

Major builds

Many new towns were founded during Epsilon. Areas with numerous players founding towns during Epsilon included Bahia and the surrounding area and the Aurora region. The 14 cities that were promoted to Premier during Epsilon, in order, were Segville, Evella, Elecna Bay, Kessler, Quiris, Laclede, Deadbush, Sunshine Coast, Lanark, Venceslo, Utopia, Espil, Kolpino City, and Larkspur.

Issues arose regarding the 300-block rule about builds during Epsilon. Following an incident between pyth0n_ and LDShadowLord, autobus22 polled a few members about the 300-block rule and found that there was confusion about the rule. This led to the rule being discussed at the May 2018 General Staff Meeting. The discussion at the meeting resulted in the addition of a '500-block rule', which stated that if a build was within 500 blocks of another town, but more than 300 blocks away, a person must contact that town's owner to create an agreement, where they were required to "accommodate... in a fair and reasonable manner" in regards to creating borders.

At the July 2018 General Staff Meeting, MinecraftYoshi26 proposed restricting changes to the Old World, arguing that the world should be preserved for history. The result of the proposal had Old World buildings being prohibited from being blatantly destroyed or having large-scale remodeling. Minor changes, with specifically airport management being noted, were continued to be allowed. In November 2018, Cortesi requested to redo MineCity Regional Airport. This resulted in discussion at the November 2018 General Staff Meeting, resulting in the clarification that members were allowed to make changes to the Old World if the changes were "minor in nature" and if they owned the build being modified or received permission from the build's owner.

Map World

r/place as seen from Dynmap after its conclusion in January 2020

In March 2019, the Lab World was suspected of causing the Beta server to crash while testing it in preparation for the main server to update to Minecraft 1.13. A topic was added to the March 2019 General Staff Meeting. Despite the issue being resolved by removing numerous minecarts from the world, the topic was left on the agenda to prevent the issue from happening in the future. In the 'survey' channel in the MRT Discord, members were "roughly evenly split" on resetting the Lab World. Alternatives proposed included flagging inactive builds to free up space, creating a second Lab World, and creating a new world dedicated to creating in-game maps as many players used the space on the Lab World to create them. Following discussion at the meeting, the proposals to reset and clean up the Lab World were rejected and the proposal for a new Map World was put through.

Frumple announced through a website post that the Map World would be made public alongside the server updating to Minecraft version 1.13.2. The Map World was generated with a black and white grid that aligned with the 128 by 128 regions that Minecraft maps align with. The Map World became public on April 17, 2019, and became the MRT's seventh world to be created, and the first to be created since the launch of the New World. The Map World's spawn was constructed by megascatterbomb. The spawn area included a Map Library, intending to keep track of and display user-submitted and created maps.

The Map World opened up space on the Lab World was some maps were moved to the Map World. The Map World also hosted the community build r/place at the January 2020 General Staff Meeting.

MRT Land

The entrance to MRT Land in October 2017

At the June 2017 General Staff Meeting, JTrain77 proposed a Central City Amusement Park, an indoor amusement park in two plots connected by a bridge in Central City. Through discussion at the meeting, the amusement park was approved; however, it never came to fruition as the MRT staff noted that a theme park community build was "still on the table", with thomasfyfe creating the proposal, which was proposed at the following July 2017 General Staff Meeting. The proposal was approved, with the project being named 'MRT Land'.

Hosted by thomasfyfe, the server-endorsed theme park was a community build event held east of Central City as a part of the MRT Server's fifth anniversary events, running from July 22, 2017, to August 5, 2017. Members were allowed to build anything fitting in a "theme park setting", with thomasfyfe encouraging members to build rollercoasters and large rides. During the building period, numerous rides were built throughout the park from various players. The build became the server's largest theme park. MRT Land was a staff-run and staff-endorsed event, which was infrequent as the task of creating server events had shifted to members creating their own, especially since the opening of the New World.


