City of Evella

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City of Evella
Town officials
Mayor LDShadowLord
Deputy Mayor Tydorius
MRT  M10  City of Evella
 M11  Evella Expo
 M12  Port of Evella
 M13  Evella Airport
Roadways  B755 
Rail  CyanMetro 
Facts and figures
Town rank Premier
State Arbor

City of Evella, commonly referred to as simply Evella, is a city built into a naturally occurring valley between M10 and M11 station. Originally planned to only take up the valley, recent improvements to the city have caused it to begin construction outside of the valley.

The city is most notable for hosting the Evella Expo, which was held in the purpose built Evella Expo Center around M11 station, and for its unique building style that is persistent across the entire city.

City Style

Building Style

All buildings in Evella follow a strict building code. The superstructure constructed of Cyan Stained Clay, with Cyan or Light Blue stained glass, accented by quartz. Due to these tough requirements, most people's own buildings styles do not fit within Evella and so LDShadowLord has constructed almost 100% of the buildings within Evella.

This is a very divisive building style that is disliked by some as they find it boring. However, this is the primary intention of this style. As Evella is modelled after a "dystopian" city, the building style is meant to be oppressive towards its citizens. Various methods of achieving this include limiting roadways, building tall to blot out the sky and preventing the ingress of colour into the city.


There are no roads inside Evella proper. The only roads that exist lead to the Evella Expo Center and to the Evella Industrial District. This was a deliberate design decision implemented very early on in the city’s life. The decision was made to forego roads to allow for more building space and to force people to walk around the city or use the public transportation systems. This is why the metro has as many stops as a common bus route, as it is designed to serve as a bus for the citizens.

The pathways that cross the city are usually gravel, due to its ability to divert water away and prevent pools forming within the city. This would be a common issue on the valley floor without these measures being taken.


The city is split into a number of districts that each serve a particular role within the city. The lines between districts are not physically marked, but are usually implied by the shift in focus of the surrounding buildings. The current city districts are as follows:

The Center, focused around M10 and expanding just past Senator Tower.

The Bay, which also includes the Plateau housing district, which covers the area immediately in front of Senator Tower up to the waterfront.

The Expo, which encompasses M11 station up past Expo-5 and down just past Vulain Arena.

The Manufactory, which covers all of the grounds north of the refinery and part of the surrounding waters also.

The Port of Evella which is based at M12 and extends to M13 and back to reach the Expo area too.

The Center

The Center is the original district of Evella, established before the districts were created. It holds the town hall as well as a number of other administrative buildings.

It contains 2 stations, serving 2 separate transit systems, and the Evella Heliport (EVH).

The Bay

The Bay contains the "living space" of Evella. It holds the housing and the entertainment areas of Evella.

It contains 1 station, serving a single transit system.

The Expo

The Evella Expo Center is arguably the most famous structure in Evella and is the core of this district. Of the dozen distinct buildings within this district, eight of them are a part of the Evella Expo Center.

This district also contains 6 separate transit stations, serving 3 separate transit systems.

The Manufactory

The Manufactory (Formerly known as the Evella Space Center) was a planned space center situated on the peninsula that forms the Evella Bay on Capricorn Lake. The project was entirely abandoned as of 2017 due to a lack of motivation and funding to complete the project. Despite this considerable setback, Capricorn continue to produce satellites for third parties at their Evella Facility.

The Space Center was designed to serve as a launch point for rocket-based satellites. A specialised harbour was constructed to hold vessels transferring rockets to the facility, and a fuel line was added that comes directly from the Evella Refinery. Before the project ground to a halt a custom VAB was assembled that was capable of working on four rockets simultaneously and a ship was custom built to allow rocket launches and landings without endangering ground staff.

In early 2018 the launch systems were removed from the facility, and the facility now acts as a rocket production facility for Evella Space Industries. Empty rocket chassis' arrive at the southern dock from Inchmuir Space Agency and are then branded, fitted with propulsion and fuel tanks, and dispatched from the northern dock.

Evella Industry

Port of Evella holds a manmade lake with cargo moving equipment. There are only a few buildings in this District, and they all relate to the handling of cargo containers for the port.

Port of Evella focuses on logistics and has a huge series of warehouses that store and route cargo containers around the New World. It is primarily a naval transport hub, as it is inaccessible to cargo rail.

Evella Industry has 2 transit stations, serving 2 separate transit systems.



CyanMetro is the primary transit system within Evella. 6 stations allow rapid transport across most of Evella at an average of 15 blocks below ground level. The metro system originally comprised of only 4 stations, but recently the Evella Heliport and Evella Expo Center stations were built to allow ingress of new visitors into Evella for the Evella Expo.

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png -3 Capricorn Station No connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png -2 Vulain Station CyanMono
Dynmap Green Flag.png -1 Expo Station No connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png 00 Hub Station  MESA 
Dynmap Green Flag.png 01 Evella Heliport EVH - Heliport
Dynmap Green Flag.png 02 Nero Station  MESA 
Dynmap Green Flag.png 03 Expo Park Station No connections


CyanMono is the Monorail arm of CyanMetro. The monorail was introduced for Evella Industry due to the unstable ground, but grew popular and has since expanded into the Evella Expo district. Line construction is also underway to build another station in Space Center district, though due to the limited usage of this station it is not an immediate priority.

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png 1 Port of Evella  MESA 
Dynmap Green Flag.png 2 Palace Station No connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png 3 Demons Station CyanMetro
Dynmap Green Flag.png 4 Manufactory Station No connections

Evella Heliport

Evella Heliport (EVH) is a heliport in Evella, and one of only 2 air-based sites within the city. EVH has 6 commercial landing pads, along with a cargo hub that has another 4 landing pads purely for cargo usage.

Airlines Destinations
Evella Skylines Central City, Stoneedge


This section contains the "Lore" elements of Evella. These elements heavily affect how the city is styled and how it is run.

Commercial Use

Advertisements and logos are mostly banned within Evella. This is because Evella is a privately owned city, run by the Sublime Corporation (A subsidiary of Imperia Corporation). Any advertising would potentially be competing with an Imperia owned business, which is unacceptable. Also, due to building regulations the buildings must only have the colours as laid out in the building style guide.

Advertisements are allowed within buildings, but they must not be obnoxious or in defiance of the Anti-Advertisement regulations.


The Evella flag is designed to be scalable. It is always an even number wide, and an even number tall. Usually it is 2 wide, and 8 tall. The flag is entirely in dark gray, with a border at the top and bottom of 1 block. Two cyan strips will then start on opposing sides and continue until they meet one another at a diagonal junction.