Epsilonian Republic/Ministry of Transportation Act

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ER-09A, hereby known as The Ministry of Transportation Act, seeks to amalgamate the various transportation ministries under a single banner while maintaining their various jobs, by doing the following:

1) There should be one Ministry of Transportation where all Rail, Air, and Sea divisions are still intact but are simplified into one official ministry of government.
2) There should be a joint-venture of multiple different third party transportation companies to work on a foundational national project that can connect parts of the country using Sea, Land and Air methods.
3) There should be a bipartisan effort to nationalize only joint ventures, and not make a single company for the whole of the Republic of Epsilon.

The act itself, which was originally proposed by ModernArt, became law on February 11th, 2020. It was last modified on February 20th, 2020, as per ER-14A, with the goal of bringing it into compliance with ER-12A.