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This page is used to keep track of Espil's residents. There are currently 105 owned spaces with 75 different tenants.

Player Location
EspiDev Espil Limits (Floor 7)
Seshpenguin Espil Limits (Floor 7)
Mr.Squid360 Espil Limits (Floor 6)
Nano69 Espil Limits (Floor 6)
Awesomedude9789 Espil Limits (Floor 5)
Kenoi Espil Limits (Floor 5)
applearon Espil Limits (Floor 4)
aviaracer46 Espil Limits (Floor 4)
minecrafts000 Espil Limits (Floor 3)
AC_Murph ColoHi Apartments (Floor 9)
Kenoi ColoHi Apartments (Floor 6)
MIKE24DUDE ColoHi Apartments (Floor 5)
MIKE24DUDE ColoHi Apartments (Floor 4)
Narnia17 ColoHi Apartments (Floor 4)
applearon GenesisOne Apartments (Floor 12)
TrainPro GenesisOne Apartments (Floor 12)
EspiDev GenesisOne Apartments (Floor 11)
EspiDev GenesisTwo Apartments (Floor 8)
zomghi5 GenesisTwo Apartments (Floor 9)
Ender_Fire17 GenesisTwo Apartments (Floor 10)
Keppler22b GenesisTwo Apartments (Floor 10)
Leo_2807 GenesisTwo Apartments (Floor 11)
Ardyan GenesisTwo Apartments (Floor 11)
AyyLion ThirtyFirst Etnis (Floor 8)
Architect_21 ThirtyFirst Etnis (Floor 5)
Leo_2807 ThirtyFirst Etnis (Floor 3)
KevinTheLlama15 ThirtyFirst Etnis (Floor 11)
Sirots ThirtyFirst Etnis (Floor 12)
PresidentQwerty ThirtyFirst Etnis (Floor 11)
JetPilot04 ThirtyFirst Etnis (Floor 10)
WashingtonTdt ThirtyFirst Etnis (Floor 11)
SuperiorBotanist ThirtyFirst Etnis (Floor 9)
Kenoi Ezzi Starlight (Floor 9)
LightingMC Litnae Five (Floor 6)
EspiDev Litnae Five (Floor 6)
AlikSong Litnae Five (Floor 7)
Nano69 Litnae Five (Floor 16)
Cliotey Litnae Five (Floor 16)
Hacks_On_Wax_Off Cormak Three (Floor 3)
MishkaMan Cormak Three (Floor 7)
AutisticGamerBoy Cormak Three (Floor 7)
mariomeetslego Cormak Three (Floor 6)
QueenSmae Cormak Three (Floor 6)
LightingMC Cormak Three (Floor 4)
flamingpickle03 Cormak Three (Floor 7)
MikeRoma AvenueSeven (Floor 11)
Jamian11 AvenueSeven (Floor 6)
marcman17 AvenueSeven (Floor 13)
Diskoalafy AvenueSeven (Floor 7)
Seshpenguin AvenueSeven (Floor 4)
EspiDev 10 Colfi Rd.
Cliotey 8 Colfi Rd.
unjinz 11 Colfi Rd.
AutumnPumpkin 12 Colfi Rd.
_AngelKevin_ 6 Colfi Rd.
willowars 5 Colfi Rd.
Kenoi 9 Colfi Rd.
ModernArt 16 Colfi Rd.
SilverBubble 10 Senti Rd.
Seshpenguin 18 Senti Rd.
i____7d 24 Senti Rd.
Kenoi NanoSight Complex (Floor 13)
Cliotey NanoSight Complex (Floor 16)
MikeRoma NanoSight Complex (Floor 16)
AutumnPumpkin CormakTwo Apartments (Floor 7)
Purrcat2010 CormakTwo Apartments (Floor 6)
Captain_Cavy CormakTwo Apartments (Floor 8)
airplane320 CormakTwo Apartments (Floor 5)
Fueling_The_Fire iona apartments (Floor 2)
hvt2011 iona apartments (Floor 7)
Needn_NL iona apartments (Floor 6)
frogggggg iona apartments (Floor 4)
CAMNMM colate apartments (Floor 6)
SoSo123 Ulity Condos Building 2 (Floor 7)
Government of Pixl Ulity Condos Building 2 (Floor 6)
Seshpenguin Ujico Apartments (Floor 10)
EspiDev One Eleven Apartments (Floor 3)
MishkaMan Cosine One Apartments (Floor 11)
Tom_Pairs Cosine One Apartments (Floor 3)
AgustinSuarez Cosine One Apartments (Floor 6)
FiorkG Cosine One Apartments (Floor 6)
Seshpenguin Ezlon One Apartments (Floor 12)
0x10 Ezlon One Apartments (Floor 12)
TheSubway Ezlon One Apartments (Floor 11)
Conric005 Ezlon One Apartments (Floor 10)
DaEdwards Ezlon One Apartments (Floor 4)
KirigayaKazutoUP Fifteenth Kaltz (Floor 20)
Echohue Fifteenth Kaltz (Floor 20)
Seshpenguin Zanski One (Floor 10)
_sans05 TwentyFirst Cormak (Floor 2)
Seshpenguin TwentyFirst Cormak (Floor 8)
wipeout111 Braven Apartments (Floor 6)
Seshpenguin - PropagandaPixl 17th Bayview Apartments (Floor 2)
Hightech_TR 17th Bayview Apartments (Floor 8)
Just_robinho 17th Bayview Apartments (Floor 7)
Mordaxel 7th Senti Condos (Floor 13)
Seshpenguin 3rd Senti Condos (Floor 3)
EspiDev & Seshpenguin The Penthouse
Conric005 Lavor Condos (Floor 12)
SansNotLuigi Lavor Condos (Floor 6)
MgWn Lavor Condos (Floor 4)
Jellotinbox Seizième Bayview Condos (Floor 3)
LithiumMaudX Seizième Bayview Condos (Floor 4)
Airplaneguy9 Seizième Bayview Condos (Floor 5)
Just_robinho Seizième Bayview Condos (Floor 8)
time2makemymove Seizième Bayview Condos (Floor 6)
Epic Penguino Xomu Condos (Floor 3)
mooseman0725 Feryquitous Condos (Floor 6)