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The Fairfax Northern Cross (left).

The Fairfax Northern Cross is a multimodal transportation hub located in the central business district of Fairfax. It is currently being built by _frozen with help by yeamanator132. At its upcoming grand opening, Northern Cross will serve a maximum of 17 transit lines, along with 8 bus lines. It is designed so that if demand is met, capacity of the station in both sections (rail or bus) can be doubled at any time without further disruption to service.

It is built in a modern style with grey and blue being the dominant colors. Inspiration of the roof structure was from an custom-made rail station in the game Sim City 4, a past favorite of _frozen's. One has said that the side entrances (the entrances facing Mason Drive on both sides) can be compared to Melbourne's Cricket Grounds. The interior will host several different food-based and retail-based franchises in a mall-like setting while providing the best service possible to the commuters of the Northeast.

The name was inspired by the station which roof was originally planned to be installed, Melbourne Southern Cross. The Southern Cross roof was later determined too difficult to replicate in Minecraft with good results, and the alternative roof (the one currently gracing Northern Cross) was designed and built. Taking consideration in the location of the station in the northern part of the MRT, it was necessary to rename Southern Cross to Northern Cross, even though it shares no resemblance to the actual Melbourne Southern Cross anymore.

Rail Transit

Fairfax Northern Cross currently provides 17 platforms, with all but one underground. Platforms designations has not been decided upon, but the five first agencies and lines that will serve Northern Cross will be the Fairfax Station of the Green Line, Metro Fairfax system, the MTA Minetown Transit Agency Diamond Line, PTAR Archer Line, and Eastern System Transit Green Line. The majority of the agencies approved served the old Ryzon Transit Hub, which was located at the current site. The platforms will all run from east to west with the exception of the MRT Green Line platforms, which runs north-south.

Platforms are either "through" platforms or "terminus" platforms. The "Through" platforms will be on the northern and southern side of Northern Cross, while the "terminus" platforms-- only three of them at this time -- will be located on the eastern side of Northern Cross.


Fairfax Northern Cross uses Pacifica Transit technology for the majority of the platforms to ensure a tight fit and easier modularity. The MRT Green Line Station uses MRT v4.2 technology created by frumple.

Tunnels connecting station platforms to outside Fairfax Northern Cross are all standardized, with a limit of either a 3x3 or 5x3 dimension. The tracks are pre-laid to ensure easier navigation through the station, again, for maximum modularity capabilities.


Fairfax Northern Cross has 6 floors at this time. Floor 3 serves the MRT Green Line in its capacity as the G5 Station. Stairways leads down to Floor 2, or the Yeamanator Mezzanine, named such after the moderator who has helped immensely in the construction of the station. A franchise serving sushi will be located on the mezzanine on the Main Entrance side.

Floor 1 - The Arcade - is the main floor with access to Fairfax City. There are 8 entrances -- 2 on each side. The Main Entrance is the eastern entrance, which overlooks Fairfax Avenue. The rest of the entrances is named after their directions-- North, South, and West Entrances. Multiple franchises will be located on this floor to serve customers.

Under the Arcade is the Metro Fairfax Concourse. This concourse will be the level to serve all Metro Fairfax lines, including a pass-through of both the Fairfax and Mason Light Rail Lines through the concourse. It is planned to have 8 Metro Fairfax stops-- two for either Light Rail routes, and 6 for the rest. The Metro Fairfax Concourse is also where you will be able to access the Bus Transit Hub, located under the western entrance.

The Vault is the floor serving all rail connections. It is not the bottom of the station, but merely the first level of a modular system designed to add more lines if demand is needed. Platforms will be designated and listed at a later time, but currently, MTA Diamond Line and EST Green Line will have stations at this level.

Further floors will be open as demand is met.

Requesting platforms

I will be using the standards set up by the SCTC allocation procedure to assist in distribution of the platform assignment, with some modifications. They are listed below, and was originally written by chiefbozx. However, please do understand we may either expedite or refuse some requests at our own discretion. This will be determined by external circumstances.

To request a platform, follow these instructions:

  1. Determine the route map of your line. Be sure to list it somewhere on the wiki. You don't need to use {{station/h}} and {{station}}, but those templates are recommended. We will NOT accept proposal without this kind of information.
  2. If your line is a one-way line or Fairfax Northern cross is a terminus, request a Terminus platform. Two-way loop lines and two-way point-to-point lines where SCTC is not a terminus need a through station. Please consider a pass-through, since Fairfax Northern Cross is focused on a through station scheme.
  3. Put a sign on the cracked stone bricks along the Red Construction Glass on the main entrance and you're done:
Your Name
Leave second line blank
Number of stations requested ("1 NS Through" requests one north-south through station, "1  Terminus" requests one terminus.
Size of tunnel desired (either 3x3 or 5x3).

