FliHigh Airlines

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FliHigh Airlines
CODE Callsign
Founded April 2, 2018
Commenced operations April 3, 2018
Operating bases Venceslo-Fifth Ward International Airport
Hubs Venceslo-Fifth Ward International Airport
Secondary hubs Southwold International Airport (Planned)
Focus cities Itomori Municipal Airfield
Frequent-flyer program HiMiles
Alliance SkyNation Alliance
Active flights 50
Destinations 44
Company slogan Find the Red Plane.
Parent company Time2 Venceslo Properties ZS20
Headquarters FliHigh Center - University Boulevard, Venceslo
Key people CEO: time2makemymove

FliHigh Airlines is a large Class 3-size airline on the Minecart Rapid Transit server. Founded on April 2, 2018, and most well known for its Find the Red Plane advertising campaign, the airline services travelers coming and going to the city of Venceslo and the Southwold and Southern 5th Ward Regions. It is the flag carrier of the city of Venceslo as well. It is owned and operated by company CEO and Venceslo mayor time2makemymove.

Its hub is located in Venceslo-Fifth Ward International Airport, with a secondary hub to be established in Southwold International Airport (Whiteley/Schillerton), once it is built. The airline also operates Itomori Municipal Airfield as a focus city, with less flights than its' Venceslo counterpart servicing more regional destinations. FliHigh is a member, co-founder, and board member of the SkyNation Alliance.

All FliHigh flights use a modified version of an API RJA-20, a small plane that can fit into almost any airfield or small gate at an airport. The plane color scheme is gray with a very red tail. FliHigh uses HiMiles as its frequent flyer program. The HiMiles levels are: HiMiles Bronze, HiMiles Silver, HiMiles Gold, and HiMiles Diamond.


On November 11, 2017, time2makemymove opened Venceslo's first ever airfield, Venceslo University Airfield, better known as UAV. Not wanting to enter into the airline business at the time, citing it as too much work, he simply decided to give out the 10 gates to the airlines who had the coolest destinations. One of these airlines turned out to be FlyCreeper, an airline still looking for it's first flight, but already owning a gate at Woodsdale. Feeling generous and wanting a flight to CWB, time2makemymove accepted Frosty_Creeper10's request for a gate at UAV. Frosty did not know how to set up warps at the time, so time2makemymove helped him out. This was the beginning of a great friendship and partnership between the two players.

In December 2017, time2makemymove applied for and was accepted to join FlyCreeper as a co-owner and operator. This relationship prospered, and combined with the new airports (and consequent FlyCreeper hubs) of Creeperville International Airport and VFW, a large and quick expansion of the airline occurred, reaching 15 active flights in mid-March 2018. However, later that same month, Frosty began entertaining the idea of splitting up the company and running the airline himself. At first time2makemymove was opposed to this, but later he came to agree, and on April 2, 2018, FlyCreeper split in two. Frosty_Creeper10, being the original owner of the airline, kept the name and all of the flights out of Creeperville, while time2makemymove retained 5/6 flights out of VFW and the freedom to rebrand these planes however he liked. Calling upon an old fake airline name time2makemymove made up when he was younger, FliHigh Airlines was born, a new fledgeling airline with large gray and red planes and a hub at a small but growing Governor city.

Both time2 and Frosty are still on good terms. In fact, they, along with camelfantasy's SkyTrans, SoSo123's FreeAir, and woorich999's Infamous Airlines, combined to create the server's first new airline alliance in years, SkyNation Alliance. Although membership of some airlines changed over the years, FliHigh Airlines has been a board member and founding member since the alliance's inception on April 4, 2018, two days after FliHigh's founding.

Growth was slow in the early months, but landmark destinations acquired at Evella, Woodsdale, and UCWTIA served as inspiration for the company to keep going. However, in early December 2018, despite the airline having garnered 16 destinations, time2makemymove was dissatisfied with the airline's irrelevance and relative obscurity within the grand scheme of the server. The airline growth had hit a wall, having run out of open gates at VFW, and no one really knew or cared about the airline's existence. Wanting to change this, he sought to create an advertising campaign and slogan to thrust the airline and it's hub airport into the mainstream. He struck gold on December 3, 2018, coming up with the slogan "Find the Red Plane," and immediately creating and releasing the advertisement to the server.

The Find the Red Plane advertising campaign was an immediate success, making rounds on the server's digital mediums and prompting many people to call the ad and campaign a rival to Fred Rail's "Ride Fred Rail" advertising campaign. Fueled by this newfound relevance and a flood of new airfields on the server (including a new focus city, ITO), FliHigh Airlines entered a golden age, earning a Class 2 ranking, and becoming one of the most well-known airlines on the server. This success was due both in part to the successful ad campaign, but also opening VFW's FliHigh Airlines-only Concourse D on December 11th, a large project that gave FliHigh 32 brand-new additional flight slots at the airport. This ensures the airline's potential for constant expansion for a long time to come.

In May of 2020, after a near 6-month lull in the airport industry, many new airports began to open. Acquiring gates at most of these new airports allowed FliHigh to finally reach the 50-flight milestone and become a Class 3-rated airline on May 23, 2020.

