Federated States of the New World

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Federated States
President ondist (IJP)
Vice President DintyB
Secretary of State MPolo455
General Information
Capital Villanueva
Founded April 17th 2020
Membership 35

The Federated States of the New World, also known under the abbreviation F.S., is a country on the MRT. In essence, it nods to both the U.S. and EU.

In a Nutshell

Founded by ondist, the F.S. aims to create a fun and peaceful community with more specific collaborative projects than independent MRT members. To join, please message a member and they will give you a link to the discord server. Once you join, you must then tell us the name of your town and its coordinates and we will accept you as a member. You will not have access to the full server until you are a member. You may also join as an observer.

The Parliament

When you become a member, which should be an easy process in normal cases, you automatically become a member of the parliament. The amount of seats depends on the amount of members and their ranks. Unranked towns have one seat, Councillor two, Mayor three, Senator four, Governor five, and Premier six. In elections for subjects in the parliament, every seat has the power of one vote – Hence, the higher rank your town is, the more powerful you are.

Member States

Name Rank Type Ruling Party Governor Name Gvr' Rank Joined
Villanueva [Senator] Capital,


IJP ondist [Senator] April 17th, 2020
Graham Island [Unranked] Free Isle N/A Community-owned N/A April 17th, 2020
Rockham [Councillor] City-State People's Republic Aldranster50 [Councillor] April 19th, 2020
New Dublinium [Mayor] City-State Liberal Democratic Party DintyB [Mayor] April 20th, 2020
Javashire [Unranked] City-State Independent JavaIsBetter [Trustee] April 23rd, 2020
Lanatam [Mayor] City-State Independent MPolo455 [Mayor] May 4th, 2020
Prismarine [Mayor] City-State Independent Pretzel33 [Mayor] May 4th, 2020
Hythe [Unranked] City-State Independent Aegledis [Trustee] May 4th, 2020
Northernpass [Mayor] City-State Independent Krisyam [Mayor] May 4th, 2020
Bridgeport [Councillor] City-State Liberal Democratic Party ericsong1911 [Councillor] May 4th, 2020
Geonosys [Unranked] City-State Independent Taishir_ [Citizen] May 7th, 2020
Miu Wan [Councillor] City-State Independent LKRandom [Councillor] May 12th, 2020
Plexitopia [Unranked] City-State Independent Plexit [Citizen] May 14th, 2020
Woodburn [Unranked] City-State People's Republic rocko6alex [Citizen] May 15th, 2020
Trickdale [Unranked] City-State Independent Aegledis [Trustee] May 18th, 2020
Suncheon Metropolitan City [Unranked] Metropolitan Conurbation Liberal Democratic Party fork_07 [Senator] May 24th, 2020
Ludkrona [Unranked] City-State Independent Dartvader2005 [Citizen] May 26th, 2020
Montagnas [Councillor] City-State Independent Mintech [Councillor] May 28th, 2020
Light Society [Unranked] City-State Independent Lightstone_HK [Citizen] May 29th, 2020
Mediville [Unranked] City-State Independent networkpersonal [Citizen] May 29th, 2020
Shabu Laji [Councillor] City-State Liberal Democratic Party Fotiaoqiang [Councillor] May 29th, 2020
East Lake [Unranked] City-State People's Republic Meow10811 [Trustee] June 4th, 2020
Lilygrove [Unranked] City-State Independent PaintedBlue [Trustee] June 6th, 2020
Upwick [Unranked] City-State Liberal Democratic Party DintyB [Mayor] June 16th, 2020
Totem Beach [Senator] City-State People's Republic Crimsonf0x [Senator] June 16th, 2020
Gryffin [Councillor] City-State People's Republic Crimsonf0x [Senator] June 16th, 2020
New Caravaca [Unranked] City-State Independent Freskooo [Citizen] June 17th, 2020
Sand [Councillor] City-State People's Republic TheSubway [Mayor] June 17th, 2020
San Chorizo [Unranked] City-State Liberal Democratic Party Ericsong1911 [Councillor] June 20th, 2020
Ottia Islands [Councillor] City-State Independent Oshawott 12 [Councillor] June 21st, 2020
Oceanside [Unranked] City-State Independent EtihadMan [Citizen] June 28th, 2020
Vulpica [Unranked] City-State People's Republic Crimsonf0x [Senator] July 6th, 2020
Weezerville [Councillor] City-State FSDP SansNotLuigi [Senator] July 7th, 2020
Castilion [Unranked] City-State Independent mooseman0725 [Citizen] July 7th, 2020
Feldonmar [Unranked] City-State Independent dartvader2005 [Citizen] July 7th, 2020
Miningstone Valley [Unranked] City-State Liberal Democratic Party Johngi [Councillor] July 8th, 2020

Other Information

The F.S. has two domestic airports, Totem Beach Simon Airfield and Villanueva Rick Sanchez Airfield, both located in Ward 6. The national carrier of the F.S. is UnionAirways.png.


Villanueva, the capital

Villanueva is, just in front of New Dublinium, the largest town in the F.S., while also being the capital. It is in beach, desert and savannah biomes, located on the northern banks of Heart Lake, and around Mission Bay. The town, founded and cared for by ondist, is also home to the government headquarters. Currently, Villaenueva is ranked Mayor – it forms one of the larger towns in southwest Epsilon and Ward 6. Cities nearby include Sansvikk, Gillmont, and Savannah. Apart from it's MRT station, SW26, and a few helicopter connections, Villanueva is isolated from the rest of the MRT's transportation network. Road, rail, and air connections are in the works, with a priority of connecting other F.S. members.

Lanatam, the western town

Lanatam is MPolo455's only town. Located in Ward 8, in a fertile plain and near a river, the town benefits from presence of many FS towns in the region: Ludkrona, Hythe, Woodburn. If you visit Lanatam, go see those buildings, they are worth to be seen: The Lanatam gardens, the Lanatam Cathedral and the Spleef Arena. Fun fact: Lanatam (Lānātam) means wooly in Latin. This can be explained by the main exportation of the region: Wool. Due to the big distance between Lanatam and the bigger cities of the MRT, the town, even though it is ranked mayor, was isolated from the rest of the world for a long time. However, there is now a railway built between Lanatam and Savage City, so now, there is no excuse to not visit the biggest FS town in Ward 8!

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National Rail Network

Space Agency

The Parliament Project

At a voicechat meeting held on the 26th of June 2020, crimsonf0x proposed that FS