Falloway Pub Crawl: Summer Edition

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Alert.png The Falloway Pub Crawl: Summer Edition is set for August 19 at 7pm UTC!
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The Falloway Pub Crawl: Summer Edition is a themed race operating under the banner of the Falloway Pub Crawl, organised by CaptainChimpy and thomasfyfe. The game requires players to go from pub to pub collecting their signature beers before returning them to the event organisers at the finishing location. The Summer Edition is a competitive race.

How to Play

Players start at the Captain's Corner pub located in Lower Falloway. The aim is to collect a drink (renamed potion) at each location returning them to The Caledonian before any other player. There will be a set route to follow during the race; this will be given out in cluebooks. Certain pubs may not be easily accessible: it’s up to you to find a way in (and out)!

The signature beer is a renamed potion which can be found in a brewing stand at the bar in each location. If there are no beers left in the brewing stands then a chest within the immediate vicinity will contain an ample supply. There may be obstacles in some locations where players may have to retrieve some additional stock from the cellar or supplier.

Player must be in Adventure Mode
Player must clear inventory before starting the race
The starting location also contains these rules and instructions. Additional instructions can be found at event locations as well as by event organisers.


Classy as Fork - Frozen Fork
A chilled drink of New England origin, served at the Classy as Fork. The Frozen Fork is much-loved especially in the height of the Fallowian summers where temperatures can hit 30C. The Frozen Fork may also be seen outside of Falloway; the drink was spotted at numerous matches at a spleef competition, the MRT Open Cup.

The Lounge Bar - Casual Twister
The Lounge Bar usually serves "Just Lager" but in the summer the punters love a "Casual Twister", a blend of leftover casks with a hint of fruit to mask the smell. Fruitalicious!

Captain’s Corner - Captain’s Tonic
"Captain's Stout" is a little too heavy for the summer so the captain himself brewed up the "Captain's Tonic", a medicinal eye opener of a drink for the adventurous soul. What better companion could you get for a journey through Falloway?

Brews of Yesteryear - Yesteryear Brew
No description required.

City Square Hotel - Runaway Packer
In normal times, the City Square Hotel would serve the Falloway Porter. In the summer, however, is HOLIDAY! The Runaway Packer is a drink designed to energise you even after you are exhausted having walked around the streets of Falloway. Give this to the kids. You’ll never need Capri-Sun again.

The Shady Corner - Chilly Cornerstone
Standing on a corner attempting to hail a cab is a memory easily held in the minds of the traveller. This summer, the Shady Corner cooks up the Chilly Cornerstone for when the Shady Ale is too little. Especially when you want to drown your sorrows because you’ve only got 2 weeks annual holiday.

The Orange Bar - The Lazy Lager
Kick back and relax with the Lazy Lager, a fruity new drink served up by your favourite Orange Bar. Procrastination is the trendy beverage this summer. Forget about that annoying work colleague or the irritating manager. Let the Orange Bar lead you on a lazy journey.

Ballatyre Brewery - Falloway Reserve
"Mr. Ballatyre started out as a chemist brewing healing medicines. After one batch began to ferment into a poison, a little water was added to reduce its potency. The resulting concoction has been bottled as the Falloway Reserve ever since, one of the strongest drinks in the city."

The Brown Banner - Banner Ale'
"The Brown Banner proudly displays its banners and signature drink, the Banner Ale. A slightly musty drink but the Brown Banner regulars stand by it and refuse to sink lower than to be seen in a lesser establishment."

The Redcoat Tavern - Red Ale
"Red Ale wasn't always red and is believed to be a by-product of the brick in which The Redcoat Tavern is built with. The red adds a little spice of colour and taste to an otherwise average ale."

The Caledonian - The Highlander
"The Highlander is the drink of victory, known by many as "the last pint" on Falloway's legendary pub crawls. Its taste doesn't matter for most who sample it are already drunk and are just happy to have made it to the end."


A map of the route will be published at the conclusion of the race.


Player Country Rank (at time of race) Placing
Mossie_1810 United Kingdom Senator
Duechayapol Thailand Mayor
MikeRoma United States of America Senator
SubmergedSubway United States of America undefined
mine_man_ United Kingdom Governor