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FliHigh Airlines

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FliHigh Airlines
CODE Callsign
Founded April 2, 2018
Commenced operations April 3, 2018
Operating bases Venceslo-Fifth Ward International Airport
Hubs Venceslo-Fifth Ward International Airport
Secondary hubs Southwold International Airport (Planned)
Focus cities Itomori Municipal Airfield
Frequent-flyer program HiMiles
Alliance SkyNation Alliance
Active flights 33
Destinations 26
Company slogan Find the Red Plane.
Parent company Time2 Venceslo Properties ZS20
Headquarters FliHigh Center - University Boulevard, Venceslo
Key people CEO: time2makemymove

FliHigh Airlines is an airline on the Minecart Rapid Transit server, with headquarters in Venceslo and it's hub located in Venceslo-Fifth Ward International Airport, with a secondary hub to be established in Southwold International Airport (Whiteley/Schillerton), once it is built. The airline also operates Itomori Municipal Airfield as a focus city, with less flights than its' Venceslo counterpart. It is a member and co-founder of the SkyNation Alliance. FliHigh's current slogan is Find the Red Plane. It is the flag carrier of the city of Venceslo.

The airline was founded by time2makemymove after he and Frosty_Creeper10 mutually decided to split up the airline FlyCreeper into two airlines focused around their respective hub airports. Technically founded on April 2, 2018, FliHigh Airlines took over FlyCreeper’s Venceslo hub, and the large majority of the routes from VFW. It has then expanded since then.

All FliHigh flights use a modified version of an API RJA-20, a small plane that can fit into almost any airfield or small gate at an airport. The plane color scheme is gray with a red tail.

FliHigh uses HiMiles as their frequent flyer program. The HiMiles levels are: HiMiles Bronze, HiMiles Silver, HiMiles Gold, and HiMiles Diamond.

The Find the Red Plane Competition

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Flight List

Flight # Origin Airport Code Destination Airport Code Origin Airport Destination Airport Origin Gate Destination Gate Status Aircraft Type
FH1 VFW SWH Venceslo-Fifth Ward Southwold ' ' Closed.png API RJA-20 modi
FH2 VFW IXM Venceslo-Fifth Ward Ilirea Midcity C2 50 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH4 VFW EEA Venceslo-Fifth Ward Espil Ecilidae C2 44 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH6 VFW RSQ Venceslo-Fifth Ward Radiance Square C7 6B Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH8 VFW PRA Venceslo-Fifth Ward Paixton D1 B7 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH10 VFW JDL Venceslo-Fifth Ward Utopia-Jimmy Doolittle C8 B12 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH12 VFW FSI Venceslo-Fifth Ward Freedon Silverwood C3 B23 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH14 VFW SIA Venceslo-Fifth Ward New Acreadium Schiphol C9 A5 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH16 VFW TPA Venceslo-Fifth Ward Richville-Tom Paris C5 B1 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH18 VFW CWI Venceslo-Fifth Ward UCWTIA (Danielston) D3 24 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH20 VFW HND Venceslo-Fifth Ward Creeperville Haneda ' ' Closed.png API RJA-20 modi
FH22 VFW EVL Venceslo-Fifth Ward Evella C4 G1 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH24 VFW WMA Venceslo-Fifth Ward Waterville D2 C2 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH26 VFW DFM Venceslo-Fifth Ward Deadbush-Foxfoe C3 18 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH28 VFW ZRZ Venceslo-Fifth Ward Zerez Capital C7 5 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH30 VFW SSR Venceslo-Fifth Ward Sunshine Coast Cacto C6 A7 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH32 VFW WMI Venceslo-Fifth Ward Deadbush-West Mesa C5 D9 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH34 VFW NHR Venceslo-Fifth Ward North Haven C4 17 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH36 VFW FYI Venceslo-Fifth Ward Fort Yaxier C8 G12 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH38 VFW ITO Venceslo-Fifth Ward Itomori C1 B3 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH40 VFW MUR Venceslo-Fifth Ward Murrville-Kekkomatic C9 5 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH42 VFW CWB Venceslo-Fifth Ward Woodsdale C6 8 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH44 VFW NYM Venceslo-Fifth Ward Nymphalia Windus ' ' Closed.png API RJA-20 modi
FH46 VFW SSI Venceslo-Fifth Ward Sunshine Coast-Int'l D4 B9 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH48 VFW CCY Venceslo-Fifth Ward Carnoustie City D5 B9 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH50 VFW BVL Venceslo-Fifth Ward Birchview Leydon D1 B9 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH52 VFW SVR Venceslo-Fifth Ward Spruce Valley ' ' Closed.png API RJA-20 modi
FH54 VFW EBI Venceslo-Fifth Ward Elecna Bay D6 D1 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH56 VFW LFF Venceslo-Fifth Ward Larkspur ' ' Closed.png API RJA-20 modi
FH58 VFW RVA Venceslo-Fifth Ward Richville-Int'l D7 R23 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH142 ITO PRA Itomori Paixton B3 B7 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH143 ITO EEA Itomori Espil B4 44 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH144 ITO SIA Itomori New Acreadium Schiphol B4 A5 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH145 ITO TPA Itomori Tom Paris-Richville B5 B1 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH146 ITO DFM Itomori Deadbush Foxfoe B5 18 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH147 ITO ZRZ Itomori Zerez Capital B6 5 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH148 ITO NHR Itomori North Haven B6 17 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH149 ITO SSR Itomori Sunshine Coast Cacto B2 A7 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
VFW HND Venceslo-Fifth Ward Creeperville Haneda A10 101 Open.png Glider 77
VFW OSI Venceslo-Fifth Ward Ocean Suburb B3 B5 Open.png EAM X-10
VFW FYI Venceslo-Fifth Ward Fort Yaxier A9 B10 Open.png unknown
VFW EBI Venceslo-Fifth Ward Elecna Bay B2 E6 Open.png Petis-2
VFW CFA Venceslo-Fifth Ward Chalxior Femtoprism B2 3 Open.png Petis-2