Skyscrapers built using the Mojangitis method in Dekuville

MojangChan's member application was accepted on April 1, 2018. He began constructing his first town of Deadbush five days later. The town quickly progressed through the ranks, becoming the fastest town to be promoted to Premier with respect to its foundation date at the time, achieving the rank in 242 days. When constructing the town, MojangChan had the strategy of creating buildings quickly by constructing the first floor of a building and having it stacked up by WorldEdit to create a skyscraper. This method became coined as Mojangitis and became a server meme. The method also became popular among members as various players began to use the method to construct skyscrapers, including in the towns of Sunshine Coast, New Gensokyo, and Peacopolis.


The culture of transit during Epsilon is largely defined by the rapid development of warp trains, competition among transit companies, the bending of the rules and realism standards at transit facilities, and the subsequent combatting regulations. Seaplanes were also first officially recognized and regulated during Epsilon. At the final staff meeting in Epsilon, the February 2020 General Staff Meeting, blimps were officially allowed to be built under the helicopter rules.

During Epsilon, roads continued to be constructed on the New World for bus, horse, and uCar travel. While new bus companies were formed during Epsilon, the popularity was short-lived and not majorly widespread. Boat transit also had a resurgence during Epsilon.

MRT system

External documents
document icon "Just extend the lines" Proposal by Frumple document

At the May 2017 General Staff Meeting, Just_robinho and Frumple were the two main players who proposed their version of how the MRT lines should be expanded into Epsilon terrain. Just_robinho's proposal was inspired by the Rhine-Rhur region of Germany, splitting Epsilon into various named regions with new lines and a ferry system in the Northern Ocean. Frumple's proposal, nicknamed the "'Just extend the lines' Proposal", focused on extending the lines, emphasizing a more simple plan in comparison to Just_robinho's. At the meeting, Just_robinho's plan was criticized for being "excessive" and "confusing". Frumple's proposal was selected to be the blueprint for future MRT extensions in Epsilon.

At the October 2017 General Staff Meeting, the name and blocks of a new MRT line along the eastern edge of Epsilon were finalized, with the name MRT Jungle Line being selected. At the February 2018 General Staff Meeting, AP_Red proposed and was approved to construct the first section of the MRT Jungle Line. The line was the first new MRT line to be constructed not listed on the Gamma MRT line plans. At the August 2018 General Staff Meeting, _HeavenAngel_ proposed the MRT Savannah Line, which became the second new MRT Line to be constructed not listed on the Gamma MRT line plans.

During Epsilon, various lines were extended, including the MRT Desert Line, MRT Eastern Line, the MRT Expo Line, the MRT Forest Line, and the MRT Taiga Line.

Warp trains

RaiLinQ and IntraRail advertisements released in December 2016 as a part of their feud

Warp trains began to become more popular in 2017, with an increased number of warp train companies being founded, including Fred Rail, BluRail, and Network South Central. Competition arose among warp train companies as players raced to create new stations and connect to more cities. The largest companies at the time, IntraRail and RaiLinQ, published advertisements and had a feud with each other. BluRail, Fred Rail, IntraRail, and RaiLinQ were the largest warp rail companies by number of stations by the end of Epsilon, with the latter having the most at approximately 226 stations.

Included in the February 2019 Rules Revamp, rail lines were prohibited from having stations farther than 2,000 blocks apart to prevent players from having long stretches of warp train tracks. At the June 2019 General Staff Meeting, the limit was adjusted to 4,000 blocks.

The increased popularity of warp trains resulted in the creation of numerous large warp train transit hubs, including Siletz Salvador Station, the Central City Warp Rail Terminal, and the Anthony Fokker Transit Hub. Warp trains were very popular during Epsilon and were a large part of the server's culture, with the popularity also carrying into Zeta.

