Epsilonian Republic/Epsilon Rail Act

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Establishing an official national rail company for the Republic of Epsilon

I - EpsilonRail

  1. EpsilonRail (EPR) shall be established as a public company owned by the Republic of Epsilon.
    1. This public company shall be managed by the Ministry of Transport's department of rail.
    2. The Minister of Rail shall serve as the Chief Executive Officer of EpsilonRail.

II - Roles and Operations of EpsilonRail

  1. EpsilonRail shall do the following:
    1. Operate services.
    2. Own and maintain its own rolling stock.
    3. Own and maintain its own track and infrastructure.
  2. EpsilonRail shall be entrusted to deliver fast, reliable, and efficient rail transportation of both cargo and passengers to the Republic of Epsilon.

III - Private Cooperation

  1. Private Companies can request permission to operate on EpsilonRail infrastructure.
    1. This permission can be given and revoked at any moment by EpsilonRail at the discretion of the Ministry of Rail.


The Epsilon Rail Act (ID: ER-21A), was proposed by the at the time incumbent Minister of Rail, TheSubway, partly as a reaction to the Ministry of Transportation Act.

It was put up for a vote on March 4th, 2020, and passed with an 83% majority "YEA" vote on March 7th, 2020.