Federated States Aerospace Agency

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Federated States of the New World
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Federated States Aerospace Agency
FSAA Logo.jpg
Date formed July 12th, 2020
Head PaintedBlue
Motto "Locus est Magni"
YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0ZyCVKpEVdWL-Rm3aFnfSw

The Federated States Aerospace Agency (FSAA), is the space agency of the Federated States of the New World. The head of the program is PaintedBlue.


The FSAA has a small space facility in Cape Cambridge. We are also considering a facility at Totem Beach for a large space center, and Sand as a second launch location for smaller rockets.


Neptune I


The Neptune I (formerly Void7) is a heavy-lift rocket that is operated by AxiomSpace. It features 7 Shuriken-1X liquid engines and 2 Mallard SRBs. The rocket is only rated for cargo, as there is no intentions for this rocket to carry crew.

Triton I

Ceres I.png

The Triton I is a crew-rated liquid fueled 2-stage rocket. It will carry the Aquarius spacecraft into space.


The Valkyrie series of rockets are converted FS-01 Vector ICBM's and their variations that are now used to launch payloads into space


Space Station

The FSAA Space Station Azura is a modular station that will be launched into orbit. There is currently 1 module up in space.

Neptune II

The Neptune II will be an upgraded version of the Neptune I. It will feature 2 more SRBs and an improved upper stage.


Mission Name Mission Details Launch Date Launched from Launch Vehicle Payload Mission Result Notes
Assembly-1 The first mission of the FSSA which placed the first orbital module

of the Federated States Space Station Azura

October 23rd 2020 South Zeta Space Center Valkyrie I Nexus Orbital Module Success
Eureka A mission to launch the Eureka probe to help discover more of the

galaxy, and help study the formation of the universe

November 1st 2020

7:00p UTC

South Zeta Space Center Valkyrie II Eureka space probe Success Craft will not be returning,

currently in orbit around

the sun

Sovereign One A mission of the NGSA to test the functionality and construction of

rockets and orbital vehicles

TBD South Zeta Space Center TBD TBD Planned Stay tuned for


Assembly-2 A mission which will place the second orbital module

of the Federated States Space Station Azura

TBD South Zeta Space Center Valkyrie II TBD Planned
Delivery-1 A mission which will launch and dock an

uncrewed Aquarius Spacecraft with the Space

Station Azura Nexus Orbital module.

TBD Avenir Space Center (planned) Triton I Aquarius Spacecraft Planned Duration of stay will

be 7 days before