Evella Skylines

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Evella Skylines
Corporate structure
Parent companyCapricorn Air
Facts and figures
FoundedAugust, 2017
Airline information
HubsPassenger: Evella Heliport (EVH)
Cargo: Evella Airport (EVL)
AllianceNot in an alliance

Evella Skylines is a small commercial airline primarily operating out of Evella Heliport. It was created to serve as an aerial connection between Evella and the rest of the MRT. Evella Skylines has both a cargo and a passenger division, with each division having a separate hub and its own aircraft fleet.

Passenger Division

The Evella Skylines: Passenger Division operates EAT Aviation Helicopters in it's primary fleet. For military services and for VIP passengers, Capricorn Air VTOL Aircraft are used sparingly. The Passenger Division makes no use of fixed-wing aircraft at all and thus has no long-distance services.

Cargo Division

Evella Skylines: Cargo Division operates the EAM X-500 for it's fixed-wing fleet, and operates EAT Aviation Helicopters for it's rotary-wing fleet. The Cargo Division was created to move containers to, and from, the Port of Evella by air. It has links to several other airports that have cargo space.