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Farifax logo
City recognition
Date foundedc. 2012 as Ryzon
Town hall coordinates1924, 71, -1742
WorldOld World
MRT G5  Fairfax
Local transitMetroFairfax
Former name(s)Ryzon (January 1, 2014)

Fairfax is a city on the Old World located at G5 on the MRT Green Line. Fairfax was originally founded by rklaw999 as Ryzon. On January 1, 2014, it was renamed Fairfax to signal a new future in the city charter. Fairfax is now operated by the Fairfax Government headed by Governor _frozen.

The Fairfax City Seal represents both the raven, the symbol of Ravenswood's mayor, _frozen, and the teal & grey colors of Fairfax. The symbolism is that it represents the care and supervision of Fairfax by Ravenswood.

The City Hall is located at the intersection of South Mason Drive and Constitution Drive. Information regarding the city can be found inside the city hall. Currently, Fairfax is served by Fairfax Northern Cross, a massive transit hub that encompasses the MRT Green Line G5 station and serves as the hub of MetroFairfax.


Fairfax was originally established as Ryzon by a former member of the server, rklaw999. His buildings were many and was mostly made of iron, glass, and glowstone. Attractions included a town hall, a power plant, gas/rest area, the WRYZ Studios, and a city hall.

On December 21, 2013, a new chapter started for Ryzon when _frozen won Ryzon in the December 2013 Inactive Properties Auction. Soon after, many buildings met the wrecking ball, and some buildings were moved and preserved for historical purposes. A large replanning of the city began soon after, with major road renovations started on December 23, 2013. The only original buildings that survived was the WRYZ Studios and the old City Hall, now renovated.

On December 26, 2013, Ryzon announces that it will be renamed as of January 1, 2014 as Fairfax to signal a new beginning in the future. Named after Thomas Fairfax, 6th Lord Fairfax of Cameron and also the county in Virginia where _frozen used to call home, Fairfax will boast a new modern city with light rail services and a major transit hub called Fairfax Northern Cross to replace the old Ryzon Transit Hub.

By March 2014, Fairfax had more buildings than Ryzon once had, and is now a regional power with excellent relations with its neighboring towns -- Minetown, Atlanta, Galaxyville, Greenway, Hillville, Frost City, and Snowy.

In the month of July 2014, Fairfax annexed two neighboring towns. Frost City and Eagle's Reach came to an agreement with the City of Fairfax Government to be absorbed into the city proper, and they turn into their own districts with their own deputy mayors. MC_Protocol is the first District Mayor of Fairfax, with his responsibility tasked to Frost City.

Town revitalization phases

Fairfax's redesigned station

When Fairfax came in being on January 1, 2014, it was already in the first phase of the two-phased revitalization project of Fairfax. Phase I, which was completed as of February 15, 2014, focuses on the city essentials, including:

  • Building a new City Hall (COMPLETED)
  • Complete the Fairfax Avenue Corridor (COMPLETED)
  • Creating a entirely new road grid to better mesh with the I-0 Corridor and the neighboring cities (COMPLETED)
  • Create a new Transit Hub to serve the Northeast - (COMPLETE)
  • Create a new metro system - (COMPLETE)
  • Create the first two districts - (COMPLETE)
  • Naming the streets (COMPLETE)

Phase II, from February 15, 2014, towards mid-summer 2014, focuses on several things:

  • Creation of the Sports District
  • Central Business District Build-out
  • Establish new plans for the future of Fairfax
  • Establish connections if possible with the New World - depending on the information coming out of the upcoming GSMs.
  • Establish direct transit links to all other major transit hubs (SCTC, Inchmuir, etc) to facilitate easier transfers across any transit systems.
  • Complete the Mason Drive Project north to Hillville and South to Greenway and/or Wacha Academy Stations
  • Full build-out of Metro Fairfax system, including routes to Galaxyville, Greenway, Wacha Academy, Minetown, Hillsville, Snowy, Zip City, and Frost City.
Map of Fairfax City Limits and Surrounding Cities as of July 18, 2014

With the acquisition of Frost City and Eagle's Reach Districts, Fairfax has now faced a real need for a new plan for the future. In order to do this, a comprehensive political boundary map had to be made to ensure boundaries are in the correct place. The map, unofficial and preliminary as of now, shows the city limit of Fairfax and its neighboring cities.

Phase III, the final plan for Fairfax, is now announced. It will include:

  • Expansion of the Sports District
  • Complete Integration of Frost City District's roads with Fairfax's grid
  • Establishment of the Eagle's Reach Natural Reserve
  • Renovation of the Eagle's Reach Spirit Tree Landmark
  • Expansion of Fairfax Central Business District to the south
  • Addition of new roads to accomodate growth of the City


Fairfax City Hall, located at the corner of Potomac Road and Alexandra Street

Fairfax's city government will operate in a city-state government style, with a Governor overseeing the entire city-state, with several District Mayors overseeing specific districts. To use something that fits the standard city government model, the Governor has similar powers as a Mayor, while the District Mayors have the same powers as the Deputy Mayors, but with some more power attached to the deputy mayors. Each District's deputy mayors does not represent the city as a whole, but their own specific district. MC_Protocol is the first District Mayor, overseeing the Frost City District.

