Expo 2019

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2019 Creeperville
NameExpo 2019
MottoShopping to a Greener MRT
Area197, 620m²
MascotShaun the Sheep
CountrySultanate of Creeperville
Coordinates3921 64 -9149
ProposedMay 10, 2019
ApprovedMay 13, 2019
OpeningMay 24, 2019
ClosureJune 6, 2019

Expo 2019 was an international exposition and franchise building competition being held at Creeperville, which opened on May 24, 2019.


The theme chosen for Expo 2019 is "Shopping to a Greener MRT". The theme focuses on innovative, eco-friendly initiatives being taken by the corporations of the MRT.


SM Creeperville Premier from the southwest

Expo 2019 is being held at SM Creeperville Premier, a purpose-built venue in the north of Creeperville designed by Frosty_Creeper10. It is the largest shopping mall on the server, with a total of 376 shop spaces. There are 54 mall spaces and 34 outdoor spaces available for exhibitors.

The mall spaces available for the contest are 15 x 15 in size. They are located at "The Lagoon", the inner wing of the mall surrounding the lagoon. The outdoor plots are the 20 x 20 squares surrounding the mall.

FlyCreeper, Creeperville's flag carrier was made the official airline of the Expo on May 25, 2019, and named, "Your Gateway to Expo 2019".


Expo 2019 will run for 3 weeks, from May 24, 2019 to June 13, 2019. It was originally scheduled to start on May 20, but due to scheduling issues, was moved back to May 24.

There are 2 separate brackets: mall spaces and outdoor plots. There will be one 1st Place winner for both brackets, who will receive the grand prize of $1500. There will be one 2nd and 3rd Placer for each bracket, receiving $650 and $500 respectively. Every other participant will receive $20 for displaying their exhibits in the Expo. You may create multiple exhibits, but each must be a unique franchise. You may enter the same franchise in both brackets.

The winners will be chosen by the public. The voting period will be a 3-day period from June 14, 2019 to June 16, 2019. The voting will be done through a Google Form whose link will be released once the voting period has started. The results will be calculated and announced sometime between 12am to 4am UTC on June 17. In case of any ties, a team of judges will have a tiebreaker vote.

If you are in a mall space, you are allowed to change the floor, walls and ceiling of your space. You can change the color of the glass/glass panes surrounding your plot, or get rid of the glass altogether. You may also merge multiple mall spaces to create one contiguous area. Above the door is a plot number, you may move this somewhere else, but it should not be removed and must still be on the outer wall.

The plots reserved for Expo 2019 exhibits are marked with a blue/green wool block with the text "Expo 2019" on them. Once your exhibit is complete, please remove this wool block.


Mall Spaces

Plot Company Image Owner Plot Company Image Owner
Building A Building C
L-A101 Needn_NL L-C101 Freshee Tea L-C101 Out.png L-C101 In.png woorich999
L-A102 Needn_NL L-C102
L-A103 L-C103
L-A104 L-C104
L-A201 Dutchies L-A201 Out.png L-A201 In.png Needn_NL L-C201
L-A202 Needn_NL L-C202
L-A203 Needn_NL L-C203
L-A204 Needn_NL L-C204
L-A301 London's Rail and Redstone Workshop L-A301 Out.png L-A301 In.png London150 L-C301
L-A302 Meme Loaf Café L-A302 Out.png L-A302 In.png mi_aquamarine L-C302
L-A303 S'Mart L-A303 Out.png L-A303 In.png AlphaDS L-C303
L-A304 L-C304
Building B Building D
L-B101 Tacurger Shack L-B101 Out.png L-B101 In.png SoaPuffball L-D101
L-B102 Block Books L-B102 Out.png L-B102 In.png SoaPuffball L-D102
L-B103 SoaPuffball L-D103
L-B104 SoaPuffball L-D104
L-B105 Comet Cafe L-B105 Out.png L-B105 In.png SoaPuffball L-D105
L-B201 L-D201
L-B202 L-D202
L-B203 L-D203
L-B204 L-D204
L-B205 L-D205
L-B301 L-D301
L-B302 L-D302
L-B303 L-D303
L-B304 L-D304
L-B305 L-D305

Outdoor Plots

Plot Company Image Owner Plot Company Image Owner
North Side West Side
O-N01 Chickenbooks + Garden O-N01 Out.png O-N01 In.png FooteChicken O-W01
O-N02 O-W02
O-N03 O-W03 O-W03 Out.png O-W03 In.png Underscore11
O-N04 O-W04
O-N05 O-W05 IOI Vehicles O-W05 Front.png O-W05 Back.png Johngi
O-N06 O-W06 Pixel Pizza O-W06 Out.png O-W06 In.png HenryRileyYT
O-N07 O-W07 O-W07 Out.png O-W07 In.png Luigi_Board
O-N08 O-W08 Flowey Foods O-W08 Out.png O-W08 In.png DaEdwards
O-N09 O-W09 Newfie Ice Rinks O-W09.png Needn_NL
O-N10 O-W10 AstroSlurp O-W10 Out.png O-W10 In.png Conric005
O-N11 O-W11
O-N12 O-W12
O-N13 O-W13
O-N14 O-W14
O-N15 O-W15
O-N16 O-W16