Epsilonian Republic/Ministry of Foreign Affairs Act

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ER-08A, hereby known as The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Act, seeks to establish a formal government wing dedicated to diplomacy with other nations on the MRT, by doing the following:

1) There shall be a new Ministry of the Republic of Epsilon named the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
2) The president shall appoint a Head of Foreign Affairs. This Head of Foreign Affairs shall appoint Ministry of Foreign Affairs employees. 
3) The position of Ambassador shall be created. This position shall be under the Department of Foreign Affairs.
4) The president shall appoint ambassadors to specific countries.

The act itself, which was originally proposed by SansNotLuigi, became law on February 11th, 2020. It was last modified on February 20th, 2020, as per ER-14A, with the goal of bringing it into compliance with ER-12A.