Fairfax's Government is headquartered in the Fairfax City Hall, an art-deco building right next to the MRT station. Each District Mayors will have their own offices at the City Hall.

The Governor is responsible for ensuring the town has operational road and transit network at all times inside and outside the town, and runs the Central Business Area of the District. The Governor is also responsible in making sure District Mayors are able to keep up with the overall look and style of the town, and has the power to replace District Mayors at-will. He is also responsible for the inter-city relations with neighboring cities, making sure everything is harmonious with other cities. The Governor also assume the responsibility of the transit network routing through the town, making decisions as needed.

Fairfax is divided into small districts of various sizes, with different District Mayors overseeing the economic development and buildings of each districts. Each district will either have a single unique attraction that gives it a name, or is given its name due to its location. District Mayors are responsible on ensuring everything is maintained, and each buildings should be complete and attractive in a style that will fit into a city of the 1990's and forth. However, recent land acquistions has not followed this trend, and the new district is named after their original town names.

Districts will be formed after the application stage for new District Mayors are completed. Please submit an application to _frozen's mailbox at the Fairfax City Hall. It is located behind the Information Desk, next to where Dolores Umbridge works.

Fairfax Districts Current District Mayor
Central Business District _Frozen
Sports District
West Fairfax District
South Fairfax District
College Park District
Frost City District MC_Protocol
Eagle's Reach District
East Fairfax District


Fairfax is served by Fairfax Northern Cross, a transit hub located at the intersection of Fairfax Avenue and Mason Drive. The location was home to the old Ryzon Transit Hub, but renovations to the hub resulted in it being renamed Fairfax Northern Cross (a knockoff of the actual Melbourne Southern Cross station). At this time, Fairfax Northern Cross is being served by the MRT Green Line, the Eastern System Transit Green Line, Truckee Transit, and the Minetown Transit Agency Diamond Line. Fairfax Northern Cross also serves as the main hub of the MetroFairfax system.

Metro Fairfax

Metro Fairfax is the new metro system serving Fairfax and its neighbors. For more information, please check the Metro Fairfax page.

Metro Fairfax Light Rail Stations will be using stations and track systems from AMR Corp called the AMRv2. Pacifica Transit's Phoenix Models will be made available for use in other cities, but was originally planned to be rolled out in Fairfax.

Road systems

The current Interstates that connect (or are near) to Fairfax are I-0 (exits on I-0 includes Fairfax Avenue and Mason Drive), I-301, I-101, accessed from I-0 and leads to Spawn. The bus system that travels along I-0 and I-301, the MRT International Airport Express also serves Fairfax at stop 3. To get to it, take the warp booth from spawn and visit bay 2 in the station. The other stops include: Parkour, Shadow Falls, Mine Town, and of course the MRT International Airport. Pigs are supplied at Spawn and can be parked at the Public Pig Parking (PPP) located off of Fairfax Highway. If you pig escapes, pigs are also supplied at Fairfax near the Green Line entrance for your return trip back to spawn. Mason Drive (formerly known as Ryzon Highway) services I-0, Hillville, and Greenway stations. Horse Parking stations are located along Mason Drive. For buses, Fairfax Northern Cross also serves as a main hub for the Ender Bus Alliance.

Original Map of Planned and Completed Roads

The entire road network of Fairfax has been reworked from its old Ryzon grid. Please see the attached thumbnail for the original road map of the Fairfax Road Network. This road map has recieved approval of all adjoining cities, which was important as we share a very close border with Galaxyville and Minetown. Major renovations that have taken place includes:

  • A new Fairfax Avenue Corridor- a east-west multi-modal link that includes a road and light rail inside its landscaped median, and intersects I-0 at two places to provide a business loop to I-0. The light rail in its median is called the Fairfax Line, and is now open.
  • A new Mason Drive Corridor-- a north-south multi-modal link that replaced the old Ryzon Highway to the towns north and south of Fairfax. With the same avenue design as Fairfax Avenue - including the light rail system in its median- but with a single lane each way, Mason Drive is a busy route through Fairfax. This project has been completed pending future extensions, and the road is now built from Hillville south to Greenway. The light rail in the median is called the Mason Line, and is now open.
  • New interchanges with I-0 replaced the single old Ryzon interchange. Several interchanges were built to better serve both Fairfax and I-0's commuters. The interchanges is located at Fairfax Avenue (West)in the west, partial interchanges with Mason Drive and McLean Avenues in the central, and Fairfax avenue (East) to the west. There is also an interchange at Minetown Boulevard that serves Chantilly Avenue on the I-301 corridor.
  • The replacement of all old road surfaces from wool cloth to hardened asphalt.


Fairfax serves as the headquarters of the Fairfax Stock Exchange and several other business has also called Fairfax home. For a full listing of all businesses in Fairfax, please consult Fairfax/Businesses. Fairfax provides elegant and modern buildings for your business to move in, and there are always space for any size of businesses, from mom and pop shops up to megacorporations!


Fairfax appeared on the first season of The Amazing Race as the location of the final challenge (more specifically the Fairfax Stock Exchange building) and the finish line.