Airports and airlines

During Epsilon, the major airlines, including BluAir, IntraAir, Waypoint, and SkyTrans, continued to race against each other to become the server's largest airline by serving the most airports and having the most flights. This led to a culture of numerous members joining the race to create new airlines and serve unique airports. "Gates" became a server meme, referring to open gates at new airports. It became a meme as the phrase was constantly repeated whenever a town was promoted to Senator, the rank when towns could have an airport. To satisfy the demand for gates, many new airports constructed during Epsilon were built to maximize the number of gates the facility could have rather than adhering to design principles or realism.

Many airports were served by the largest airlines, with those airlines often receiving a gate space at new airports. In November 2018, a member whose identity was kept anonymous submitted a topic to the month's General Staff Meeting suggesting the creation of a fairer airline gate distribution rule as they felt that smaller airlines were struggling to find footing in the airline space. The proposal noted how gates at airports of prospective Senator cities were reserved before the city was promoted to Senator or "involved only people with medium to large airlines". The member also argued that it thus left "small startups with little to no flights". Staff opted not to interfere with gates assignments as "it would cause a lot more workload on staff, and everyone has their own definition of 'fair'"; however, they noted that they understood where the concerns were coming from.

The planes on the Creeperville International Airport runway, pictured in January 2019, led to the establishment of new airport rules.

In January 2019, Frosty_Creeper10 had placed three FlyCreeper planes with active warps on the runway Creeperville International Airport. Some members were concerned with this as they saw it as a way to skirt the 7,500 block rule for airfields and was too unrealistic. This led to Skelezomperman to submit a topic to the January 2019 General Staff Meeting regarding the "lack of realism in airports". As outlined in Skelezomperman's proposal, numerous airports had tried to overstep realism rules in other ways, including having planes clip into airport terminals and warps inside planes landing at runways. Skelezomperman noted that he was not proposing this to have warnings dealt out, but rather to find a way to put in place some rules regarding enforcing "basic standards of realism at airfields, airports, and other air travel installations". MRT staff received some dissenting emails about Skelezomperman's topic at the General Staff Meeting, notably from KittyCat11231, who argued that realism was not enforced elsewhere; however, MRT staff rebutted that there were standards for roads and railways. MRT staff noted the common issues that were becoming trends in the airport space: multiple aircraft on the runway, airfields being built on artificial islands, and members trying to bend the rules. Discussion during the meeting had not reached a consensus by the end of it. The one agreement that was reached was the creation of the new rule: "Runways must be free of gates and active warps". Following the meeting, some members became more conscious of realism when constructing airports; however, some other players continued to find other ways to skirt the new rule, such as the shortening of the runway at Creeperville International Airport to fit two more planes.

At the August 2019 General Staff Meeting, yrulikedis submitted a proposal regarding helicopters with "too many warps". yrulikedis argued that some people were "abusing the privilege of having helipads" by having helicopters with numerous warps on them, specifically pointing out mylesHeli and FlyCreeper helicopters, which each had upwards of 10 warps per vehicle, with warps being placed on the interior and exterior of the helicopters. Following the meeting, MRT staff created a new rule that stated that transit vehicles were allowed to have a maximum of six destinations through warp signs on their interior, with a special note for bus stops without buses present only being allowed to have two destinations. The rule was to take effect in the following month, September, to give a grace period, with the topic being re-discussed at the month's General Staff Meeting. At the September 2019 General Staff Meeting, the rule a slightly altered version of the rule was officially put into place. The new rule stated that the warp limit would only apply to air-based vehicles, specifically airplanes, helicopters, and seaplanes.


While boat transit had existed for years, only a few ferry companies existed on the New World and the companies did not establish many routes. Creating boat transit began to be popularized following the creation and growth of Hummingbird Boat Lines by MinecraftYoshi26 in late 2016. While the industry was still smaller than other forms of transit, numerous boat companies were created, including AquaLinQ, Chalxior Boatways, mylesFerry, and WMB from 2017 to 2019.

