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Evella Expo

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Evella Expo
Organiser Visit Evella - Tourism Board
Exhibitors (JUL-2017) 25
Visitors (JUL-2017) 72
Location EEC, Evella, M11 Station
Date Unknown
Previous Exhibitors Evella Expo/Previous Exhibitors
Dynmap Link

Evella Expo, commonly shortened to "EX", is an expo hosted in Evella's Evella Expo Center.

The Evella Expo has no particular theme and is instead open to all kinds of products and technology. However, each Expo Hall is usually themed towards a particular industry.

Expo Map

EEC Map V1.png

Currently only Expo-1 through Expo-4 will be used unless all expo halls reach capacity. Aircraft and trains will be in Expo-4, Expo-2 will be used for franchises and corporations, Expo-1 & Expo-3 will be used for overflow from the other two halls.

Applying to be an Exhibitor

Exhibit Applications are Closed.

Building a Booth

Building rules differ between expo halls. If an expo hall has lime wool guidelines then please build *within* these guidelines and respect the pathway that has been formed. This should allow for a pathway on the inside of the booths, while the booths themselves should be against a wall unless it is an island booth.

However, if the expo hall only has red guidelines then these guidelines only mark the edge of the path, and you are free to build wherever outside of this marked area.

While building, please be respectful of your neighbouring exhibits and ensure you don't foul their display with your own exhibit. Also, try to leave a natural path between exhibits so visitors can experience the entire show.

Use as much space as you feel you need, and if you are in Expo-2 then you can build above the roof, but do not build under the floor.

If you require something to be W/E'd in, please ensure that the AdMod uses the -a tag, to prevent damage to the expo hall.


Please only remove the bold tag if you have completed construction of your exhibit!

This is the current list of exhibitors for Evella Expo

Awaiting Construction

Hall Company Exhibit
Expo-0 Test Org Demo Exhibit