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Formosa Armed Forces
Service BranchesFormosa Army
Formosa Navy
Formosa Support Forces
HeadquartersFormosa Armed Forces Headquarters:
Diamond Sector, Formosa
:Branch Headquarters:
:Phoenix Valley
Kenthurst Fort
Atlantis Defense Force
Maplelyn Air Force
Kitania Intelligence Agency
Armed Forces of Sealane
Ezzo City
Spruce Neck Armed Forces
Phoenix Valley Secondary
Yaxier Alliance
Supreme CommanderCamelfantasy
General of MilitaryTBD
Army General_hnt
Navy AdmiralAlikSong
Battle of the Wild Cows
Ruby Sector Secession Crisis
Sealane War
Armada Crane Revolution

The Formosa Armed Forces, known as FAF, serves to protect the citizens of Formosa and Formosa's allies. It is comprised of three major branches, Formosa Army (FA), Formosa Navy (FN), and Formosa Support Forces (FSF), and six minor branches. The major rank of General of Military is yet to be determined. The FAF is seeking military allies; it is currently allied with Kenthurst Fort, Atlantis Defense Force, Maplelyn Air Force, Kitania Intelligence Agency, Armed Forces of Sealane, Kelvinside, Ellesume, Ezzo City, and Spruce Neck Armed Forces as well as all forces in MATO.


The headquarters for the FAF are located in Diamond Sector of Formosa, in a highly secure building. Offices for each major officer are included, along with briefing and conference rooms, and a highly secretive war room. Entry is only admitted to FAF officers with ranks O-8 and above, and SC or GM approved guests, usually allied officers. A branch headquarters is located in Phoenix Valley.

Unauthorized guest: "What do you mean by a highly secure builAAAAAH!" *click*
Officer: "Well, there's the trapdoor, which I see you've already encountered."



Officers listed in the table below are appointed by Camelfantasy, so contact him if you would like to be an officer or a soldier. All major decisions regarding the entire FAF will be made by the General, provided that they are reasonable and approved by Camelfantasy. Decisions regarding major branches only will be made by the respective General or Admiral with advice from their second-in-command, and decisions regarding minor branches will be made by the respective Major General or Rear Admiral. Generally, officers with ranks higher than another officer can overrule said officer's decisions, with reason.

MATO Code Position Player
O-13 Supreme Commander Camelfantasy
O-12 General of Military
O-11 Army General Hnt
O-9 Lieutenant General (Army) KittyCat11231
O-8 Ground Forces Major General (Army)
O-8 Special Forces Major General (Army) allifarki
O-11 Navy Fleet Admiral Aliksong
O-9 Vice Admiral (Navy) RLcrafters
O-8 Sea Forces Rear Admiral (Navy) Ardyan
O-8 Air Forces Major General (Navy) sesese9
O-11 Support Forces General
O-9 Lieutenant General (Support Forces)
O-8 Home Guard General (Support Forces)
O-8 Cyberspace General (Support Forces)
  • Note: There is currently no O-10 (General and Admiral)


Troops fall into 6 divisions: Ground Forces (Army), Special Forces (Army), Air/Space Forces (Navy), Sea Forces (Navy), Home Guard (Support Forces; divided further into Terrestrial, Hydro, and Aether), and Cyberspace (Support Forces).

Position Branch Player
Air Forces Brigadier General Air Force (Navy) 34lynx72

Fort Yaxier

Fort Yaxier is a city-fort built southwest of  I26 . It will be made up of almost all military buildings and will be a major base for all branches of the FAF. There is a warning system that is triggered when one of the many buttons placed around the island is pressed and the alert light on top of the headquarters lights up.

Fort Echo

Note: This fort is no longer existent following the order to abandon Foxtrot.

Fort Echo is a fort established near the underwater city of Foxtrot on December 31, 2015. It contains batteries, command centers, and LRSM launching areas.