The increased amount of interest in boats led to the creation of new canals and waterways to allow boats to have a realistic theoretical way to sail between cities. New canals included a canal proposed by Tom_Pairs in February 2017 and canals proposed by _Kastle in April 2017 and January 2018.

The wooden boat and adjacent warp sign placed by ModernArt that led to the official regulation of boat warps

At the January 2018 General Staff Meeting, boat rules were discussed as a result of ModernArt placing a warp sign next to a wooden boat and calling it a "ferry service". New boat rules were officially put in place to "improve realism". The rules noted that boats were required to have a "realistic method of boarding at each port of call", the ability to travel "realistically between ports of call", and that warp signs had to be placed inside or on the boat itself.


Seaplanes were first officially acknowledged at the January 2018 General Staff Meeting, where seaplanes were ruled as falling under airport and airfield rules, requiring cities wishing to build them to be ranked Senator or above. Seaplanes began being constructed in a few towns all over the New World as well as one on the Old World by IntraAir Poseidon; however, seaplanes were not generally popular.

The Rules Revamp 2019 in February defined new rules regarding seaplanes. Cities ranked Senator and above were now only permitted to build seaplane bases as air facilities along the numbered lakes defined at the November 2017 General Staff Meeting.

At the June 2019 General Staff Meeting, Johngi proposed that seaplanes should be able to be built on land as he argued that "the seaplane market is useless". The proposal specifically suggested changing the rules to have seaplanes have no restrictions about going to any air or water facility, other than keeping the rule to be on only official lakes. The proposal was denied. At the August 2019 General Staff Meeting, Johngi re-proposed his seaplanes on land proposal, leading to Vulpicula, EliteNeon, SoaPuffball, and Frumple to submit counterproposals. Vulpicula proposed seaplanes being counted as helicopters under the rules, SoaPuffball proposed a new 2,500 block limit for seaplane bases, and Frumple proposed seaplane ports no longer counting towards allocations for airfields. Following the meeting, it was announced that seaplanes would no longer count against airspace allocations and were allowed to be built on any of the numbered lakes without staff permission, with exceptions allowed by submitting a proposal to a General Staff Meeting. Seaplane bases were specifically noted to only be allowed to travel to other seaplane bases. Seaplanes and their bases were noted to not be restricted in size; however, gates were limited by rank, with one gate being allowed in Councillor towns, three gates in Mayor towns, five gates in Senator towns, and 10 gates in Governor towns. New seaplanes were also prohibited from being built on the Old World. The changes led to more members creating seaplanes, with the most seaplanes being constructed in the coming months from late 2019 to 2020.


Players in Central Park celebrating the MRT Server's seventh anniversary

Games and events continued to be a large staple of the MRT community, with new event formats and sporting events being popularized. The culture of the MRT Server during Epsilon had growing calls for mature spaces.

Games and events

External documents
document icon Public Event Funding document

Various types of games and events were held during Epsilon. Events continued to become a large part of the community's culture, as indicated by the MRT staff announcing a Summer 2017 Events Initiative. Announced at the June 2017 General Staff Meeting, the initiative allowed members to request grants of in-game money from MRT staff to fund their events, with the grant size varying based on event size. The initiative was inspired by a proposal that was privately approved during Gamma at the November 2014 General Staff Meeting that allowed MRT staff to provide funding for the prizes of MinecraftYoshi26's game shows. Although only three events applied for funding during the summer of 2017, the initiative led to the creation of the Event Funding document, officializing the process of requesting funding for events organized by members. The first and only event paid out by the Summer 2017 Events Incentive was the The Amazing Race 7.

From June to July of 2017, LDShadowLord organized the Evella Expo in Evella. Members were given plots inside the Evella Expo Center where they were allowed to build booths for their respective companies. During the winter of 2017, numerous holiday-themed events were held, including the Holiday Town Decoration Competition, a Central City Holiday Market, the Halua Island adventure map, and the annual Christmas Island. Other games and events held during Epsilon include various firework shows held by Soleurs, Nothing during General Staff Meetings, and the 2017 MRT Screenshot Contest.