We ask that you please put your name up twice if you want different kinds of platforms, such as an Terminus and an EW Through.

Rail platform assignment process

Since there is high demand for platforms and very little space, platforms must be assigned in one way or another. The following policies will be used when determining platform assignment:

  • All platform requests will be reviewed with transit company owners, and line maps and proposals will be made to determine the course of tunnels. Lines will be consolidated if possible. Companies requesting 3 or more platforms will be asked to prioritize lines.

For platforms that have great demand, the following algorithm will be used:

  1. Platforms might be rerouted if reasonably possible, for instance switching a line from a West terminus to a North terminus if it goes in a generally northwestern direction.
  2. Transit lines that reach to new areas of the map or provide new connections will receive 3 points.
  3. Transit lines that are entirely underground will receive 1 point.
  4. Transit lines that have two (2) or fewer of their stations within the Northeastern Region will receive 2 points. Lines that travel entirely within Northern Region will lose 9 points.
  5. Transit lines lose 5 points if they have fewer than 5 stations in total, and gain 3 points if they have 8 or more stations in total. Stations should be reasonably spaced apart (not every block of a city).
  6. Each line will receive a random number between -2.0 and 2.0 points (random number between -20 and 20 inclusive, divided by 10). These numbers will be generated by random.org and their signatures will be posted for you to inspect and verify.
  7. In the event of skewed results, administrators will add or subtract up to 5 points per line.
  8. The order of assignment will be determined by the points at this step: the company with the most points gets first dibs at a platform, then the second, third, and fourth. In the event of a tie, the algorithm will be used again, using only the companies in question. If a company ties with itself, that company must choose which line(s) to serve Fairfax Northern Cross.

Bus Transit Hub

Along with rails, Fairfax Northern Cross is home to several underground bus gates. Gates are arranged into islands on the Northern and Southern side, and are numbered instead of lettered. Each gate has a combination of a letter, either N or S (for Northern and Southern, respectively) and numbers ranging from 10 to 37 that tells players which side, island, and gate their bus is on without having to go and find it.

Using the gate number XYZ (where X, Y and Z are either letters or the digits of the number), it is possible to determine the location of the gate:

  • X tells which side the island will be located (either the North, West, or South Side)
  • Y is the island number counting up from the central corridor. The West Island will have a number of 0.
  • Z is the gate number, numbered 0-7. Odd numbers are for north-facing gates and even numbers are for south-facing gates. Numbers increase as you go west.

For example, gate S27 is in the South Side, Island 2, and the last one on the north side while gate N33 is in north side, island 3, and the second one on the north from the walkway.

The Bus Hub is accessible from the western end of the Metro Fairfax Concourse. The concourse is located behind the Bus Ticket Kiosks. The buses access the hub from a entrance portal on Fairfax Avenue.

West Side Island Routes

Platform(s) Owner Route
W00 Spawn City Transit Authority  2  Spawn City to  G2  MRT International Airport via  Y10  Parkour, Shadow Falls, Fairfax and  Y2  Hardesty

North Side Island Routes

Platform(s) Owner Route
N10 Matt Transit MB 12 To Plainscity via Welcomeville
N11 Matt Transit MB 13 To Keris via SCTC
N12 Matt Transit MB 14 To Parkour via Robin's Hill or Tulsa
N13 RESERVED No Route Yet
N20 Vacant No Route Yet
N21 Vacant No Route Yet
N22 Vacant No Route Yet
N23 Vacant No Route Yet
N30 Vacant No Route Yet
N31 Vacant No Route Yet
N32 Vacant No Route Yet
N33 Vacant No Route Yet

South Side Island Routes

All bays in the south side islands are served by the Ender Bus Alliance.

Platform(s) Owner Route
S10 IntraBus IB05 - Express to Crystal City via I-1
S11 IntraBus IB06 - Northeast Waterport via I-02
S12 IntraBus IB02 Southbound - Bridgeview
S13 IntraBus IB02 Northbound - MRT International Airport
S20 Wheelie Buses WT10 - Redlin via Treplow
S21 Mandela Busses M500 - Mandela Station to Riverend via Fairfax
S22 IntraBus IB08 - Welcomeville
S23 Vacant No Route Yet
S30 RapidMRT Bus No Route Yet
S31 Vacant No Route Yet
S32 NETBus NE01 - Riverside
S33 Vacant No Route Yet

Bus size limits

Due to spacing limitations the following requirements are in place for all buses:

  • Buses may have a maximum length (front to back) of 13 blocks.
  • Buses on level 1 have a maximum height of 7 blocks, including any redstone on top.
  • Buses have a maximum width of 5 blocks.
  • Buses must have their doors line up with the curb markers (done in stone brick slabs) at gates.