Epsilonian Republic/Epsilon Park System Improvement Act

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Improving Epsilon's Park System for the betterment of Epsilon's environment

I) Environmental Locations of Interest (ELIs or Minor Parks).

  1. An ELI is a park or other nature related area of interest of lower status than a national park.
  2. ELIs may be created at the Minister of the Environment's discretion provided they have permission from owners of all land within the ELI.
  3. An ELI must be either.
    1. Within the borders of a RoE member town/city OR.
    2. Have a development owned by a RoE member within 100 blocks of it.

II) National park restriction changes

  1. National Parks must have a welcome center and park office, which may be combined into a single building provided both aspects of the facility are present.
  2. Unless stated otherwise in the act creating the park all National Parks must contain some commercial services and housing.
  3. The act to create a National Park must specify whether or not the park is to contain a hotel, if it does not specify it is assumed the park will not contain a hotel.
  4. National Parks must have some number of roads and/or walking paths to allow for travel around the park.
  5. Acts that create National Parks are neither Bills nor amendments, they still must contain a title but must only specify the following.
    1. If the National Park is to be a new construction, is an adoption of an RoE member's pre-existing park as a National Park, or an adoption of an ELI as a National Park.
    2. Whether the Park is to contain a hotel, housing, and shops.
    3. The coordinates of the welcome center site (can be any point in the welcome center as long as the point is contained within the final buildings).
    4. An image of the boundaries of the national park.
    5. Any other information about that park that its proposer deems necessary to provide.
  6. The title of the act creating a National Park must be Name of National Park Being created Act.
  7. Acts to create National Parks must be reviewed for at least 1 day, after which two MPs may motion for a vote.
  8. A clear majority of the land in the National Park must not be developed land, the land can however be terraformed as long as it does not look like a developed area.
  9. Any MP may propose a National Park provided they have permission from the owners of all land contained in the park and the Minister of Environment .

III) Ministry of Environment

  1. From this point forth the duties of the Ministry of Environment shall be the following:
    1. Creating and maintaining the RoE National Park System.
    2. Creating and maintaining ELIs.
    3. Maintaining a list of National Parks and ELIs on the MRT Wiki, this list is to at minimum state the name of each Park and provide an image showing the boundaries of the park.


The act itself, which was originally proposed by dragonbloon419, became law on March 30th, 2020. Its identification ID is ER-26A.