Formosa Army Flag

Formosa's Army has two minor branches, Ground Forces, and Special Forces, each led by a Major General. The entire Army branch is led by an Army General and a Lieutenant General, which serves as the second-in-command. Both are TBD. The Ground Forces consists primarily of infantry and, if necessary, cavalry. The Special Forces consist of artillery gunners, weapon operators, drivers/pilots, and air- and sea-borne troops. The Army maintains a base within the city of Formosa. A basic squadron consists of 1 sergeant and 20 soldiers. The title of lieutenant sergeant (temporary, unofficial) can be assigned to a soldier as necessary, and a medic may be present. Currently, the army has deployed a tank and several vehicles to deal with the Ruby Sector Secession Crisis. It is stationed at the border and trying to knock down the fence with its cannon to make way for infantry and other vehicles. Troops from the Ground Forces and military guards from the Special Forces have also been deployed in Formosa for heightened security in wake of the Sealane attacks.

Emerald Sector

Emerald Sector is a planned area in Formosa to house the military, especially the Army. Training and storage facilities will also be here, and an Air Force facility will be built for the Air Force in conjunction with Sealane's Air Force when the UCWT airport is built..


The Army currently has developed and produced the following vehicles (all currently stationed at Formosa):

  • Tank (T) : 2
  • Troop Transport Truck (TTT) : 1
  • Command Jeep (CJ) : 1


Formosa Navy Flag

Formosa's Navy has two minor branches, Sea Forces and Air Forces, each led by a Rear Admiral, of which sesese9 is the Air Force Rear Admiral. Formosa also operates a Coast Guard (FCG), mainly to patrol its two Navy bases and rivers. It will be under the command of the Sea Forces Rear Admiral during wartime. The entire Navy branch is led by Navy Admiral AlikSong and a Vice Admiral, who serves as the second-in-command. The Vice Admiral is TBD. The Sea Forces Navy maintains a base off the coast of southern Whitechapel/western Kenthurst, and another at Fort Yaxier. The Air Forces Navy will also have two bases, one as an airfield for fighter jets, helicopters, etc. and another as space station in space world for its starfighters. All ships are planned by and the lead ship of each class constructed by Navy Industries.

Naval Base (Island)

Naval Base (Island) HQ, with a FCG boat docked and the F.S. Supreme and its pyramid dock in the background

The Formosa Naval Base (Island) consists of three main islands. The first island contains the Navy's command center, which has a ground level and a below-ground level. The second island is the entrance to the Navy Dockyard. It can be accessed by the general public and normal sailors through the Yellow Bridge, a drawbridge several meters above sea level and can be accessed through elevators in both pillars. There is a second underground entrance, but is restricted to officers. The Navy Dockyard consists of multiple piers that house off-duty ships, each of which has a boarding ramp and a reinforced elevator. The third island is being used as a dock for the airship F.S. Laputa (CVNA-1). There are four piers for the Dockyard, which also has its own rail line:

  • Pier A: Vacant (miscellaneous ships)
  • Pier 1: F.S. Formosa (DDG-1)
  • Pier 2A: F.S. Camelfantasy (DDG-2)
  • Pier 2B: F.S. Explorer (CG-1)
  • Pier 3A: Vacant (smaller destroyers/cruisers)
  • Pier 3B: F.S. Sealane (LHA-1)

 Pier Line 

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Construction.png P1 Pier 1 (under construction) No connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png P1-2 Pier A (1-2) No connections
Dynmap Construction.png P2 Pier 2 (under construction) No connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png P2-3 Pier A (2-3) No connections
Dynmap Pin.png P3 Pier 3 (planned) No connections

Naval Ship Classes and Ships

Ships are built by Navy Industries, a secondary division of CityTech. The Sea Forces Navy has constructed three Formosa-class destroyers, F.S. Formosa (DDG-1) and F.S. Camelfantasy (DDG-2), at its base, and F.S. Parramatta (DDG-5) at Kenthurst Fort. A Fantasy-class aircraft carrier F.S. Fantasy (CVN-1), a Victory-class submarine F.S. Victory (SSGN-1), and several landing crafts are being planned. All ships will be part of Carrier Strike Group 1 or 2, with a third one possible. All ships are either named by Camelfantasy or the current military commanding it. Active and planned ships:

  • F.S. Formosa (DDG-1) Carrier Strike Group 1 - Naval Base
  • F.S. Camelfantasy (DDG-2) Carrier Strike Group 1 - Naval Base
  • F.S. Parramatta (DDG-5) Carrier Strike Group 1 - Kenthurst Fort
  • F.S. Fantasy (CVN-1) Carrier Strike Group 1 - Naval Base
  • F.S. TBD (CVN-2) Carrier Strike Group 2 -
  • F.S. Victory (SSGN-1) Carrier Strike Group 1 - Naval Base
  • F.S. TBD (SSGN-2) Carrier Strike Group 1 - Naval Base
  • F.S. TBD (SSGN-3) Carrier Strike Group 2 -
  • F.S. Sealane (LHA-1) Carrier Strike Group 1 - Naval Base

F.S. Formosa

F.S. Formosa at Naval Base (Island)

F.S. Formosa

The F.S. Formosa's keel was laid on April 11, 2015. Construction was completed in 24 days, on May 5, 2015, and she will join Carrier Strike Group 1. She is the lead and sole (currently) ship of her class. F.S. Formosa has been designed as a stealth guided missile destroyer. The weapons are not controlled directly from the weapon body as traditional warships are; rather, they are controlled remotely from Deck 2 of the bridge. The destroyer has been designed to reduce the number of sailors required. An usual crew requires between 100-120 sailors (including officers). F.S. Formosa has only served in one major conflict, The Battle of the Wild Cows, when the wild cows on the western bank of Formosa's river refused to move and even charged at some of the surveyors. The sight of the ship sailing up the river, however, frightened them away immediately, and the land was taken easily.

F.S. Camelfantasy

The F.S. Camelfantasy was constructed on October 25, 2015 in the time frame of less than one second.

F.S. Parramatta

F.S. Parramatta sailing off into the sunset at Kenthurst Fort.

The F.S. Parramatta was built and deployed to Kenthurst Fort on December 13, 2015. It is currently under the command of Aliksong.

Armament and ships:

  • Two 12"/50 caliber Mark 8 guns
  • Six 5"/38 caliber Mark 12 guns
  • Four manual rapid-fire guns
  • One Black Hawk helicopter
  • Several more weapons and boats

General map (bow to stern):

  • Deck 3: Ship navigation
  • Deck 2: Ship weaponry control, kitchen
  • Deck 1: Manual weaponry, interior access hallway, mess hall, helicopter landing pad
  • Deck 02: Storage, offices, sleeping quarters, security, tennis court, power generation room, bathroom, pool/spa

F.S. Fantasy

F.S. Fantasy poster

The F.S. Fantasy is an aircraft carrier based off of the Isle of Friel.
F.S. Fantasy armament and ships:

  • [weapons]
  • [fighter jets]
  • [helicopters]
  • [boats]

F.S. Victory

F.S. Victory armament and ships:

  • [weapons]

F.S. Explorer

Guided Missile Cruiser, with 7 ships planned, all named after NASA space shuttles.

F.S. Sealane

Landing Helicopter Assault amphibious assault ship. It is the lead ship, currently only one in class, though more may be planned as soon as the ship is finished. It has a 200m long runway and a hangar with 2 elevators, and will have the capability to hold and launch over 10 standard fighter jets, as well as several helicopters if needed. The rear of the ship can also house small ships and other amphibious vehicles, which can be deployed out of the elevator well deck (for vehicles that can be used on surfaces) or the rear gate. An advanced redstone mechanism allows most rooms in the ship to be able to initiate a lockdown and activate an alarm system in case of emergency or enemy boarding. All living quarters are housed on Deck 01, and all operational areas are on Decks 1-3.

F.S. Avenger

Light Destroyer stationed at FAF Naval Base, contains light armaments and few crew members.

F.S. ?

Submarine currently under construction by _Ptld at Naval Base (Islands).


F-35/A Lightning II
F-22 Raptor

The Air Forces Navy has a base at UCWTIA near Formosa, which includes 1 Aether II-class cruiser, 5 F-35s, 2 Black Hawks, 4 Solar-class tanks, and various vehicles, as well as a command center and a watch tower. All other will likely be on aircraft carriers or at Fort Yaxier International Airport. A Supreme-class airborne aircraft carrier (CVNA-1), similar to a regular aircraft carrier, is being constructed, starting May 10, 2015, at the Naval Base. It has a black glass square pyramid as its docking and boarding area. Several different kinds of fighter jets and helicopters have been constructed for the Navy, the first of them being the ones on F.S. Formosa. Fighter jets consist of all classes of F-35, F-22, and F/A-18, and helicopters include Black Hawk helicopters. All fighter jets have specific wing insignias: the left wing has the flag of the Formosa Navy, and the right wing has the flag of the squadron the jet belongs to.

