Flowey Foods

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Flowey Foods
Founder & CEO DaEdwards
Parent Company Zapata Corp
Number of Stores 27
Headquarters Sansmore
Founded April 30, 2019

Flowey Foods (stylized as ff after May 8, 2019) is a franchise founded by DaEdwards on April 30, 2019. It is a New World company.

Flowey Foods has been a breakout franchise. Less then a month after it was founded, it boasted 21 locations.

Get a Flowey Foods in your location by filing out this form.



On April 30, 2019, EdwardIII decided to build a restaurant in Sansberg to help out Luigi Board and willowars. Initially, he decided to build a Legionary Foods (now a store only in Blagovka), but ultimately he decided to build a whole new franchise right on the spot.

Edward quickly came up with a design and a menu, and thus Flowey Foods was born.



These stores will be fit into malls/airports. 15$

Street Food

These stores are in towns, hence why they are called Street Food stores.

These are the most popular, due to their cheap prices and build time. These stores take about 20 minutes to build.



Flagships are giant stores. 45$


Customs are Street Food stores but custom. 15$


City Name Nearest Transport/MRT Store Type Date Opened
Sansberg  T48  Foobar Street Food April 30, 2019
Vekta  C85  Xandar Street Food May 4, 2019
Wexford  XE39  Foobar Street Food May 4, 2019
New Gensokyo No MRT station Street Food May 4, 2019
Totem Beach No MRT station Mall May 5, 2019
Sunshine Coast Máspalmas (Literally in an airport :D) Mall May 5, 2019
Charlemagne  T47  Foobar Street Food May 5, 2019
Northberg  C29  Northberg Street Food May 6, 2019
Valence  D36  Foobar Street Food May 7, 2019
Aquamarine Bay No MRT station Mall May 12, 2019
XE38 (imperial_block's unnamed town)  XE38  Foobar Street Food May 12, 2019
Espil (Eisli)  C80  Espil - Eisli Central Street Food May 12, 2019
Lapis Bay  XE31  Lapis Bay Street Food May 14, 2019
Endor  JS12  Endor Street Food May 19, 2019
Savage City  T46  Foobar Street Food May 24, 2019
Sanslink Admod Hill station (Sansberg)  T48  Foobar Custom May 26, 2019
Willow  T48  Foobar Street Food May 26, 2019
Euphorial No MRT station Street Food May 27, 2019
New Gensokyo Airfield No MRT station Mall May 28, 2019
Creeperville Expo 2019 No MRT station For the Creeperville Expo May 28, 2019
Sansmore No MRT station Street Food May 29, 2019
Southburg  V39  Foobar Street Food June 3, 2019
Desert Bay No MRT station Street Food June 7, 2019
Redwood No MRT station Mall June 17, 2019
Columbia No MRT Station Custom June 17, 2019
Taimastu No MRT Station Custom July 3, 2019
Raymont  XE38  Foobar Street Food July 13, 2019


This is the menu for Flowey Foods (mostly to make sure that DaEdwards doesn't forget what the menu is). In order: 4 things per sign

  • Wheat: Free
  • Beef: 4$
  • Cookie: 1$
  • 32 Potatoes: 4$
  • Coke: 2$
  • Pumpkin Pie: 7$
  • Cake: 5$
  • Mountain Dew: 2$
  • Thanos Juice: 4$ OH MAH GOSH
  • Glidin': 3$
  • Red Bull: 1$