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Feline Holdings Campus

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Alert.png Project cancelled.
This project was never completed and the portions which were built were demolished when Covina annexed the city of Vergil.
Feline Holdings Campus
Feline Holdings International.png
Manager KittyCat11231
Additional Information
Location Vergil
Completed Buildings 2
Planned Buildings 6
Parent Company Feline Holdings
Feline Holdings International

The Feline Holdings Campus is an under construction facility which will act as the new world headquarters of Feline Holdings. It is being constructed in Vergil and will have approximately 8 buildings. The Feline Holdings Tower in Central City will remain in use for additional office space.

Completed Buildings

Catronics Tower

Companies: Catronics (ComputerMart)

IntraTransit Tower

Companies: IntraTransit (IntraBus, IntraAir (IntraAir Boutique, GEMS Airline), IntraTransit Manufacturing (IntraBus Fleet Division, IntraAir Livery Division))

Planned Buildings

Music Tower

Companies: Music's Gems, Sharkeisha's Secret, Death Valley

Catering Tower

Companies: Feline Catering Group (69fry, Ben & Jeremy's, The German Sausage Factory, Dunking Doughnuts, Mickey & Donald's, Antipasto Grill, 953cola)

Fleek Hotel Group Tower

Companies: Fleek Hotel Group (Fleek Hotels, BonQUINN, Felicia Grand, Mama Bird Lodges)

Maraj Tower

Companies: The Leather Emplorium, X-Mobile (Feline Wireless, RedMobile), Justin & Justin, MEOW Outdoor Media, CX+ Shipping, Feline Investment Group, Minaj Market Group (Minaj Market, Super Minaj Market), OpenShop Distribution Company

International Tower

Companies: Feline Holdings International (Feline Holdings Felina, Feline Holdings UrbanCraft)

Executive Tower

Companies: None