F-35/C Lightning II

The most advanced fighter jet on the server, this is the main fighter jet of the FAF, all belonging to the Cyan Air Squadron. There are currently 10 known FAF fighters, all located in the Western Hemisphere. 4 additional fighters have been deployed to Kenthurst Fort and are under the command of AlikSong.

Names of FAF F-35s:

  • Lonely Sky
  • Midsummer Night
  • Blue Water
  • Bright Star
  • River Hill
  • Long Reach
  • Hickory Ridge
  • Wild Lake
  • Kings Contrivance



Forget you ever saw this part. Or else the FAF will hunt you down, find you, and kill you.

Black Hawk

This is the FAF's general helicopter, and has the ability to hold troops as well as shooting down air or ground targets. All Formosa-class destroyers have a Black Hawk on its rear landing pad.

Names of FAF Black Hawks:

  • Everest
  • Kilimanjaro
  • Mauna Kea
  • Denali
  • Elbrus
  • Aconcagua
  • Kosciuszko


A small single-engine powered glider controlled manually that can hold 1-3 people. It is based off of the Mehve glider from Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind.

Names of FAF Mehve gliders:

  • Mehve
  • Nausicaä
  • Kushana

F.S. Laputa

F.S. Laputa under construction at Naval Base (Island)

Note: F.S. Laputa is currently under limited operation, as its interior is not fully complete while its exterior is. As such, it will only be able to house a skeleton crew and perform basic navigational and weaponry tasks. and will launch and house a limited number of fighter jets and helicopters. The Supreme-class F.S. Laputa will be the first airborne aircraft carrier (CVNA-1) on the server. Construction began on May 10, 2015 and is expected to finish by mid-2016. The general shape is similar to a regular aircraft carrier, but the hull will instead contain weapons and engines, and the interior will also be used as part troop transport. As it is airborne, it will also be the only carrier able to access anywhere on the entire map, unlike its seaborne counterparts. As such, it may be necessary to build additional airships for heavier defense. Aircraft used on board include F-35 Lightning II, F-35/A-C Lightning II, F-22 Raptor, and Black Hawk helicopters. They are the only fighter jet types currently planned to be used aboard the carrier.

F.S. Aether

The Aether-class airship is a light destroyer capable of traveling up to several hundred kilometers an hour. It contains 2 large cannons, 8 deck manual guns, 1 Long Range Strike Missile, and 5 Short Range Missiles. It is currently stationed at FAF Naval Base and is assigned to protection of the F.S. Laputa. It is usually accompanied by F-35 jets.

Aether II

The Aether II-class is an upgraded version of the Aether by jphgolf4321.

F.S. Yaxier

The Yaxier-class airship is an airborne escort carrier carrying 5 F-35/C Lightning II fighter jets, and 1 Black Hawk helicopter. It is heavily armed against aerial forces, is capable of aerial bombardment, and has a pseudonuclear superweapon on its underside.

Support Forces

Home Guard

Formosa Guard Flag

Formosa's Home Guard is responsible for patrolling and guarding sovereign land belonging to Formosa, Fort Yaxier, or their territories. An additional responsibility is to act as escorts to Formosa Army and Navy troops, equipment, and ships when not in battle. The Home Guard is under the command of the General of the Home Guard, and under their respective O-8 officers during wartime. The Home Guard is also responsible for security and maintaining order in cities it operates in, as well as in transit areas such as the Union of Central Western Territories International Airport.


The Terrestrial Home Guard consists of mostly reserve troops, security, patrols, and civilian and military police. Divisions in include Formosa Armed Forces Army Reserve, Formosa Security, Formosa Patrol, Formosa Police, and Formosa Armed Forces Police. Equipment utilized include motorcycles, troop carrier trucks, jeeps, tanks, patrol vehicles, and standard issue personnel weaponry and equipment.