Game shows

Players at game show events held during Epsilon. Clockwise from upper left: The Amazing Race 8, Family Feud, Survivor: Utara, Big Brother 4 finale

During Epsilon, 15 major serial game show seasons were held: five seasons of The Amazing Race, three seasons of The Mole, three seasons of Big Brother, one season of Battle of the Builds, two seasons of Survivor, and one season of The Amazing Glitch. All but the latter two shows were hosted and organized by MinecraftYoshi26, with the latter two hosted by AyyLion and CodyHM, respectively. Some other minor game shows were organized during Epsilon, such as part of the MRT Server's anniversary events, including Family Feud organized by sesese9 and Weakest Link organized by Just_robinho.

MRTvision Screenshot Contest

Inspired by the MRTvision Song Contests held in 2015 and 2017 and the Eurovision Song Contest, MinecraftYoshi26 wanted to create a version of the contest that would bring the Eurovision Song Contest onto the server where everyone could partake, regardless of singing abilities. He devised a new event called the MRTvision Screenshot Contest, a fusion of various aspects of the Eurovision Song Contest with the MRT Screenshot Contest. The concept and format were proposed and finalized at the June 2018 General Staff Meeting. The contest replaced the MRT Screenshot Contest in selecting screenshots to be featured on the MRT website.

The format had participants submit original screenshots under branding as, typically, a city or state they owned. Voting involved participants and willing members of the public awarding a set of 12, 10, 8-1 points to their 10 top screenshots. The screenshot that received the most points at the end of the voting period was crowned the winner, with a vote announcement ceremony being held to reveal the results for every contest, respectively, except in the first contest. The winner received an in-game cash prize varying per contest between $3,000 and $5,000 and the ability to host the ceremony for the following contest. A semi-final round was introduced in the third contest due to an increased number of participants.

Cortesi won the inaugural contest with his screenshot "After the Party", a screenshot of Daneburg. A total of five contests were held during Epsilon. Players were highly receptive to the MRTvision Screenshot Contest, as a growing number of members opted to participate as more contests were held.

Sporting events

During Epsilon, various sporting events were founded and became popular. These differed from game shows as they were more focused on in-game 'sports' involving more physical games.

TacoBurritoAThon is a sporting event that pits two teams, dubbed Taco and Bacon, against each other in various sporting events, with the team that wins the most events splitting an in-game monetary prize. TacoBurritoAThon was founded in 2013 and held one event during Omega. The event was rebooted by Skelezomperman, as he held three editions during Gamma. TacoBurritoAThons began to be held more frequently in Epsilon, as eleven editions were held. TacoBurritoAThons were seen as a recurring event dating back to the server's early years. The event led players to bid for the cities to host the event, resulting in the creation of various stadiums.

Players playing mini-golf at Venceslo Gardens for the MMB Cup in May 2018

TalonPlays and godzilltrain founded the MRT Golf Association, an organization dedicated to creating mini-golfing events. The creation and popularization of mini-golf led to an increase in mini-golf courses built in various towns, including the popularization of godzilltrain's franchise Forest Mini-Golf.

jphgolf4321 founded two sporting organizations during Epsilon: Major League Spleef in June 2017 and the United Sumotori League in May 2018. Major League Spleef organized seasons where members of the organization, branded under a spleef 'team', competed against other teams in spleef, a game where players would be on a snow block pitch with the goal of digging blocks out below other players. The MRT Sumotori Association organized seasons where members of the organization competed against other players in sumotori, a PVP duel with the goal of punching their opponent off of the platform.

Inspired by the MRT Olympic Committee, airplane320 founded the Olympics, an event with various types of sports, intending to hold seasonal versions with each featuring different sports. The first event that was held was the 2018 Summer Olympics, which was hosted in Elecna Bay. The event was generally seen as the most well-run version of the games, due to most of the planning work being done by the town's mayor, mine_man_.