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Flight List

FliHigh Routemap.png

Flight # Origin Airport Code Destination Airport Code Origin Airport Destination Airport Origin Gate Destination Gate Status Aircraft Type
FH1 VFW SWH Venceslo-Fifth Ward Southwold ' ' Closed.png API RJA-20 modi
FH2 VFW IXM Venceslo-Fifth Ward Ilirea Midcity C2 50 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH4 VFW EEA Venceslo-Fifth Ward Espil Ecilidae D5 44 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH6 VFW RSQ Venceslo-Fifth Ward Radiance Square C7 6B Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH8 VFW PRA Venceslo-Fifth Ward Paixton C6 B7 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH10 VFW JDL Venceslo-Fifth Ward Utopia-Jimmy Doolittle D2 B12 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH12 VFW FSI Venceslo-Fifth Ward Freedon Silverwood C3 B23 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH14 VFW SIA Venceslo-Fifth Ward New Acreadium Schiphol C9 A5 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH16 VFW TPA Venceslo-Fifth Ward Richville-Tom Paris C5 B1 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH18 VFW CWI Venceslo-Fifth Ward UCWTIA (Danielston) D13 24 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH20 VFW HND Venceslo-Fifth Ward Creeperville Haneda ' ' Closed.png API RJA-20 modi
FH22 VFW EVL Venceslo-Fifth Ward Evella D1 G1 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH24 VFW WMA Venceslo-Fifth Ward Waterville C4 C2 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH26 VFW DFM Venceslo-Fifth Ward Deadbush-Foxfoe D3 18 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH28 VFW ZRZ Venceslo-Fifth Ward Zerez Capital C7 5 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH30 VFW SSR Venceslo-Fifth Ward Sunshine Coast Cacto D4 A7 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH32 VFW WMI Venceslo-Fifth Ward Deadbush-West Mesa D3 D9 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH34 VFW NHR Venceslo-Fifth Ward North Haven C4 17 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH36 VFW FYI Venceslo-Fifth Ward Fort Yaxier C8 G12 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH38 VFW ITO Venceslo-Fifth Ward Itomori C1 B3 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH40 VFW MAX Venceslo-Fifth Ward Murrville-Arcadia C9 D4 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH42 VFW CWB Venceslo-Fifth Ward Woodsdale C6 8 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH44 VFW NYM Venceslo-Fifth Ward Nymphalia Windus ' ' Closed.png API RJA-20 modi
FH46 VFW SSI Venceslo-Fifth Ward Sunshine Coast-Int'l D4 A11 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH48 VFW - Venceslo-Fifth Ward - - - -
FH50 VFW BVL Venceslo-Fifth Ward Birchview Leydon D7 B9 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH52 VFW SVR Venceslo-Fifth Ward Spruce Valley ' ' Closed.png API RJA-20 modi
FH54 VFW EBI Venceslo-Fifth Ward Elecna Bay D1 D1 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH56 VFW LFA Venceslo-Fifth Ward Larkspur-Frankford D8 C2 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH58 VFW RVA Venceslo-Fifth Ward Richville-Int'l D7 R23 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH60 VFW WCA Venceslo-Fifth Ward Washingcube D9 6 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH62 VFW KTI Venceslo-Fifth Ward Kanto-Int'l D10 C14 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH64 VFW SAN Venceslo-Fifth Ward San Reinoldi D11 C7 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH66 VFW CIA Venceslo-Fifth Ward Carnoustie D6 C4 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH68 VFW CAL Venceslo-Fifth Ward West Calbar D12 B9 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH70 VFW MLH Venceslo-Fifth Ward Marblelake Heathrow D6 C7 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH72 VFW CBI Venceslo-Fifth Ward Chan Bay-Stickman D6 C7 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH74 VFW EIA Venceslo-Fifth Ward Airchester-Epsilon D2 C9 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH76 VFW LAR Venceslo-Fifth Ward Larkspur-Lilyflower D8 X05 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH78 VFW SEG Venceslo-Fifth Ward Segville-Airport D5 D4 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH80 VFW MMA Venceslo-Fifth Ward Moramoa D16 B8 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH82 VFW GSZ Venceslo-Fifth Ward New Genisys D16 7 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH84 VFW WYA Venceslo-Fifth Ward Wythern D15 9 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH86 VFW ABG Venceslo-Fifth Ward Antioch Garvey D14 D3 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH88 VFW SKA Venceslo-Fifth Ward Sansvikk Kamprad D10 7 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH90 VFW MPI Venceslo-Fifth Ward Mojangsburg-Pretoria D12 C11 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH92 VFW MRS Venceslo-Fifth Ward Marisol D13 14 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH94 VFW RSN Venceslo-Fifth Ward Totem Beach D11 1 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH142 ITO PRA Itomori Paixton B3 B7 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH143 ITO EEA Itomori Espil B4 44 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH144 ITO SIA Itomori New Acreadium Schiphol B4 A5 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH145 ITO TPA Itomori Tom Paris-Richville B5 B1 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH147 ITO ZRZ Itomori Zerez Capital B6 5 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH148 ITO NHR Itomori North Haven B6 17 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
FH150 ITO EIA Itomori Airchester-Epsilon B1 C9 Open.png API RJA-20 modi
VFW HND Venceslo-Fifth Ward Creeperville Haneda A10 101 Open.png Glider 77
VFW OSI Venceslo-Fifth Ward Ocean Suburb B3 B5 Open.png EAM X-10
VFW FYI Venceslo-Fifth Ward Fort Yaxier A9 B10 Open.png unknown
VFW EBI Venceslo-Fifth Ward Elecna Bay B2 E6 Open.png Petis-2
VFW CFA Venceslo-Fifth Ward Chalxior Femtoprism B2 3 Open.png Petis-2