The Hydro Home Guard consists of all naval forces, including personnel, ships, and equipment, which guards the waterways of Formosa and sovereign territory or allied nations. Ships are built by Navy Industries, a division of CityTech. Alfa-, Bravo-, and Charlie-class ships are currently the only classes. Alfa (Short Range Prosecutor) is an unarmed (no permanent armaments) speedboat, and Bravo (CutterBoat - Over The Horizon) is a reconnaissance ship with one forward-mounted gun.


  • F.S. Alfa (SRP-1) - Naval Base (Island)
  • F.S. Bravo (CB-OTH-1) - Formosa (river)
  • F.S. Bravo (CB-OTH-2) - Formosa (river)
  • F.S. Charlie (SRP-11) - Formosa (river)
  • F.S. Delta
  • F.S. Echo
  • F.S. Foxtrot



The Aether Home Guard consists of all air and space forces, including personnel, airborne vehicles, and equipment, which guards the airspace over Formosa and sovereign territory or allied nations.


The FAF Cyberspace division is responsible for the collection and interpretation of intelligence as well as undermining enemy operations through hacking into their technology.




FAF constantly has ongoing projects to develop, improve, and create better equipment and vehicles. Testing facilities are at Fort Yaxier Proving Grounds for the ground forces and equipment, Naval Islands and Fort Yaxier for sea forces, and Naval Islands-based carriers and UCWTIA for air/space forces.

Project Ghibli

The project is a research into the development and practical usage of certain vehicles and weaponry found in the world of Studio Ghibli. Prototypes were secretly copied from models in the Yaxier Convention Center and technology has been installed for functionality.

  • Mitsubishi A5M - classic mass-produceable fighter; in testing
  • God Warrior - giant artificial organic being with nuclear warfare and flight capabilities
  • Mehve - jet glider; in testing
  • unclassified biplane - propellor powered biplane; in testing
  • Laputa Robot - mid-sized mechanical being with pseudo-nuclear weaponry


Operation Description Units
Operation Formosa Joint operation to defeat rebel cows in Formosa Multiple vehicles and flags
Operation Sealane Defense of Sealane from Invading WAF Forces Military guards
Operation Nippia Defense of Nippia F-35 fighter jet
Operation Downsview Defense of Downsview and Loudoun-bound refugees 1 Army squadron and 1 tank
Operation Isle Patrol of area around Isle of Friel Several Coast Guard ships and fort defenses
Operation Accerton FAF Chamber Orchestra playing Pomp and Circumstance in honor of the end of Accerton. 4 violinists, 2 violists, 2 cellists, 1 conductor, 1 Pomp and Circumstance score

Foreign Deployment

Several Formosa-class destroyers of the Formosa Navy are planned to be deployed to various cities to protect them from any threats. A destroyer can be requested for your city, provided it has sufficient space in a body of water connected to any major ocean. Deployment for primary allies will be mostly unquestioned and unhindered, provided an admod is available to w/e it and Camelfantasy is notified. Deployment to secondary allies will require a reason. Ships may be bought; $30 for a Formosa-class destroyer, $15 for a Explorer-class cruiser, and $100 for a Sealane-class amphibious assault ship.

Alliance Statuses

All current primary alliances follow this doctrine: Any attacks on an ally of Formosa is considered an attack on Formosa itself, and the aggressor is therefore subject to, in addition to retaliation by said ally's military, a counterattack by Formosa's Armed Forces.

Enemy: "You seriously think that you can destroy us with just two ships and some aircraft?"
*30 seconds later*
Enemy: "Hey, where did [insert city here] go?

Easter Eggs

  • On Formosa-class destroyers, a sign near the command center reads, "Please do not make faces at the crew. Thank you.", as the command center has a wraparound clear window.
  • Some ideas of the airship and its base are from the Legend series.
  • The enemy always seems to be cows.
  • Laputa, the name giving to the airship, means "Floating Island", which describes the airship. It is also a swear word in both Spanish and Filipino.
  • FAF has a joke division that is in charge of playing music, seen at the destruction of old Accerton