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Falloway Pub Crawl

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The Falloway Pub Crawl is game located in the City of Falloway which requires players to go from pub to pub, collecting each establishment’s signature beer. Players start at Captain's Corner and end up at The Caledonian, snaking through town to visit a total of 11 locations.

The game can be completed at any time at the player’s own leisure, however competitive races are also held by the town’s Mayor thomasfyfe. The first event has been announced as the Inaugural Pub Crawl which will take place on September 4th at 19:00 UTC.

How to Play

Players start at the Captain's Corner pub located in Lower Falloway. The aim is to collect a drink (renamed potion) at each location returning them to The Caledonian before any other player. There is no set route so players have free roam throughout the city.

The signature beer is a renamed potion which can be found in a brewing stand at the bar in each location. If there are no beers left in the brewing stands then a chest within the immediate vicinity will contain an ample supply. There may be obstacles in some locations where players may have to retrieve some additional stock from the cellar or supplier.


  • Player must be in Adventure Mode
  • Player must clear inventory before starting the race

The starting location also contains these rules and instructions. Additional instructions can be found at event locations as well as by event organisers.


  • Captain's Corner - "Captain's Stout"
  • Ballatyre Breweries (Farmer's Market) - “Falloway Reserve”
  • The Orange Bar - “Falloway IPA”
  • The Lounge Bar - “Just Lager”
  • Classy as Fork - “Fork Meade”
  • Brews of Yesteryear - “Yesteryear Brew”
  • The Shady Corner - “Shady Ale”
  • The Brown Banner - “Banner Ale”
  • City Square Hotel - “Falloway Porter”
  • The Redcoat Tavern - “Red Ale”
  • The Caledonian - “The Highlander"

Participating establishments in the Pub Crawl
Captain's Corner
Ballatyre Breweries
The Orange Bar
The Lounge Bar
Classy as Fork
Brews of Yesteryear
The Shady Corner
The Brown Banner
City Square Hotel
The Redcoat Tavern
The Caledonian


  • Falloway Pub Crawl: Summer Edition - 19th/27th August 2017, 19:00 UTC