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Espil Public Library

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Espil Public Library (EPL)
Epl logo.png
Number of Libraries 4
Regions Served Espil (Main Region), Aprix (Main Region), Pixl, Estify Region
Facts and figures
Headquarters Espil


The Espil Public Library (EPL) provides citizens with free access to a wealth of resources and information. It has many branches scattered throughout Espil, and are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Regions Served

Espil Public Library branches are open to the public. However, books may only be taken out by people from the Estify Region, and neighbouring cities.
Cities with Access:


Most districts in Espil have library branches by the EPL.


Eisli has the most libraries.

  • inTis CBD Public Library
  • inTis East Public Library
  • Deltix Public Library



  • Aura Public Library


  • Rae Central Public Library