The event had a bidding process for the host city of each event, which allowed players to create bids and campaigns to have their cities. Players would create campaigns and advertisements supporting cities' bids, leading to role-play campaigns and drama. Laclede won the bid for the 2019 Summer Olympics, narrowly beating out Venceslo by winning 51% of the public vote. The campaigns and the result led players to verbalize their discontent with the media campaigns created to get votes, resulting in arguments. Despite winning the bid, Laclede withdrew due to concerns about airplane320's ability to properly plan the event and delays and changes in the event date.

Mature and serious Discord channels

Some older members and members who aged into their later teenage years began to want a space for 'not safe for work' and mature discussions. tarheelscouse, with LDShadowLord, Cortesi, Amber_Pine, and lalaboy, submitted a proposal to create a "NSFW channel" in the MRT Discord to the August 2018 General Staff Meeting. tarheelscouse argued that "the lack of a defined less restrictive 'area' of the community has meant that suggestivity has crept back into general server chat" and proposed the creation of a server-managed, not-safe-for-work channel. Some opponents of the creation of such a channel pointed out that the proposers could create a channel outside of the view of the server; however, proponents argued that it would have lacked "legitimacy" and invited conflict. tarheelscouse argued that a server-managed channel would be more easily moderated, controlled, and shut down if it generated problems. The proposal was rejected after a split discussion at the General Staff Meeting and, as a result of the rejection, a not-safe-for-work Discord was created shortly after the ruling named 'MRT After Dark'.

External documents
document icon Proposal for a new 'Mature' channel in Discord document

In May 2019, LDShadowLord vocalized wanting to shut down the MRT After Dark Discord server and put forth a proposal to create a channel in the MRT Discord similar to the one proposed in tarheelscouse's proposal. Submitted to the June 2019 General Staff Meeting, LDShadowLord argued that there was "a divide between the older and the younger members of the server where the older members struggle to relate to the younger members and feel somewhat excluded". The proposal and rationale of the proposal were notably supported by Frumple, Just_robinho, Cortesi, and KittyCat11231. The proposal was approved following the meeting, with an opt-in role being created where members had to request the role from MRT staff. Initial conversations in the channel were compared to an alternate version of the 'random' channel in the MRT Discord. In the coming weeks of the channel's existence, messages in the channel shifted less towards not-safe-for-work discussions to more serious topics. This led to, at the August 2019 General Staff Meeting, a review of the channel and the channel being renamed to 'serious'. The channel's main usage and description were changed instead to focus more on "a place for players to discuss serious and sometimes personal content". Members no longer needed to ask MRT staff to receive access to the channel.

The discussions surrounding the Discord channels can be noted as the first major instances where multiple older members began to become more vocal about feeling disconnected from the younger members of the community and wanting mature spaces.

List of new Members

At least 264 players became Members during Epsilon. New countries that have members that were accepted from included Chile, Czechia, Israel, Poland, Spain, South Africa, and Ukraine.[e]

The following is a non-comprehensive list of players that became members during Epsilon, taken from the Member List listed in alphabetical order:[f]


  1. Accessible to MRT staff only
  2. Except for chiefbozx, all players listed were first promoted to Trial Moderator on the listed date before being approved to become a full Moderator after a three-month probationary period.
  3. a b _Kastle was initially demoted on May 8, 2018, as he sent a letter to Mercury203's school without informing Administrators prior; however, it was later clarified that _Kastle did show the letter to an Admin beforehand and there was a miscommunication. _Kastle was reinstated as a Trial Moderator a day later.
  4. Intended to resign in April 2017 before becoming inactive
  5. Location data was self-reported through member applications.
  6. Some players' usernames may not reflect their username when they were accepted for Member, as this list was taken from the Member List in November 2023. Alternate accounts are not listed.
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